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Teen Games
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Michelle asked:

Occasion: Sweet 16 Surprise Party
I need this party to be special cause you're only 16 once. I was gonna invite guys but decided girls have more fun by themselves. We are into all kinds of stuff - make-up, clothes, etc. I'm planning it for the summer. Any suggestions?

The Game Girl says:

There are several suggestions listed below for similar parties, so check them out. You can play "Magic Makeover" and have the guests do each other's makeup. Or "Blind Makeover" where the girls do their own makeup without looking!

Liz Jones asked:

Occasion: Surprise Birthday
I need a theme and ideas for my friend. I'm throwing her a surprise birthday party.

The Game Girl says:

Give your party a music theme and the games and activities will practically plan themselves. Play Name That Tune, do some Karaoke, have a Dance Contest, and host a Trivia game in keeping with the theme. For more ideas, check out GAMES PEOPLE PLAY in the Party411 Bookstore.

Lindsey asked:

Occasion: Party for the hell of it!
I need some really good games and other activities really soon!

The Game Girl says:

I hope I'm not too late! Your best bet is to get a copy of my GAMES PEOPLE PLAY book, available through Party411, for a whole collection of games to play. That way you can keep the book handy for other "party for the hell of it" occasions that you plan for the last minute!

Laura asked:

Occasion: 14th Birthday
I have a variety of friends, popular, weird, shy, but one I care most about is this boy I invited. I have many ideas for games, but I think he'd be bored. He likes scary things and seems to like me too. Help!

The Game Girl says:

If he likes scary games, give him a fright. You could sit around and tell ghost stories, go on a treasure hunt in the dark looking for yucky things that you've hidden, or play a game of Murder Mystery. There are box games available for kids at the game stores so check them out.

Jack asked:

Occasion: 15th Birthday Party
Help! I am organizing a party and we want to have some dares lined up. Can you think of any that aren't to grotesque but aren't wussy either? Thanks!

The Game Girl says:

If you need Dares for a Truth or Dare game, try some of these from my book, KIDS' PARTY GAMES AND ACTIVITIES, available in the Party411 Bookstore. 1. Act like a famous movie star, 2. Lip-sync a rock song, 3. Dress backwards, 4. Say a ten-word sentence in reverse, 5. Call you mom and apologize for the last bad thing you did, 6. Eat something you hate like broccoli, 7. Tell a secret you've never shared before, 8. Dance the latest dance to a whole song, 9. Put makeup on without looking, 10. Act out the name of a movie. That should get you started.

Cassie asked:

Occasion: 14 year old surprise going away party
I have no clue on what to do. I already have a dj on the way, but I am a little money tight and I have to do all the food still.

The Game Girl says:

For an inexpensive Bon Voyage, the best idea is to make it personal - and mysterious! Buy a single white pillowcase (or borrow the old one) and have everyone write something special on the case, using permanent felt-tip pen and sign their names. Do this before the guest of honor arrives. At game time, gather the group and have one person read the special messages on the pillowcase - without letting her see the case. She has to guess who wrote each message! Then give her the pillowcase to take with her to her new home! arrives.

Beth Curtis asked:

Occasion: 14th Birthday
I want to have games that are interesting to more boys than girls, because I know if the girls see the guys doing the games, they would do them too. I'm going to do all the music games you mentioned, but want some others, too.

The Game Girl says:

Boys are more competitive than girls and like to play competitive games. Here's one that's fun for both girls and boys, that doesn't rely on physical skill or special expertise. Tape record a bunch of commercials from TV, being sure not to record the name of the product. Space them out a bit on the tape with some blank tape in between, then play the tape back at the party and let them all race to guess the name of the product. You can do this with video tape if you prefer, and play the tape back on your VCR. You can also tape record bits of TV shows instead of commercials, for fun.

Vicky asked:

Occasion: 14 year olds 50s party
What are some good games or activities to do for a 50's party?

The Game Girl says:

I've listed a number of suggestions here and under adult games, so check them out. Be sure to have a dance contest, and include Name That Tune!

Kimberly Jones asked:

Occasion: Good Luck Party
My sisters are throwing me a good luck party for my surgery and I'm helping them plan it. I need some ideas for games. Please give me some advice!

The Game Girl says:

You could play a variation on Pin the Tail on the Donkey, or using felt-tip pens and a large body outline of yourself, have them do your surgery - with their EYES CLOSED! Then pass around "body parts." Place food items, such as two peeled grapes for eyes, popcorn kernels for teeth, an apricot half for the liver, and so on, then have everyone feel inside paper bags and try to guess what they are really feeling, as you identify them as body parts! Good luck with your surgery! have them try to guess what they are feeling.

Kirsty asked:

Occasion: 12th Birthday
I need a party game to go with the hippy theme. Please help!

The Game Girl says:

Back to the 60's! Check out this section for games that might fit your hippy theme. Or play a game of Psychedelic Pictures. Give everyone a large sheet of paper and have them draw the cake, their gift, or the guest of honor, using day-glo felt-tip pens - with their EYES CLOSED!!!

Corrie asked:

Occasion: Boy/Girl Birthday Party
I need ideas for fun games to play at my 13th birthday party. It will be my first boy/girl party and my crush will be there. I want this party to be one that will be remembered. What are some cool games?

The Game Girl says:

How exciting - your first boy/girl party! I can imagine you want it to be perfect - and fun! I've got some games listed below. You might also order a copy of Games People Play from the Party411 Bookstore. It's loaded with all kinds of games for all ages. For example, you might want to play "Not Me!" to get to know each other better. Distribute index cards and a pencil to each player and ask everyone to write down three little-known facts about themselves - one fact per card - such as "I don't like chocolate," "I once met Michael Jackson," "I have an extra toe." Collect the cards, mix them up, and place them in a pile. Have Player 1 pick a card and read the fact aloud (unless it pertains to him, then he must replace the card and draw another.) Player 1 must guess who wrote the fact. If he's right, he gets a point. Go around the circle until all the cards are gone. Award a prize to the player with the most points.

Anna asked:

Occasion: 15-year-old Guy/Girl Party
I am in search of some really good dares to do ... not any kid stuff, but dares to do after games. Please help!

The Game Girl says:

A Truth or Dare Party without the Truth, eh? Okay, try some of the following dares: Sing a love song to the opposite sex, Dance an old fashioned dance like the Twist, Do someone's hair, Draw a picture of the hostess, Tell a secret about yourself, Teach someone a trick, Rap a poem, Write a romance book passage, Try to juggle . . . how's that for a start?

Bridget asked:

Occasion: 13th Birthday Party
I'm having a party sleepover for my 13th birthday, with about 6 guys and 14 girls. I need some fun games for guys and girls. I want NO theme - just some fun stuff to play at a cabin.

The Game Girl says:

Since you're in a new setting, how about "Dangers in the Dark!" Cover Player 1's eyes with a blindfold. Have remaining players create an obstacle course in the game room. When the room is booby-trapped, give each player an index card and have them stand next to or behind an obstacle. Move Player 1 to the starting point, and tell him or her to collect a card from each player in the room as he moves along the obstacle course. Turn out the lights, then tell the players to call Player 1 to come and get the index card. Player 1 must follow their voices to find them as quickly as possible, while being careful to avoid the obstacles in the room. Mark the time it took to collect the cards, then let another player try a new course. The player with the shortest time wins a prize!

Melanie Yip asked:

Occasion: Teenage Birthday
What are some good party ideas for this age range?

The Game Girl says:

I have lots of ideas for teenagers in this section, so scan down and you should find a few that might work. The music theme, with party games to match, is always a safe bet. You might try "Hands Off!" - it's perfect for teens. Choose a variety of simple tasks that normally involve the use of the hands. Present the players with the items necessary to complete each task; tell them not to touch the items until their turn. Have Player 1 begin by trying to accomplish a task without using his or her hands. If Player 1 is given a brush and a ribbon, that player must brush his or her hair and tie a ribbon around it, all within a limited time period - 1-2 minutes! Continue until everyone has had a chance to complete the task.

Meghan Miller asked:

Occasion: 13th Birthday
I have looked everywhere and I cannot find any games that would be cool to play! Can you please give me a couple of cool games to play? ASAP!

The Game Girl says:

How about a game of Earthquake? That should shake things up a bit. Collect a bunch of items that would be interesting to stack, such as blocks of wood, pots and pans, books, boxes, toys, and so on. The bigger the better! Place the items around the game room. Have player 1 choose an item and set it in the middle of the room. Have player 2 select another item and set it carefully on top of the first item. Continue playing until a player stacks an items that causes all the whole construction to fall - then yell "Earthquake!" Play again with a different sequence of items and players.

Debbie Kriger asked:

Occasion: Birthday for 12 year old
My 12 year old birthday is coming up really soon and I want to have the best party ever! All my friends are coming and all the "nice" girls from my grade. I want some really fun indoor and outdoor games. My party is having a daytime part with 19 kids, and a sleepover with 10 kids. I need some day and night games. Can you help me?

The Game Girl says:

Whoa - this sounds like a big event! How about a fun "formal" dinner party for the first party, where the kids come dressed up to the max for a special six course meal using all the fine China and silver. You can cook up the gourmet meals ahead of time, or ask them to bring something special for a potluck. For added fun, play the Manners Game, where everyone must be on their best behavior. If someone is caught with elbows on the table, or burping out loud, they lose a point! Then when it's sleepover time, change into pjs and give the kids a quiz based on what happened during the dinner party. Take notes during the dinner party, then use them for questions, like "Who had two helpings of dessert?" "Who wore the blue evening gown?" "Who spilled the drink?" and "Who burped?"

Jacobs asked:

Occasion: Party for 13 years olds
I just need a theme and some games for my party for 50, 13 year olds at my house could you help. Thanks.

The Game Girl says:

The best theme for that age group is a music-related party, where the kids dance, have dance contests, play Name That Tune. You'll find other suggestions below for your music theme.

Nicole asked:

Occasion: Birthday for Teenager
I need to have some fun things planned, but these folks will be too old for stupid little games. I need something that will keep this age group interested.

The Game Girl says:

Once again, any game related to music works well. Check out the other Game Girl responses for lots of ideas. You might also have a Murder Mystery to solve. Write your own mystery, or check out the Bookstore for mysteries to order, then host your own detective game!

Melanie asked:

Occasion: Birthday
Do you have any games for me other than playing spin the bottle for 4 hours? I want games that will be fun but not too young for 13 year olds.

The Game Girl says:

Have a candy taste test. Unwrap a variety of candy bars and cut them into pieces. Place the pieces in bowls. Pass around the candy pieces and have everyone taste a candy. Players have to guess what the candy is and write it down on a piece of paper. The one who names the most candies wins a giant candy bar. Have a Snack Attack. Set out a variety of items for snack making, such as peanut butter, crackers, yogurt, carrot sticks, nuts, candy decorations, and so on. Have teams make up snacks from the ingredients, then share them with the group. The team with the best-tasting snack wins a prize!

Jill and Katie asked:

Occasion: 13th Birthday Party for 2 people
My best friend and I are having a double birthday party at her house and we have no clue what to do. We need some cool games that aren't corny that 7th graders would want to do. The party is all girls. Please Help!

The Game Girl says:

Double the fun with Double Games! First have a bubble gum blowing contest - but you have to blow TWO bubbles, not just one! Then see if you can jump rope the longest but using TWO jump ropes at once instead of one. Play name that tune but play TWO tapes at the same time and see if they can guess both songs! Play Charades but have them act out TWO themes at the same time, while the teams have to solve both! Just keep the Double Theme in mind and you'll have Twice the Fun!

Samantha asked:

Occasion: luau party for 14 year olds
My friends don't like dorky party games and some of them don't know each other. I was thinking dinner with no utensils, but what else could I do?

The Game Girl says:

Dinner with no utensils sounds fun, especially for a luau. How about making up silly hula dances, or having a Hula Hoop contest? Have a coconut cream pie eating contest in keeping with your theme - no hands, of course. Then do the limbo!

Christina asked:

Occasion: Sweet 16 Birthday
I need some games to play that are with the 50s theme!!!

The Game Girl says:

First, find out how well the guests know the 50s with a game of "It happened in the 50s." Get an almanac from the library and write down some big events that happened in the past, such as Eisenhower was elected president, Elvis Presley died, the Beatles came to America, Gone with the Wind won a best picture award. Be sure to write down the dates, too. Then read off the events and see if the players can tell if they happened during the 50s or not! Then have a 50s dance contest!

Destiny asked:

Occasion: Surprise Birthday
We need some ideas for my friend's surprise party, for teenage girls.

The Game Girl says:

How about a game of Rob your Neighbor? Doesn't sound nice but it's lots of fun! Buy a set of ten stickers for each player, making each set unique to each player. As each guest arrives, place ten identical stickers on his or her back, and give each player an index card. Tell players they must try to collect a sticker from each player in the room without getting caught in the act. When time is called, the player with the most stickers robbed from the others is the winner. Or play the reverse - give each player ten stickers, and have them stick them on all the players through out the party, without getting caught. Play Lie Detector: Have the players write down two lies about themselves, and one truth - something the rest of the players don't know about. Have them reader the three cards in any order, and let the rest of the group try to figure out which two are lies, and which one is the truth.

Julie asked:

Occasion: 14th Birthday Party
I need help!! In just a couple of weeks I am having my party and there is going to be 40 people there. And half of them are boys! I guess I am afraid that people will get bored. I need more games for 14 year olds so please help!

The Game Girl says:

Having a DJ is a great idea! That will keep them busy. Play some of the music games listed in other Game Girl answers - there are lots of them to choose from. And check the Party411 Bookstore for a list of party game books that might help. Then try this game: Have four people leave the room - 2 boys and 2 girls. In the next room, have them exchange one clothing item or accessory, such as a sock, a watch, a jacket, and shoe, and so on. Have them return to the party and let the others guess what they exchanged.

Katie Wolfenberger asked:

Occasion: 13th Birthday Party
We are having a Mexican fiesta for our daughter's 13th birthday. We are already planning the limbo, a piņata, and most of the decorations we saw on your theme page. Are there any cool games within this theme suited for a church youth group type setting?

The Game Girl says:

How's your Spanish? Get a simple Spanish guidebook and write down some of the more common phrases used in Spanish, such as "Hasta manana," (See you tomorrow) "Hablas ingles?" (Do you speak English?, "Cuantos anos tienes?" (How old are you?) and "Donde esta el bano?" (Where is the bathroom?). Write down the English translations on a large poster board, then have the kids try to match the Spanish phrases out loud, with the written English translations. Then have a Mexican Hat Dance, where all the kids must make up a funny dance to go with Spanish music, and dance around a hat!

Niki asked:

Occasion: 17th Birthday Party
I need some ideas on themes or games for my 17th birthday party! It's hard to decide when all my friends are into different things. What can I do to make everyone have fun and stay entertained?

The Game Girl says:

Check out a previous Game Girl response for a music theme and I think you'll find answers there. All teens love music, so make that the focus of your party. Ask them to bring their own CDs to share, then play some of the games suggested elsewhere, such as Name That Tune, Dance Contest, Karaoke, and Music Trivia! If you prefer, pick a particular music style or decade and make that the focus of your party!

Susan San Pedro asked:

Occasion: 18th Birthday
Can you suggest any games that can make this day memorable to my daughter?

The Game Girl says:

The 18th birthday is so special! Here's a game that ties in to that right-of-passage time. Buy some lottery tickets for the 18-year-old and let everyone share in the scratch. Or make your own lottery tickets, each one a winner, and award a prize for every ticket! Or send her on a treasure hunt and let her look for her lottery tickets before she scratches them. Another right of passage is the ability to vote - so have some elections right there at the party, and place your votes on everything from who will win the next election to who's the cutest boy in school!

Laura asked:

Occasion: 16th Birthday
For my sixteenth birthday, I want to do something different and more interesting from other teenage girls' parties. My friend did a scavenger hunt for her birthday, so what else do you suggest?

The Game Girl says:

How about a game of "Secrets" from my book THE BEST PARTY BOOK, which you'll find in the Party411 Bookstore. Give each player three sheets of paper and a pencil. Ask them to write down one secret they haven't shared (and one they don't mind sharing with the group!). Then ask them to write down two made-up secrets. When everyone has written three secrets, have Player 1 begin the game by reading, in random order, his or her three secrets. Tell the players to guess which of the three secrets is true and to write down the answer. When everyone has guessed, have Player 1 reveal the true secret. Award points to the players who guessed correctly. Variation: Have each player write each secret on an index card, collect all the cards, shuffle them, and place them in a bowl or box. Draw one card at a time, read it aloud to the group, and tell the players to guess who told the secret, and whether it is true!

Audrey Barney asked:

Occasion: Sweet 16 Celebrating You
What type of games should teens play?

The Game Girl says:

Here's a fun one that's in keeping with you theme of "Celebrating You" called "Self Portraits." Give each player a large sheet of paper and a pencil. Have them close their eyes. Tell the players to draw their portraits. Collect the portraits as they are completed, without letting anyone else see the finished work. When everyone is done, show the portraits one at a time and have the players guess who's who! Check out the Party411 Bookstore for books on games.

Jenedie asked:

Occasion: Sweet 16
I need some help coming up with games I can play at my Sweet 16 party, that fit with the theme of "Mardi Gras." I don't want anything stupid - just fun - so please help me out. I really appreciate it.

The Game Girl says:

I hate stupid games, too. Mardi Gras makes a great theme for your party! Why not play a game of "Masquerade." As your guests arrive, have them put on exotic costumes and accessories in a back room. Ask them to say something special to the Sweet Sixteen-Year-Old - in a false voice. Dim the lights, then video tape the costumed guest as he or she recites a tribute. When everyone has arrived and has been taped, play the tape at the party and have the guest of honor try to guess who's in the video!

Jamie asked:

Occasion: Sweet 16 Surprise Party
I'm having a party with a lot of people who don't know each other and we have a lot of couples going. I need to have some games to play that are fun but that are not dorky. They need to appeal to everyone and have to be low preparation cuz I'm short on time and money. Do u have any ideas for me?

The Game Girl says:

I've mentioned several ideas in previous answers, and would recommend you check out the Name That Tune game. You could also have a dance contest with the couples. And perhaps rent a Karaoke machine and let the guests sing their favorite songs. Check out my GAMES PEOPLE PLAY for a bunch of ideas that are fun for teens and adults.

Heather asked:

Occasion: 16th birthday
I'm having a surprise party for my friend's 16th birthday. I want it to be really original and fun, but I need ideas for games that teens would be interested in.

The Game Girl says:

Here's a fun one. As the guests arrive, take them in the back room, one at a time, and tape-record them saying something funny, such as a joke or anecdote. Have them disguise their voices as they speak. Leave a second after the disguised voice, and tape them again. This time have them speak using their natural voices, but only saying one word, such as "hello." Leave a second after the hello, and tape them a third time. Tell them to use their natural voices and say a complete sentence. When all the guests have been recorded, gather all the players and distribute paper and pencils. Play the recorded tape, stopping after the disguised voice, and have the players write down who they think is speaking. Play the second recording and have them guess again. Play the third for a final guess. See who guessed the correct answer on the first try, and award five points. Award three points for the second try, and one point for the third try. Play the rest of the tape, and continue identifying voices until the tape is finished. Award a prize to the player with the most points. For more games ideas, try my GAMES PEOPLE PLAY book listed in the book store.

Kara Harun asked:

Occasion: Sweet 16
I am having a boy-girl birthday party, and I'm getting a Karaoke machine. Also, I want to know what games we could play to keep everyone involved.

The Game Girl says:

Be sure you take a look at some of the other game suggestions I've posted - there are quite a few that include ideas for music, dance, name that tune and for games with the Karaoke machine. Here's another: Have them hum the songs WITHOUT the musical background or the words, and see if anyone can identify the tunes! Or let them sing Karaoke WITHOUT the words, and have them make up their one words to match the music!

Rachel asked:

Occasion: Friend's 13th Birthday
What would be a couple of fun party games to play?

The Game Girl says:

Play "Switch!" Divide the kids into two teams. Take the first team to another room and have them all exchange one items of clothing or accessory, such as a shoe, a watch, a hair ribbon, a ring, a sweater, and so on. Have the team return to the party room, and ask the other team to guess all the exchanges that have been made. Repeat for the other team and see who gets the most correct answers. Then get out a game of Pictionary and have a drawing contest!

Kari asked:

Occasion: Surprise Birthday Party
I'm throwing a surprise birthday party for my friend who's turning 18, and I really want to make it special. A lot of fun, fun games would be great.

The Game Girl says:

Turn your birthday party into a "Roast!" Rent or make a podium and let each guest come forward to share a funny story or embarrassing moment about the guest of honor. Make it a "This is Your Life!" party by inviting some special guests that your birthday person hasn't seen in many years - teachers, coaches, old friends, etc. Have them say a few words about the birthday person behind a drape, let the guest of honor try to guess who it is, then surprise her with the appearance of the Mystery Guest!

Robyn asked:

Occasion: 16th Birthday Party
I need some game ideas and I can't think of any. What would keep teenagers from just standing around doing nothing?

The Game Girl says:

Scavenger Hunts are always fun for older kids, if you make them interesting and challenging. This time make it a White Elephant Scavenger Hunt by having them go around designated neighborhoods asking for something the family wants to throw out. The group that comes back with the most unusual and funniest items wins the prize!

Pat Ricklefs asked:

Occasion: 14-year-old Birthday Party
Do you have at least one neat game both boys and girls could play?

The Game Girl says:

Kids are so hip, today. Why not play Box Office Trivia and test their knowledge of who's who in Hollywood? Collect details about young stars from teen movie magazines, such as their hometowns, their ages, their girlfriends' names, and so on. At game time, pass out paper and pencil, ask the questions, and see who can answer the most correctly.

Melissa's Mother asked:

Occasion: Dance Birthday Party
My daughter wants to have a dance party for her entire class. I'm having a hard time believing that 30 eleven-year-olds will be willing to dance for 2 hours. Do you have some suggestions for games they could play?

The Game Girl says:

In keeping with the Dance Party theme, here are a couple of suggestions. Have a "Copy Me Dance." Select one person as leader. Every time the leader changes to a new dance style. the rest must follow along. When the leader finally tags someone else, that dancer becomes the leader. Have a "Dance Contest." Gather everyone on the dance floor, and watch the kids as they dance. When the song is over, award prizes for: "Goofiest Dance," "Fastest Dance," "Most Entertaining Dance," "Biggest Dance," "Strangest Dance," and other funny categories.

Kim asked:

Occasion: Sweet 16 Party
Can you suggest any games to play at a Sweet 16 party?

The Game Girl says:

How sweet! And in keeping with the Sweet 16 Theme, how about an even sweet game - A Candy Bar Taste Test! Unwrap some chocolate candy bars, break them into bits in separate bowls, and let the kids taste each one. Then have them try to identify the candy bar! The prize: a giant candy bar! Alternative: Unwrap the candy bars and rewrap them with foil. Then let the kids guess the brands just by looking at the shapes!

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