Casino High Roller Kit High Roller Kit
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High Roller Arch
The 10' h x 12' w x 1'd printed cardboard arch is accented with twinkle lights.  Assembly required.

High Roller Columns
The 10' 8" h x 2' w x 1' 10" d cardboard columns are topped off with printed playing cards.  Assemble required.  This item is sold as a pair.

High Roller Chips
The 3' 10" h x 3' 10" w printed cardboard chips can be personalized with your own information.  Easy assembly.  This item is sold as a set of three.

Hit the Jackpot Slot Machine
The 5' 6" h x 3' 3" w printed cardboard slot machine is a perfect addition to your casino themed event.  Easy assembly.

Movie Spotlight
The klieg "light" is 3' h x 30" w and made out of corrugate.  The spotlight does not illuminate.  Assemble required.

Exotic Metallic Palm Tree
The palm trees come in assorted heights.  The tallest tree measures 8' 4" high.  Assembly required.  This item is sold as a set.

Not intended for outdoor use.

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