Bond Dr. No Photo Op Stand In Dr. No Photo Op Stand In
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Make sure to invite an evil genius to your spy themed party!  How about Dr. No from James Bond? Have this Bond Dr. No Photo Op Stand In make a villainous appearance at your Bond theme event.  Whether you're hosting a casino party or a black tie soiree, give your guests a chance to take a picture as the mad scientist himself. Set up a photo booth area with a James Bond and Bond girl photo op, too!  Add some stylish props so guests can get creative – feather boas, sunglasses, and blow up machine guns are perfect for a spy theme party. Of course, hire a photographer to run the photo booth and have the pictures printed as party favors.
  • Measuring 3 feet wide by 6 feet tall, this Bond Dr. No Photo Op plans to take over the world!
  • Choose your material. We can create your photo op on weather resistant coroplast so that it can be used outside or choose our standard heavy duty foam core.
  • Add velcro to your supports. All photo ops come with fins on the back that do not come off of the photo op once attached. We can add velcro to your support fins so that you can easily store your photo op.
  • Personalize your Dr. No standup with a speech bubble of his most memorable quotes – something like, "The successful criminal brain is always superior."
Find all you need to throw a James Bond theme event at Party411! Whether it's black tie or barbecue, your party is sure to be just as cool as 007.


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Price: $117.95 Per piece.