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A Corporate Event Theme Party

Ideas, Invitations, Party Supplies, Games and More For Your Corporate Event


Star Trek

Explore the final frontier aboard the Starship Enterprise. Host your next corporate event with the cast of Star Trek. Perfect for a strategic sales or brainstorming meeting about a new product line or technology or even just something different to do for the next party.


Party Invitation

Send out a “prime directive” to guests who must attend the meeting or event. Use wording right out of Star Trek, something like:

"Your Company’s’ Star Fleet Personnel are issued
this prime directive to attend our upcoming event…all for
one and one for all."


Since, guests will be exploring the next galaxy and final frontier…of course you will want to include a graphic of the Starship Enterprise front and center. Make each part of the invitation something from Star Trek. “When” could be 7:00PM Infinity & Beyond, “Where” could be something like “The Bridge, or Situation Room.”


A Star Trek party is perfect for an online interactive invitation. Send guests a visual of the Starship Enterprise and have Spock, Sulu or Captain Kirk read the invitation. Or have a galaxy background with the words of the invitation fading into the galaxy as it scrolls down.


If you would like another option consider one of these star invitations.


Welcome Area

Make a sign that says, “Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the XYZ Company Starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before."


Use cutouts of Captain Kirk and Dr. Spock (easily available through a party planning firm or you can search Google to find cardboard cutouts of them) on either side of the entry, to give the effect that these characters are holding the sign.


Depending on your budget, make the welcome area look like the Starship Enterprises Bridge equipped with the Command Center. You can do this with graphics printed onto foam core and or painted onto plywood or cardboard. Or, better yet build a transporter for beaming guests to other universes. There are companies where you may be able to rent out Star Trek sets. This would be great for photos especially if guests come dressed as Star Trek characters. Then at the registration table give everyone badges that look like Communications Badges with their name on it.


Hang Shimmering Hanging Stars from the ceiling and decorate the area with star mylar balloon bouquets.

Party Decorations

Beam your guests to another galaxy (well not really) and decorate the place to make it look like a galaxy. Line the walls with Star Wallcoverings and hang star lights around the room. Don’t forget the ceiling with a few Shimmering Hanging Stars.


Hire a few actors or Trekkies to come as Captain Kirk, Klingons, Spock, Sulu, and Data have them greet people or act out a scene from one of the Star Trek episodes.


Also, cutouts are available of the Starship Enterprise spaceship, itself, to put on the wall. (You can find these online through a Google search.) Use cutouts of Captain Kirk and Dr. Spock for photographs.


Depending on the day’s events, if you are brainstorming about a new product line or technology set up areas for thinking and planning to take place. You can have the Command Center, Situation Room, Communications Room, and the Bridge. Do the same if you are having a strategic sales meeting. If you are having a general corporate event then each area can have the buffet, drinks, and tables etc. Hang signs above each area.



Find old U.S.S Enterprise models, which can be found at Star Trek Experience or sometimes at a toy store. Use them as the centerpieces at each table attach with Mylar star balloons. Then host a contest for people to win the models; Star Trek trivia would be perfect.


For another option, infest the tables with Tribbles. Build pile of Tribbles at the center of each table and have star balloons coming out. Purchase a walking talking Tribble for each person and let everyone take one home.



Sprinkle holographic star confetti on the tables. For table numbers use the name of a Star Trek character or episode. Hand out a Star Trek trivia card to each person to win a prize and, voila—perfect!


Meeting Activities

Introduce the facilitators as if they were Star Fleet Personnel: Federation Commander, Star Fleet Commander, Techies, etc. Throughout the day, throw in "trekkie" type things, like having people step forward to do the Vulcan greeting, enter each different session in an enlarged "Star Log" with "Star Date" and "Star Time" (on an easel). Use creative ideas to keep the meeting interesting and following your theme. (You or your meeting planner may have to watch a few Star Trek episodes, if you’re not a Trekkie.)


"Virtual reality" works very well here. Use special effect lighting, Star Trek music and a wide-screen TV with re-runs of Star Trek running in the background. If your budget allows, have a prop company make you a "beam me up" capsule for a really fabulous photo opportunity. Don’t forget, also, to have some "Star Trek" music on loop tape, playing in the entry or other appropriate area.



Spock ears Spock Ears of course . Limited quantities. so shop today. and chocolate disks that have the words "Starship Enterprise" imprinted on it (send us an e-mail, we can help order these).

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