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Housewarming Games
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Dedra asked:

Occasion: Thanksgiving and a Housewarming
Games that we can play on paper on Thanksgiving Day and at a housewarming.

The Game Girl says:

Provide lots of colored paper, scissors, glitter, glue, feathers, paint, colored markers, etc. and let everyone make a picture. Pick a theme and a certain period of time. Then pick the catagories such as best use of glitter, most stuff on paper, messiest, etc. A good word game is to give everyone pencil and paper and a word such as parties. Everyone has to make as many words as they can in 5 minutes. No repeating a letter unless it is repeated in the original word. No adding and "s" to make a word used plural. No proper nouns. Have a prize for the one who has the most original words.

Andrea Thiem asked:

Occasion: Friends moving away
What games could we play for the moving party? My friend and her daughter are moving to NY.

The Game Girl says:

Check out the suggestions below for some Bon Voyage party games. Then hold a trivia game with questions about New York, her new home state!

Debbi Parrott asked:

Occasion: Housewarming
I need a game for a housewarming party. She has lived in this town all her life but just bought her first home.

The Game Girl says:

Sneak into the home early if you can, and set up a treasure hunt for her. Hide the gifts, give her clues, and let her hunt for the presents. Ask questions about the house that you've gathered from the real estate agent, such as "Where is the breaker box?" "How many outlets are there in the house?" "What's the brand of refrigerator?" etc, to see how much she already knows about her new home.

Dana asked:

Occasion: Housewarming Party
What games could be played at a housewarming party?

The Game Girl says:

There are some listed below. Or play a game of "Welcome to (Yourtown)!" Collect a bunch of facts about your community, such as how many schools you have and who the mayor is, and a bunch of little known laws, such as when curfew is and whether you can drink alcohol on the street. Also find out if your town has a logo or a symbol, if anything exciting ever happened there, and some of the businesses that used to be there but are gone. Make up a quiz based on the information, with true or false and multiple choice questions, such as "The town symbol is a bumblebee, a mosquito, or a duck?" or "Mimi's House of Ill Repute" used to be on the grocery store site - true or false?" Have everyone guess the answers about their town, then read the correct answers and see who wins the prize for the most points!

KaShaun asked:

Occasion: Housewarming Party
Can you please help find some games to play that are not dead or boring? I would really appreciate it.

The Game Girl says:

Nothing worse than a dead or boring game, I say. How about a game of "Guided Tour" where you take the newcomer around town via the video camera or snapshots. As you shoot highlights of the area, write down funny notes to go with each place, then when you narrate the tour, include them in your travelogue. For example, take a picture of the city dump and say something about "the luxurious and prestigious neighborhood." You get the drift.

Cathy asked:

Occasion: Housewarming
What, if any, type of games can be played at a housewarming party?

The Game Girl says:

Here's a fun way to introduce the new area to the newcomers at a housewarming party. Write up some funny true or false questions about the area, and quiz the guests of honor, such as "The name of the local high school is Elvis Presley High," or "The population of the town is 409 unless there's a baseball game in the city." "The festival queen is called Miss Zucchini." Make sure some of the questions are true and some are false, but have fun with it!

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