Lime Green Curling Ribbon Green Curling Ribbon
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You'll need some lime green curling ribbon for the balloons and gifts at your green theme party! This ribbon matches perfectly with a variety of green party decorations and is easy to curl for balloons and presents.  With 50 feet, you'll have enough to decorate your entire party space, whether it's for a birthday, St. Patrick's Day, leap day party, or baby shower.  Tie balloons to weights and place them around your buffet, in corners, and even use them as centerpieces for your tables.  A few balloons tied to railings at your entrance lets your family and friends know where to party! This lime green curling ribbon makes a sweet decorative addition to favors, too.  Tie favor bags full of candy and toys so everything coordinates!
  • Your order includes (1) 50 foot roll of lime green curling ribbon. 
Price: $0.99 Per piece.