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Fun and Amusing Baby Shower Games

Belly Bulge:

To make the mother-to-be feel at home, ask the guests to come "pregnant," wearing maternity smocks stuffed with pillows. Then, at game time, have the guests replace the pillows with their gifts. Mother-to-be must feel each "belly" and guess the gift underneath.

Baby Food Taste Test:

Buy eight jars of baby food -- cereal, fruit, veggies, and meat. Cover the jars with foil and write a number on the side of each jar. Pass out plastic spoons, paper plates, and paper and pencil to each player. Ask players to write the numbers 1 through 8 on the outside of the plate. Pass around each jar of baby food and have the players drop a spoonful next to each number. They must taste the globs and try to identify each flavor. Remove the foil to reveal the answers. Whoever has the most correct answers wins a prize. You'll get some funny faces during the tasting so keep the camera handy.

Baby Business:

Buy 10 baby objects that aren't easily identified, such as a nose syringe, a temperature strip, a breast pump, a teething ring, and so on. Distribute paper and pencil and ask players to try and guess what each object does. The player with the most correct answers is the winner. Present a basket of the objects to the Mom-to-be.

Guess Who?:

Have the guests bring their baby pictures to the party. Tape each picture to a sheet of paper. Pass around the baby pictures and try to have players identify each baby. For added fun write crazy captions underneath each picture, such as "Future President?" or "What are you lookin' at?"

The Day I Was Born:

Tell each guest to bring a page long description of their own birth. If necessary, have them call relatives to get the "gory details." Have your guests fold their stories up and put them in a box. Hand a random birth story to each person, and one by one have everyone read aloud the story they were given. After each story is read, have everyone guess which story belongs to which guest.

Who Wins a Prize?:

Every 10 minutes or so call out a question that relates to members of the group, such as "Who's the oldest here?", "Who brought the largest gift?", "Who said the last word?", "Who laughs the loudest?", "Who's sitting next to the pregnant mother?". and so on. Award a prize each time you call out a random question. Soon everyone will have a prize and they don't have to play a game to get one.

Pass the Pacifier:

This is a lively game for the entire group! Divide players into two teams and line them up. Give all the players a pencil/pen or a chopstick to put in their mouths. Give the first player in each line a pacifier, by slipping it onto the pencil/pen or chopstick. On the word "Go!" teams must race to pass the pacifier from person to person. The team that passes it all the way down the line to the last player the quickest, wins!

Child Development:

Write down some typical childhood milestones on a slip of paper in the form of a question, such as "When does baby say the first word?", "When does baby take the first step?", "What baby food does baby eat first?", "When do you take baby to the first check-up?" If you need ideas for questions you can get them from child development books. At game time, have players take turns drawing the questions and giving their answers. If they're right they get a point or a prize.

Old Wives' Tales:

Ask some friends for some old wives' tales, such as "If you eat strawberries, your baby will have a strawberry mark" or "If you carry your baby high, it's going to be a girl." Write them down on slips of paper. Then mix in some true facts, such as "Baby needs 4 hours of sucking time a day." Then have players take turns reading them and answering whether they are true or false.

What's in the Bag?:

Before the party put about 10-15 baby objects in its own paper bag. As people arrive, give them a numbered piece of paper and a writing utensil. Have them go to the table where each item is in a numbered paper bag. They can feel the item through the bag but cannot handle the bag roughly or put their hand in the bag. When everyone has made his/her guesses, the host/hostess must reveal what is in each bag. The person who guessed the most items correctly wins! (Some good items to include are baby powder, diaper rash cream, cloth diaper, pacifier, teething ring, baby spoon, etc.)

Toilet paper measure:

As your guests arrive, ask them to each take a piece of toilet paper. Tell your guests to take as little or as much as they want, but do not tell them what it is for. When everyone has arrived, have each person measure around the waist of the mother-to-be with the amount of toilet paper they have chosen. Whoever has the strip of toilet paper that is the closest measurement to the waist of the mother-to-be is the winner.

Baby Trivia Lottery:

Have a lottery answering the following questions:

  1. How much time will the expectant mother be in labor?
  2. Will the baby be a boy or a girl?
  3. What will the baby weigh?
  4. What day/time will the baby arrive? etc.

When the mother-to-be sends the thank-you notes for the shower, she can congratulate the winners. (Or ask questions that can be answered immediately such as, "How much weight had the mother gained at her last check-up", "Has the mother-to-be had bad morning sickness?", "How many pieces of maternity clothing does the mom-to-be own?", and so on. This way you can find out the answers immediately!)

Caught Crossing:

As everyone arrives at the shower, pin a diaper pin to each person's lapel. Throughout the entire shower, each time someone is caught crossing her legs, the person who catches this movement gets to take that pin and pin it on her own shirt. If the person being caught has more than one pin, then all of her pins go to the person who catches her. The winner is the person who has the most pins at the end of the shower.

"Oops! My Water Broke:"

Freeze a little plastic baby in an ice cube. (You can find the little plastic babies in the craft section of Wal-Mart and also at Michael's Craft Supply Stores.) Give each shower guest one of the frozen plastic ice cube babies. When the first ice cube melts, that person has to yell: "Oops! My water broke!" The first person to have their ice cube melt and yell the correct phrase is the winner!

The Bottle Race:

Divide players into 3 or more groups (depending on how many players, since each person on the team will get a prize). Give one player from each team a small bottle filled with water. When the hostess says, "Go", they must race to see who can finish drinking the bottle first (while their team cheers them on). The team that finishes first is the winner!

Cotton Ball Connection:

Pass around a jar of Vaseline and tell each player to get as much as they want. Instruct them to put the Vaseline on the tip of their noses. The object of the game is to transfer the cotton balls from a bowl and onto the ground using only your nose. NO HANDS ALLOWED! (A tip to getting the cotton off your nose is to blow it off).


Make some certificates, and award your guests appropriately! Some possible awards could be: OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE: Awarded to the person who had the longest labor. ACHEIVEMENT AWARD: For the person with the most children. BIGGEST BABY AWARD: For the person with the largest baby at birth. Another award should go to the person who GAINED THE MOST WEIGHT (During pregnancy). Have each guest fill out a piece of paper writing her name and how many children she has. If she has more than one child, tell her to pick the one that weighed the most at birth, made her gain the most weight during pregnancy, and the longest hours she was in labor. Then pick the winners of each category. Write their names on the certificates. Before passing them out, read them aloud so the other guests can hear who the winners are, and why they've won.

Dress the Baby:

Team 2 people up and tie their right and left hands together, leaving one with a free right hand and one with a free left hand. On a table in front of them, place a baby doll, diaper, onesie, socks / booties, and a hat. The object of the game is for the team to work together to dress the baby (since one is using his/her left hand while the other is using his/her right hand to dress the same baby). The first team to dress the baby doll completely is the winner.

Family Word Movie Game:

Each guest at the party has to list as many movies as they can remember that have any of the following words in the titles: mother, baby, daddy, parents, brother, sister, or whatever words you decide. For example: Father of the Bride, Baby Geniuses, Parent Trap, etc. The person with the most movie titles wins.

Famous Mothers:

Tape the name of a famous mother on the back of each guest (this can also be played with famous dads at a male/couples baby shower). The mothers can be fictional moms or real people. Some famous mothers are: Roseanne, Carol Brady, Peg Bundy, Jane Jetson, Wilma Flinstone, Madonna etc. Each person is allowed to ask only "yes" or "no" questions to guess the name of the mother taped on her back. The first person to figure out who she is wins a prize!

Purse Invasion:

Before the shower, make up a list of things that people might carry in their purses like: Compacts, tissue, ATM card, business cards, picture of someone else's child, receipt from the previous day (try to make it tough though). The winner is the person who can produce the most items from the list. The prize can be a mini plastic trash can and the person can be told to "CLEAN YOUR PURSE OUT!"

Bubble Gum Baby Sculpture:

Hand each person a piece or two of bubble gum and a paper plate. Chew the gum, and then using the plate as canvas, sculpt the gum into a baby. Place the plates on the table or floor, so that everyone can judge the best sculpture. The winner gets a prize.

Surprise Prize:

In this game, the gift is a personal gift for the mother to be. As a surprise, don't tell anyone who the gift is actually for (especially the mother-to-be), but let everyone think that anyone can unwrap the gift and win. Make sure that the mother-to-be is sitting the closest to the front door (see #2).

To see who starts the game: have a pen or pencil and a piece of paper for everyone. Tell Everyone to put her pen or pencil in their non-dominant hand. When you say go they are to write their first and last names. The first one finished gets to unwrap only the outside layer of the gift (see #6 below).

  1. Wrap the gift and attach this verse on top of the gift: "We can not defer any longer the rightful one must know for her this gift was intended the mother to be (name), to her it must go".
  2. Wrap again and attach this verse: "Another wrapping must come off, there can not be many more. Give it now to her that sits closest to the front door".
  3. Wrap again and attach this verse: "The one who has the longest shoe on this gay occasion should have the gift passed on to her by way of consolation".
  4. Wrap again and attach this verse: "Since this is not for you or her with the bluest eyes, perhaps the one with the broadest grin should carry off the prize".
  5. Wrap again and attach this verse: "We are sorry to disappoint and must apologize, please give this gift without delay to her with the bluest eyes".
  6. Wrap again - there is no verse for this one.


Have a wild ride at your Amusement Park Shower, from Party411 and The Party Girl

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Party411...your one-stop party planning resource
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