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Answers Your Party Game Questions

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Kids Games
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tammy asked:

Occasion: fifth grade Christmas party
What some Christmas games that ten year olds can play with little props?

The Game Girl says:

think of things that come in pairs such as comb and brush, toothbrush and toothpaste, etc. and write the word of one on a card. Pass the cards out secretly to each kid and see how long it takes them to match up. The only rule is that they can't ask directly what the word the other person has. Maybe you could try some of these: Here's a fun one, no pressure, easy to prepare and do, and can easily tie into your angel theme. Buy or make some baker's dough - enough for everyone. (Recipe: 4 cups flour, 1 cup salt, 1 3/4 cups water, mix and divide into 10 parts. You can color the dough with food coloring if you prefer. Make more if needed for more players.) Give each player a section of dough and ask them to make an angel. Have them set their completed angels on a long table for everyone to admire. Then give awards for: "Most Delicate Angel," "Biggest Angel," "Funniest Angel," "Strangest Angel," "Cutest Angel," "Saddest Angel," and so on! Why not have a talent show. Tell people to prepare something for the party and then video tape it and show it to the guests. Everyone must participate to really make it fun. Have everyone bring a baby picture of themselves and put them on a board with numbers. See who can guess the most right. Start off with a blown up picture of Father Time and play a game of Pin the beard. Set up a Treasure Hunt in one of the houses and cute poems as clues. Get one of those great box mystery games and everyone be a character.

Jackie asked:

Occasion: childrens christmas party
I need ideas

The Game Girl says:

Without any information, I can't get specific. Look at gamegirl in kids games, and teens games.

Sharon asked:

Occasion: new years party
We are having a new years party for our church, the >children will be upstairs, they range in age from 6-12. There will >be about 10-15 of them. We are looking for games they can do >without much adult involvement. There will be at least 4 hours to >fill.

The Game Girl says:

Have precut stockings in felt and let them decorate them. Have premade sugar cookies and let them decorate them. Not easy with the range of ages. Get a VCR and have some videos. Play Pin the Part on Santa and take a video of it. Start a Xmas song and see who can fill in the ending.

Ashley asked:

Occasion: lst grade Xmas party
Need ideas for classroom games to play at a Christmas >party. Nothing too elaborate as there's not much time for planning >and we only have about 30 minutes. Thanks

The Game Girl says:

Have felt stocking precut and let them decorate them with cotton, glitter, sequins, etc. Have them put their names on the stockings and put them up in the room as decorations. Take them home the last day of school. Have premade sugar cookies for them to decorate. Start one of the familar Xmas songs like Jingle Bells and let them finish them. See who can name all the reindeer.

Jennifer asked:

Occasion: 4th Birthday Party
I need some party game ideas for boys and girls the ages >of 3 and 4.

The Game Girl says:

I think I answered this one already. Gather the cardboard tubes from paper towels and have the kids decorate them and race the cars thru the "tunnels". Play the usual duck, Duck Goose, songs they know. Mix it up with sitting and moving. See the kids game section for other ideas.

Cindy asked:

Occasion: childrens Christmas party
Need a few good party games, just to keep them busy until Santa >arrives 30- 45 minutes maybe small prizes involved.

The Game Girl says:

Have them decorate sugar cookies and get those red elf hats and let them decorate them also - good souveniers to take home. Help the little ones. Play games like who can name all the reindeer and musical chairs (by age). Start a Xmas song and stop and see if they can fill in the words.

Susan asked:

Occasion: Kindergarten/1st grade christmas party
What kind of food can I have for the children? Can you give me >some ideas for entertainment/games? We are already planning a gift >passing party.

The Game Girl says:

They make those cute slice and bake cookies with reindeer and candy canes already printed through them. Also get some regular sugar cookies and let them decorate their own. find some animal stickers and have the kids imitate the animal to win the sticker. This age group loves songs and ancing so play some of their favorites (doesn't have to be holiday stuff totally) and let them dance. Remember musican chairs.

Jennifer asked:

Occasion: 4th Birthday Party
I need some party game ideas for boys and girls the ages of 3 and 4.

The Game Girl says:

Gather together the cardboard tubes from paper towel rolls and let the kids decorate them with crayons, marketrs, etc. Then have car races thru the "tunnels". Look at the kids games for some more ideas.

Karen asked:

Occasion: 4year old birthday party
Do you know any games to play for this type of party? any web site that sells the accessories >like paper products? we love a new pbs show called dragontales but they have no product out >as of yet. thank you

The Game Girl says:

Look at for possibilities. I know the show you mean, my granddaughters love it. I bet anything fairyish would work as a game. Find a picture of their favorite character, blow it up and Play a game of pin the wings. Try the PBS website.

Linda asked:

Occasion: christmas school party
My son's class is having a party and no one can come up with games for the kids to play.they only have about 30 min and would like to get a couple of games in. Could you please help.

The Game Girl says:

Why not play of game of Pin the parts on Santa and give the kids arms and legs and hats to pin on a poster of him Do a draft project with pre-cut forms and shapes, glitter, crayons, glue, buttons, etc.

Lori asked:

Occasion: 6th class christmas party
What is a fun game to play in a 6th grade class for Christmas? >We only have 30 minutes?

The Game Girl says:

Pin the parts on Santa. Blow up a large poster size pic of Santa and make different body parts like arms, legs, beard. Also have raisins for buttons and eyes. Make up a trivia contest about Xmas. What do bad little boys get for Christmas? (switches and lumps of coal) Finish the song line: "All I want for Christmas is . . . " (my two front teeth) Who was caught kissing Santa Claus? (Mommy) How do you say Merry Christmas in Spanish and French? (Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noel) What are the names of Santa's eight reindeer? (Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen) What did Frosty the Snowman have for a nose? (a carrot) What is the last line in "The Night Before Christmas?" (Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night.) What is a "Tannenbaum?" ("Christmas tree," in German) What did the Three Wise Men bring? (gold, frankin-cense, and myrrh) One the twelfth day of Christmas, what did "my true love give to me"? (twelve fiddlers fiddling, eleven lords a leaping, ten ladies dancing, nine pipers piping, eight maids a milking, seven swans a swimming, six geese a laying, five golden rings, four calling birds, three French hens, two turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree) Which two reindeer on Santa's team have German names that mean "thunder" and Lightning"? (Donner and Blitzen)

Pattye asked:

Occasion: Elemen. Principal's 40th Birthday
Need some ideas on how we can celebrate our principal's 40th birthday. Seeking activities for both kids and adults.Desire variety of activities to do throughout the day.

The Game Girl says:

Why not make some of the rooms a different theme and let each grade decorate it. Maybe the kindergarden could do Disney, the first grade dinosaurs, etc. tie the principal in by putting his face on the some of the characters. since kids that young think that 48 is ancient, make a joke by having each grade give him a gag gift like dentucreme, preparatiion H, etc. Use the sample sizes from the drugstore. Borrow a wheetchair and shawl for him to wear while traveling thru the school and take polaroids. Have each grade write a story of what they think he does on his day off and read them to the assembly. Have his pic scanned into a birthday cake.

tara asked:

Occasion: Christmas school party
What are some different games that we can play in the classroom that the kids would enjoy. They only need to be 10-15 minutes long.

The Game Girl says:

Have pre-cut shapes in colored paper along with feathers, styrafoam peanuts, glitter and school glue, etc. Let the kids make ornaments for the school tree or their homes. Also have some prepared for any other religions. Have precut sugar cookies and let the kids decorate them. Play a game of Pin the Ornament on a large poster of a christmas tree.

Marie H. asked:

Occasion: birthday party/ slumber party
What are some games we could play indoors? With a limited >amount of space?

The Game Girl says:

Play dress up with kid makeup too. Videos Video them putting on a talent show and then show it to them. Let them make their own jewelry to go with the outfits, by buying colorful beads and string. Let them decorate their tennis shoes with puffy paints. Decorate sugar cookies

Teresa asked:

Occasion: Child's birthday (girl, 5yrs)
What are some good party games that will keep the kids >entertained for a tleast 1 hr?

The Game Girl says:

The best thing for 5 year old girls is playing dressup and singing and dancing. Either buy or gather lots of dressup clothes and get little girl makeup and do their makeup. Ask your daughter what her favorite video is and play it. Have the girls do a "talent" show and video it and then show it to them.

J. Wyatt asked:

Occasion: First Birthday for Twin Boy & Girl
I need some ideas of games that we can play to keep >children 1 - 5 years old busy.

The Game Girl says:

I have twin grandchildren who will be 3 this january. For their first birthday, we did a teddy bear theme and donated all the bears (except 2) to a shelter. There is no game for that wide a spread of ages. You might have some dress up clothes, a video (Blues Clues) and music but first birthdays are mostly for adults and to video. Check the Kids Games at gamegirl

michelle asked:

Occasion: birthday
Can you please list and explain some different but still fun party games for my birthday party. Also can you please list some very daring dares for the game truth or dare. >respond QUICKLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! >

The Game Girl says:

There are some Truth or Dare games at the gamegirl site you can use. I don't like to get too specific with these because there could be some conflicts with parents, other kids, etc. Personally, I am not a big fan of the game.

Meg asked:

Occasion: 1st birthday
Do you have any game idas for the age range 1-7?It needs to be >inexspensive but fun. Thanks for any help >

The Game Girl says:

There is nothing for that age range to do together. You might try different crafts for the different age groups with precut paper, glue, feathers, foam peanuts, beads, etc and lots of supervision. For starters, have a picture of an animal or Mickey and let them decorate it. Songs and videos are the only things they will have in common so try Blues Clues.

Michelle Walsh asked:

Occasion: 5 year old daughter's birthday
What can I do to keep the party hopping and be a party that they will remember?

The Game Girl says:

I have a bunch of games listed below, and a whole bunch more in my books, KIDS' PICK-A-PARTY, KIDS' PARTY GAMES AND ACTIVITIES, and BIRTHDAY PARTIES FOR KIDS, available in the Party411 bookstore.

Andrez asked:

Occasion: 11-year-old Sleepover
I need some Truth or Dare questions that are not corny or stupid. Please help me.

The Game Girl says:

Check this section and the Teen section for several Truth or Dare suggestions. I dare you....

Jackie asked:

Occasion: End of the Year Party
I need some really cool fun games for the end of the year party. Some games that aren't really thinking games.

The Game Girl says:

You just wanna have fun, eh! I've got some suggestions here and under the Teen Games section. You might even check the Outdoor Games too.

Andrea asked:

Occasion: End of the year Party
I need some ideas for some games that aren't so loud and not to dorkey and childish. I want my friends to have fun but I don't want to spend much money. I hope you can help me.

The Game Girl says:

I've got lots of ideas listed below that are inexpensive and fun. I can't guarantee you'll keep the noise down if you're having fun, though! And check out the Teen Games for more ideas.

Coral Elise asked:

Occasion: Birthday at the park
I have no ideas for games for my birthday. Any suggestions?

The Game Girl says:

Sure. Check out the ones below and you'll find plenty. I also have a couple of books out that might help, including KIDS' PICK-A-PARTY, KIDS' PARTY GAMES AND ACTIVITIES, and BIRTHDAY PARTIES FOR KIDS. Go to the Party411 bookstore for ordering information.

Brenda asked:

Occasion: Nephew's 12th Birthday
The party is to be held at a farm which will include hayrides, a cookout, and The Cake. What games can you suggest to enliven a bunch of bored kids if we have to move indoors, due to bad weather?

The Game Girl says:

I've got a bunch here you might try. Check out my party game books in the Party411 Bookstore for more ideas that should help.

Jennifer Ruttle asked:

Occasion: Birthday
I am having a party with about ten 12 year olds. What could we play to liven up the party? (We're all girls.)

The Game Girl says:

Check out the games listed below and see if any will work for you. Here's another one: Pair up players and have them brush another one's teeth! Should provide lots of laughs.

Tracy Touney asked:

Occasion: 6 year old birthday party
My six year old son is having a Space/Alien themed party. I have an alien pinata planned. Could you offer me any other suggestions for activities for either indoors or outside.

The Game Girl says:

Here's one from my book, THE KIDS' PICK-A-PARTY BOOK. Play "Space Exploration." Divide your guests into two teams and give each team a skein of yarn. Send the teams to different parts of the house or yard, and have them wind the yarn around various pieces of furniture or plants, to create a maze. Have one group try to follow the yarn path through space. If anyone lets go, they will be lost in space forever. When one team finishes, have the other team follow their yarn path. Then have a "Moon Rock" hunt on your new planet. Paint rocks with glow-in-the-dark paint, and hide them around the room. Turn out the lights, then race to see who can collect the most moon rocks for a prize.

Marianne asked:

Occasion: End of School Year
I don't have a clue what games the kids at my party would enjoy! I need games for inside and out. Can you help me?

The Game Girl says:

Check this section and the outdoor games section for ideas. You might want to play "What Have We Learned?" and have a "spelling bee" style contest, where someone calls out questions that have been covered over the school year, and players have to try to remember the answers!

Sabrina asked:

Occasion: 13th Birthday
I am having a party and need a unique, fun party game that can be played inside and out. They have to be silly, because that's how my friends are!

The Game Girl says:

Sabrina, check out the rest of the suggestions here, then check the outdoor games section for more ideas. You'll also find two books I think will be helpful under the Party411 Bookstore - Kids' Party Games and Activities, and my new one called Kids' Outdoor Games which should be out any minute from Meadowbrook.

Sandy asked:

Occasion: Birthday Party for 8 year old
I could really use some game ideas for this party! Help me please!

The Game Girl says:

Check out the rest of the section for ideas perfect for this age group. Then try a game of Beauty Shop. Cut out products from beauty magazines, omitting the names of the products. Glue the pictures onto construction paper, with the names of the products written on the back. Have the kids sit in a circle, hold up one picture at a time, and have the kids write down the name of the product, keeping their answers secret. when all the pictures have been displayed, read the answers out loud to see who guessed the most correct answers!

Vicki asked:

Occasion: Birthday Party
Help me! I need some party game ideas for a "Grease" theme!

The Game Girl says:

This is an easy one! First, pull out trivia questions from the movie and quiz the group, spelling bee style. Then have a 50s dance contest. Next write down lines from some classic songs from the movie and see if the group can identify the person who sings the song in the film. Then have a "Hair Waterfall" contest. Provide everyone with gel, and have them reshape their hair into a 50s do, a la Elvis Presley. Go Greased Lightning!

Heidi asked:

Occasion: Dress up Birthday Party
I have rented dresses and accessories for my daughter's birthday. I am looking for games or activities that the girls can do while dressed up.

The Game Girl says:

Have them put on a modeling show and video tape them as they walk the catwalk. Then play the video back for them. Have them dress up, then divide up the group into two teams. Place them in separate rooms and have them all exchange one item of clothing or accessory. Return to the game room and have the teams try to guess what's different about the other team members. Let them make their own jewelry to go with the outfits, by buying colorful beads and string. Let them decorate their tennis shoes with puffy paints.

Logan asked:

Occasion: Birthday for 3 year old
My 3 year old cousin is having a princess birthday party and I'm planning it! I need ideas for arts and crafts and games. Will you help?

The Game Girl says:

A princess party! I want to come! Guess I'm too old to be a princess, but let the kids dress up in their princess outfits - what fun! For arts and crafts, let the little princesses decorate large sugar cookies with frosting tubes and sprinkles. Then you can serve them at snack time! You can also make some paper dolls with princess outfits to dress them in. At game time, play dress up, by having a pile of fancy clothes and letting the kids dress up as fast as they can! Keep the competition to a minimum at this age, and just play for fun!

Hilary asked:

Occasion: First Birthday Party
I would like suggestions for games and decorations.

The Game Girl says:

Decorate the house with baby items, or pictures of baby from birth to 1 year. Then play "Baby Can..." Write a list of things baby can and cannot do and photocopy the list for all players. You might include questions like "Baby can walk," "Baby can say Mama," "Baby can dance," "Baby can climb the stairs," "Baby can walk backwards," and so on. Have the players try to guess what baby can do. Have baby demonstrate the answers - or give them aloud if baby won't cooperate - and see who has the most correct answers. Look for other game suggestions below.

Tara asked:

Occasion: 12 year old's birthday party
What games can I play at my birthday party that won't make anyone bored?

The Game Girl says:

I've got lots of suggestions in the Game Girl section so scroll on through until you find something that works for you. You might also check out the Bookstore for other ideas. In the meantime, try this one: Have a Mummy Wrap. Buy several rolls of toilet paper. Divide kids into teams or couples, give them the toilet paper, and have them try to mummify (wrap up) one another in a race to be first! Watch out - the paper keeps tearing the faster you go!

Pam asked:

Occasion: Daughter's second birthday party
What kind of games could I have them play other than breaking a piņata full of candy? Pin the tail on the clown is too advanced. Help me think of games to play??? Thanks.

The Game Girl says:

I've mentioned a few in this section so check them out - including Duck, Duck Goose, Musical Chairs, all the classics. Here's another one good for this age: Pass the present! Gather the kids in a circle and give one player a wrapped present. Play music and have them pass the present around the circle. When the music stops, the child holding the present gets to open it and keep it, then drop out of the game. Start another present around, and keep going until all the kids have presents!

Charisse Gearhardt asked:

Occasion: 9 Year Old Roller Skating Party
We need some game ideas - we have the whole place to ourselves!

The Game Girl says:

What a great place to have to yourself for the party! Play some of the typical games you play at parties, but adapt them for the skating rink. For example, you could play Musical Chairs, using sheets of colored construction paper placed on the floor. When the music stops, the skaters must go to a sheet of paper - but of course there's not enough for everyone! Play follow the leader on skates, play the Hokey Pokey on skates, and play Connect the Train on skates!

Claire asked:

Occasion: My 10th Birthday
I am having a 10th Birthday and I need some party games ideas. I have only come up with 7! Can you help?

The Game Girl says:

I'd say 7 is a lot! Here are a couple more to add to your collection: Make your own version of Twister using a large plastic sheet. Draw circles the size of saucers, write instructions inside, such as: Left foot, right elbow, left knee, bottom, head, right arm, left hip, and so. Then gather the kids for the game! Then have a dress-up relay: Make two piles of the same type of clothing. Divide the group into teams and have the first players race to dress up in all the clothes from one pile. When finished, she must take all the clothes off and have the next player dress up. The team that dresses and undresses first wins the game!

Melanie Burgoyne asked:

Occasion: Birthday Party
I am having a party for my son's first birthday. I have invited friends and family that have kids ranging in age from 1 to 15 years old. I want to have a variety of games that will be fun for the different age groups. I was thinking of something to do with baseball, maybe with a twist. Any ideas?

The Game Girl says:

For a fun game that suits every age, ask all the guests to bring their baby pictures, around 1 year of age. Then place the pictures on the wall and let everyone try to guess who's who. As for a twist on baseball, don't play with a typical bat and ball. Offer the players all kinds of alternatives to swing and hit! For bats, you might use broom sticks, brooms, cardboard boxes, tennis rackets, tree limbs, fat bats, and wood paddles. For balls, try round sponges, sock balls, whiffle balls, Nerf balls, tennis balls, stuffed animals, or beach balls!

Angie asked:

Occasion: Girls 7th birthday
I need some party games really fast for a Winnie the Pooh party, so they won't think it's boring or not fun since the party is at home. Please help me.

The Game Girl says:

I think the best parties are at home. Kids are getting mighty tired of the generic pizza/skating party, so you're already ahead of the game, so to speak. With Winnie the Pooh as your theme, have a Pooh Bee where the kids must stand up and answer questions about the Pooh stories, and sit down if they miss the answer. Have a Winnie Hunt and let the kids try to find tiny Winnies to keep. Have some carnival games such as pitch the penny or knock over the pins, and let them win Winnie the Pooh bears!

Denise & Chris Foote asked:

Occasion: First Birthday
My son's first birthday is coming up and I had planned to invite kids age 8 to 1 year old. Are there any games I can play so all ages can enjoy? Maybe I am just dreaming.

The Game Girl says:

Keep the games simple and you'll have no problem. Of course the little ones will need some help, but you can play along with the kids too. Try the classics such as Musical Chairs, Pin the Tail, Duck Duck Goose, Red Light Green Light, and then have a Treasure Hunt!

Anna asked:

Occasion: 10th Birthday with Sixties Groove
I'm throwing a surprise party for my little sister and my mom wants me to be in charge of the games, but I have no clue what to do. If it were all girls then it would be ok but it's girls and boys! Help!

The Game Girl says:

How about a Face Painting in keeping with the theme of the Sixties Party. Pair up kids, and give them face paints, available at the costume stores, party stores, and toy stores. Let them take turns painting one another's faces, then surprise them with the results. Take lots of pictures, then award prizes for the Most Bizarre, Funniest, Most Beautiful, Most Like An Animal, and so on!

Tiffany asked:

Occasion: Daughter's 4th Birthday
I need game ideas!!!

The Game Girl says:

Four-year-olds are easy to please, so you shouldn't have much trouble entertaining them. Here are some fun games to try: For traditional games, let them play Duck Duck Goose, Pin the Tail, Hot Potato, Red Light Green Light, and Musical Chairs. For something new, try "Sense-Sational" and test their powers of smell. Fill paper bags with a variety of items that have an aroma, such as coffee beans, salami, toothpaste, orange slices, chocolate, and so on. Be sure the smells are familiar to this age group. Then pass the bags around and let the kids smell them without looking inside! Give everyone prizes when the game is over.

Marlene King asked:

Occasion: Barney Birthday Party for a one year old
I am in desperate need of some game ideas for kids in this age range. I'm having a scavenger hunt with the help of the parents, but need lots more games than that. We want to provide the entertainment ourselves. Please Help!

The Game Girl says:

With Barney as your theme, you can adapt lots of simple games for this age group. Play "Where's Barney?" by hiding Barney somewhere in the party room and having the kids try to find him (keep him in plain sight!) You can play musical Barney by having the babies sit in a circle. Pass Barney around when the Barney song plays, then when the music stops, the baby holding Barney must toss him up in the air! These games will require parents help, so the two can play together!

Tiffany Muna-Barnes asked:

Occasion: Birthday Party
I need any sort of ideas for games. I need HELP! The kids will be 5-7 years old.

The Game Girl says:

Tiffany, get yourself some books on party games if you want lots of ideas to choose from. We have several in the Party411 bookstore that might help. In the meantime, try this one called "Goofy Face" which is perfect for the younger crowd. Have the kids sit in a line on the floor. The first player in line begins by creating a goofy face. He or she must "pass" that goofy face onto the next player in line, who then makes that same face, then turns to the next player and so on down the line, until the last player receives the goofy face. Have the last player and the first player make the goofy faces together and see if they look the same. You can play this with goofy movements too, using different parts of the body, goofy poses using your whole body, or with goofy drawings on pads of paper.

Diana asked:

Occasion: Birthday
I need some ideas for game for boys at an Ant theme birthday party.

The Game Girl says:

What fun! In keeping with the bug theme, how about a snail race? Pick some snails out of the garden and let the kids paint the shells with non-toxic poster paints so they can tell them apart. Set up a starting line and a finish line, with a short distance in between, and let the kids "race" their snails.

Roberta White asked:

Occasion: 60's birthday party for 9-year-olds
What games could we play in keeping with the theme of the 60's?

The Game Girl says:

They're too young to remember the music, so that's out. How about digging up some 60's mementos and having the kids try to identify everything? You could include love beads, a psychedelic poster, a black light, a tie-dye shirt, Lennon glasses, a peace sign, and some patchouli oil. Mix in some items from the 50's and the 70's, then let the kids try to figure out which ones are from the 60's! Groovy!

Laura asked:

Occasion: Boy's 8th birthday party
I am having a birthday party for an 8 year old boy. Any suggestions for games to keep them occupied? We live in a small home and they need something to do during the party.

The Game Girl says:

Have a Mummy Wrap. Divide the kids into pairs, with one player as the Mummy and the other as the Mummy Wrapper. On the count of three, all of the Mummy Wrappers must race to wrap their Mummies with rolls of toilet paper as fast as they can - without too much breakage! The first to wrap his Mummy completely - except the face - wins a prize. It won't be easy but it will be exciting!

Michelle asked:

Occasion: Barbie Birthday Party
I am having a Barbie Party for my daughter who is turning 4 years old. I am in desperate need of ideas for games for this age group.

The Game Girl says:

I have two games your young guests can play. First try "Barbie Dress-Up." Ask the girls to bring their Barbie clothes along with their Barbie Dolls. Place the clothes in a pile in the center of a circle with the girls and their dolls around the outside. On the word "Go!" the players must collect 5 clothing items and put them on Barbie correctly. The first one to finish is the winner, but be sure to award prizes to everyone at this age. Then play "Pass the Barbie." Play some music while the girls sit in a circle and pass their Barbie Dolls - minus one. When the music stops, the player without a Barbie is out. Remove another Barbie, then continue playing. When only one player is left, award prizes to everyone!

Donna asked:

Occasion: Birthday Party
Do you have any game ideas for a casino party? I am having 22 eleven-year-old girls for a birthday party.

The Game Girl says:

Make it Crazy Casino Night, and add a twist to the usual casino games. For example, instead of playing regular roulette, play Do-It-Roulette, where players have to perform a funny stunt if the ball lands on their selected spot. Or play Loser Poker, where the winner is the player with the worst poker hand instead of the best. Or try Lucky Lotto, where you make up your own lottery tickets for the guests. Hand them out to the guests, then draw matching tickets from a bowl - that match prizes! Only make some of the prizes booby prizes, such as giant underwear, a rubber snake or a tape of Polka Music.

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