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Teen Games
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Nikki asked:

Occasion: Beach birthday
What kind of games should I consider playing on the beach for guys and girls ages 12-14 for a birthday party?

The Game Girl says:

Here is one game that you and your guests will love to play on the beach. See our beach party on the site for some other suggestions for fun in the sand and sun!

Beach Box- Put a lot of random objects associated with the beach in a basket or a box (Make sure the box/basket has some type of cover over it). As your guests arrive, have them put their hand inside the basket/box and feel around for the various objects. Here are some ideas for your mystery bag/basket:

  • nose plugs
  • goggles
  • swimsuit
  • ear plugs
  • sand
  • plastic shovel
  • straw hat
  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses

You can use anything you would like though. As soon as each person feels around the box, have them write down what they thought was in the box. Whoever guesses the most items correctly wins a prize.

Rhonda asked:

Occasion: Birthday
How do I keep these teenagers busy and out of the corners? Please send me some fun games.

The Game Girl says:

Here is a great game that will keep teens and parents happy. For other games that will keep teens "out of the corners", check out our teen game page.

"I Neverů" - Supply each of your guests with 20 jellybeans (or any candy of your choice). The first person makes a true statement about themselves that begins with the words, "I neverů" For example- If one person has never told a lie, then she would say "I have never told a lie in my life". If the statement (without the "I neverů") is true for other guests, then they must eat a piece of candy. Everyone should take at least one turn. Keep playing until it is obvious who will end up with the most candy- that is your winner!

Melissa asked:

Occasion: Just for fun
My friends and I want to have more games to play other than Spin the Bottle, Truth or Dare and 7 minutes in Heaven. The kind of games that we want to play, are mostly ones that involve kissing someone of the opposite sex. Do you have any other games in mind that we can play?

The Game Girl says:

Here is a super fun game that will have both the guys and the girls laughing (I am really sorry, but I don't have any kissing games). If you're looking for more cool games for teens, check out our page of coed games for teens.

"Dessert Race" - Blindfold the men and line them up on one side of the room. Place the women on the opposite side of the room with a bowl/cup of ice cream. The object of the game is for the women to take a spoonful of the frozen dessert, carry the spoon by the handle in their teeth, and feed the treat to their partner. This game has to be done without using any hands, and the first couple to finish their ice cream wins!

Rachel asked:

Occasion: Halloween
I am having a haunted masquerade party for Halloween and I wanted to know if you had any ideas for games.

The Game Girl says:

Here are a few fabulous games that you can play at your Halloween masquerade party.

Mummy Wrap: Buy several roles of toilet paper. Divide kids into teams or couples, give them toilet paper, and have them try to mummify (wrap up) one another in a race to be first! Be careful- the paper keeps tearing the faster you go!

"Sense-Sational"- Test their powers of smell! Fill paper bags with a variety of items that have an aroma, such as coffee beans, salami, toothpaste, orange peels, chocolate, and so on. Then pass the bags around and let the guests smell them without looking inside! Give prizes to whoever guessed them all correctly (or whoever guessed the most correctly).

"Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board"- The basic premise of this game is to have one person lie on the floor while everyone else sits on their knees around her with both hands slightly under her. There is one "storyteller" who sits by her head, and tells a made-up story about her (the person on the floor's) life, and her "untimely demise". At the end of the story, everyone chants, "Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board" repeatedly as they lift her off of the ground. The idea is to have everyone believing that "spirits" are helping to lift her off the ground (in reality, she is probably being lifted because of all the people helping to lift her). Take turns, and tell a story about everyone!

Katy asked:

Occasion: For fun
I was wondering if you have any ideas for relay races.

The Game Girl says:

Here are two crazy relay games that will keep teens happy and entertained outside.

"Human String Relay" - First of all, you need to tie a spoon to the end of a ball of yarn. Line up both teams single-file. When the host/hostess says, "Go," the first person from each team must put the spoon down his shirt, as well as his pants. When it comes out of his pant leg, he must then pass it to the next player (As it is still attached to the first player). When it has gone through the entire line, and everyone is attached, then the last person at the end of the line must reverse the process (While the first person winds the string into a ball as it comes back out of each person's clothing). When the team finishes unwinding the string then the first person in that line needs to shout, "Done!" The team to finish unwinding the string first wins.

Dress-up Relay - Make 2 piles of the same type of clothing. Divide the group into teams and have the first players race to dress up in all the clothes from one pile. When finished, he/she must take all the clothes off and have the next player dress up. The team that dresses and undresses first wins the game.

Cheryl asked:

Occasion: Pool Party
There will be boys and girls at this party and I was hoping to find some fun and unique games that they could play in the pool.

The Game Girl says:

Here is a fabulously fun-filled game that will keep everyone from leaving the water. For other games that will keep teens in the pool, check out our page of pool games for teens.

"Catch the Flies" - The object of this game (which can be played in the pool or on land) is for the "spider" (the person who is "it") to try and tag all of the passing "flies" (everyone who has not yet been caught). When the spider catches the flies they become part of the web. The flies who are still buzzing around must try to avoid the web as well as the spider. Set up an area with boundaries (if the boundaries are crossed then the fly who crossed them automatically becomes part of the web). The flies line up at one end and the spider stands in the middle and cries out, "I am the spider, of this web I am king. Try to get past me and feel my sting." The flies try to float/run across the web as the spider tries to tag them. If tagged, they become part of the web. Keeping one foot planted, everyone who is part of the web tries to reach out and tag the flies running by, turning those players into the web as well. Once the flies reach the other side, the spider and flies say the chant and everything is repeated all over again. The game ends when all of the flies become part of the web. The last fly tagged becomes the new spider.

Amy asked:

Occasion: Mall Scavenger Hunt
I was wondering if you have any ideas for a mall scavenger hunt? Can you help me figure out what we should look for?

The Game Girl says:

For your mall scavenger hunt, you can play it one of 2 ways... The first way is to search the mall for people with certain items on them or with them (and have the group take a polaroid with them), or you can go from store to store collecting items. This one will probably be more difficult unless you are going to buy things or the stores will let you "collect" things (ie: store card, merchandise ticket, size sticker, pen w/ store name on it, etc.). Here is a list for the people scavenger hunt to help give you some ideas.

"People Scavenger Hunt" - Find someone who:

  1. Is wearing gold-rimmed glasses
  2. Has a gold tooth
  3. Is wearing black socks
  4. Has blue eyes
  5. Has a cloth handkerchief
  6. Has a safety pin
  7. Is wearing a necklace
  8. Is wearing shoes with shoelaces
  9. Has matches on his/her person
  10. Has something on his/her person made of rubber

Kim asked:

Occasion: Sleepover birthday
I'm having a pajama party. I'm inviting half of them to sleepover. I can't think of any games or things that we like to do other than call boys. I want to do girl things and have fun. Do you have any ideas?

The Game Girl says:

Here is a fabulous game that will be fun for all of the girls at the sleepover. For more games check out the sleepover games section on our game page.

Snuggle Bug - This is a super fun sleepover game. Designate one person at the party the "Snuggle Bug" by putting slips of paper into a bowl (all blank except for the one that has the SB on it). Whoever picks the "SB" is the "Snuggle Bug". All of the guests are in the same room (with the lights off throughout the house) at the beginning of the game. Then the "Snuggle Bug" gets to go find a hiding place. People roam throughout the house and ask other players, "Are you the Snuggle Bug?" If the answer is "No", then they keep searching. If the answer is "Yes", then the person has to snuggle up to the SB. As more guests find the SB and snuggle up, the hiding space becomes overcrowded, and the last person to find the SB is the loser. (Have a "booby prize" ready for the loser).

Cheryl asked:

Occasion: Hawaiian luau
Do you know of any cute *themed* games to go along with this type of party (luau)?

The Game Girl says:

The best game to play at a luau is the limbo! Play the limbo song or your favorite tunes, and watch as your buddies try to bend backwards and try not to touch the limbo stick. For more teen luau games go to our page of luau games for teens.

Limbo: Play some fun music while your friends stand in line waiting to bend backwards low enough to fit under the limbo stick (broom handle, yardstick, etc.). In order to win, the limbo master must not touch the stick or fall on the floor while limbo-ing under the stick (which is usually held by 2 people).

Caroline asked:

Occasion: Sweet 16 Party
Any ideas or suggestions for games and ways to keep guest entertained throughout party?

The Game Girl says:

A great way to get everyone started mingling is to play a game called "Musical Partners". This will help get everyone started dancing and having fun. For more games and sweet 16 party activities, go to the teen game page and check out all of the games for teens.

Musical Partners - You need to have an even number of people to actually participate in this game. (The odd person, or the host, can be the one to stop the music). Turn some music on, and begin the game by selecting 2 people to dance with each other (fast or slow). Have someone turn the music off at different intervals, and tell the 2 people dancing to select new partners. Continue to play the game and select new partners until everyone is dancing.

See more GameGirl Questions on Teen Games.

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