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A Corporate Event Theme Party

Ideas, Invitations, Party Supplies, Games and More For Your Corporate Event


Beat the Clock!

Celebrate beating the clock! A “Beat the Clock” themed corporate party is ideal for a networking luncheon, dinner or open house for clients or employees.



A "clock", of course! It's "time" to celebrate (or meet, or whatever is appropriate). Use a graphic of a clock and at different times put the details of the party.

Welcome Area

As guests enter, they should see a clock in "pie" pieces, with a title such as: "For more business, you have to Beat the Clock. " (A graphics or party planning company can easily make such a clock.)


At the "12", insert the word "Networking;" at the 3, insert "Success;" at the 6, say "Community Service," and at the 9, place "Family." At the center, insert your company name and/or logo.


At the registration table, decorate with balloons in your company colors and maybe a few clock Mylar balloons. (Most balloon companies have specialized Mylar balloons.) As seating cards, use the same clock graphic leaving out the numbers except for the table number, and place the persons name at the center.


For a networking luncheon, on the back of the seating card write another person’s name or attach their business card. Have these people meet during the event




Room Decoration
Make sure that signage throughout the room conveys your message of what this event is trying to achieve, whether it's a staff meeting, retreat, or a client/customer appreciation evening. "Beating the clock" means being a well rounded person--networking, success, community service (representing your company) and, of course, family time.


Consider lots of balloon bouquets throughout the room. Hang cutouts of clocks from the ceiling. These can be made out of foam core or printed onto card stock. Punch a hole in the top and use fishing wire to string to the ceiling.


Create a custom centerpiece, where the body of the clock can be the logo for the entire event. Absolutely fabulous! Be sure to add balloons for ceiling height, so the room doesn't look empty.


There is a fun centerpiece centerpiece from Shindigz that’s fun.


Sprinkle little mints with $ signs on them, or chocolate gold coins emblazoned with your logo. Use light up dollar signs as napkin rings or placed at each seating or for fun favors.


Nametags should include the person’s name and of course a clock. At the bottom should be "tear-offs" of the person’s phone number, which can be given to other people met at the event. These nametags make a great networking tool! For clients, use their phone number, office phone number, and for an in-house event where different departments are getting together, use the individual extension numbers.



"Beat the clock" wheels (similar to money wheels these can be rented from a local games company) that pay off with gift certificates would be great fun for all who attend. The gift certificates can be for "real" items or for days off, etc.

If it’s a networking luncheon, have everyone send in their business card and 5 details about themselves on a reply card. At the luncheon, pass out the business cards to different people making pairs and have each person try to guess the 5 details about their partner. This is a good way to break any silence and get everyone talking.

Or you can check out some of these Icebreakers to get everyone networked and in the know!

Consider having a guest speaker or a few workshops and seminars focused on a particular topic. If you are hosting clients entice clients with what your company offers or how employees can build long-lasting relationships with their clients.


At each place setting, an individual give out watches with your event or company logo. This is clever, and not very expensive. Another option is a small address/telephone book for the individual’s most important phone numbers--another "time-saving" device. Then, emboss the book with your company’s logo to make it official. Include a personalized candy bar with tips on how to “beat the clock.” Now you’ve really beaten the clock!


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