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On Graduation
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Jennifer asked:

Occasion: high school graduation
I am trying to come up with a good high school graduation present for my sister. We are only a year apart so I'm thinking of some type of collage with pictures of us, but I need a gift that I bought, too. What do you think? What's a good gift?

The Party Girl's advice is:

One good catagory would be something for college. Find out how she will be decorating her room and get something for that. Or maybe a piece of jewelry such as a charm for a necklace or a bracelet. I like the collage idea. I have used it myself many times.

rachelle asked:

Occasion: graduation
Do you have any suggestions on themes? Our graduating class needs a song and a title theme, but were clueless! Everyone is going to be dressed formal, so the theme has to be sort of elegant....

The Party Girl's advice is:

You could have a contest called "Name that dance". People could submit theme and/or song ideas to a committee and the winner could attend with their date for free and get credit. One easy idea is to have a beach/Hawaiian type theme. You can get great decorations at and the food is easy.

ellen asked:

Occasion: high school graduation
Need ideas on themes and food for open house

The Party Girl's advice is:

Ellen, without any details, I can't begin to be specific. Look at the different areas of the theme page. Think about budget, date, time, place, no. of guests. You need music, decorations, food, etc. When you get some of this decided, if you are still stuck, write back.

Lori asked:

Occasion: Mom's Graduation from graduate school
Do you have any ideas for unique food, decor, or games for my mom's party? We're celebrating her graduation from graduate school with a Master's in Elementary Education...been working on it for 3 years. Almost all guests will be her fellow teachers (plus family). Any ideas?

The Party Girl's advice is:

You could go with the theme of a "kid's party" doing all the type of things with all the types of games and foods for kids under 10 such as duck, duck goose, pin the tail, etc. with decorations and favors and food to match. Or, you could go the opposite route, doing something about saying goodbye to the adult world and hello to the wonderful world of crayons and paste. Make it funny and look at for great ideas, also Congrats to Mom!

E.Persch asked:

Occasion: Graduation Convocation
This will be a department convocation for the December graduates from 11:00am-2:00pm so it won't be as large as the convocations in May. I'm responsible for the invitations, entertainment, decorations, food, photographers, etc. My question is what is considered appropriate for a graduation convocation regarding DECORATIONS:are balloons appropriate or stick with flowers/greens;PHOTOS:hire a professional or utilize the "themed single-use cameras"; ENTERTAINMENT: hire a dj/band or bring a CD player & CDs with a microphone;INVITATIONS: should I use as a RSVP type thing or utilize the traditional way of RSVP; FOOD: brunch type items or the "usual" veggie trays, etc. The budget is limited...DESPERATELY SEEKING YOUR ADVICE...THX :-)

The Party Girl's advice is:

There are really no rules. First you must decide what direction you want to take, formal or casual and then stick with it all the way through. Sent invitations are always called for and utilize RSVP to know your count. You can decorate with greens, candles, balloons and glitter for inexpensive but beautiful surroundings. I would get a DJ for the music so that he or she can take requests and no one else has to miss any of the party. As far as photos, blow up a picture of your mascot to life-size and take polaroids of people with this. Ask someone on the faculty or someone close to be photographer. Since the time frame is ll-2, I love a brunch idea with bagels, cream cheese, jelly, scrambled eggs or eggs benedict, bacon and/or sausage, fruits, juices, hash browns.

A. Andrews asked:

Occasion: 1999 Safe Grad Party
 Our high school is trying to find some new and exciting ways to plan activities for our safe grad night. We want these activities to be really unique because it's the millennium this year. Usually we usually have swimming, bowling and skating. Got any ideas? We are also trying to find any other ways to make our grad more interesting so that people will stay for the whole ceremony. Please help!!!

The Party Girl's advice is:

The ceremony is what it is. Each person gets to walk individually. The only way to make it better is to have only one or two speakers and have one of them be funny. As far as a safe party, you have pretty much covered the safe areas but how about doing a theme at one such as a beach party/luau. Check for some ideas.

CG asked:

Occasion: Class of 2000 Graduation Party
I'm planning a HS graduation party for my 18 year old daughter. I'm stuck on decorations, centerpieces, cake, etc.This is my first born and I want to make it special for her.Can you help??

The Party Girl's advice is:

What are her favorite things, sports, hobbies, etc. Talk to her for her ideas. Look at for some ideas. Check out for their catalogue for decorations, etc. Find a bakery which scans pictures and puts them on the top of the cake. Have a picture of her blown up large and have all the guests sign it.

themeless asked:

Occasion: grad.
Theme's ,Theme's and Theme's our school is lost without themes .We are clueless, for our 5th grade graduation which will be held in our school cafeteria. we all ready have memory books selected ,T-shirts for the new millennium with each child's name imprinted on the back. pictures take all the time of them . But now we're just lost in Themes . Suggestion would really help out at this time . I don't like "The key to the new millennium" or The Magic of the Millennium comes to space station_______________( the name of the school) Please advice!!!!!!Sincerely Themeless

The Party Girl's advice is:

Why not have a "Name the Theme" contest to decide what to do and build the party around this.

Brisa asked:

Occasion: college graduation party for husband
We are having family and friends get together at Sizzler this Friday to celebrate my husband's graduation! We have reserved the party room (about 40-50 people), but besides dinner, I'm not sure of what else to do. I am thinking of cake, but I don't know what else. Is it necessary or appropriate to have games, decorations, etc? Because we just graduated, our budget it pretty low. I still want it to be fun, though! Any suggestion ASAP would be much appreciated! Thanks!

The Party Girl's advice is:

Why not ask the guests to write down a memory of him and bring it. Take polaroids of everyone and put them all together in an album. Have a picture of him blown up and play a game of Pin-the-Diploma and them have everyone sign in.



The Party Girl's advice is:

Why not have an early Halloween party and have everyone dress as a famous criminal or bad guy or convict. Works for me. As far as the outdoor part, you are at the mercy of the weather. Plan outside if you want but be prepared to move indoors. Anything you can put on a grill, you can put in an oven with some planning. If you go with this theme, go with the traditional Halloween decorations and lots of traditional candy. Use jack-o-lanterns carved from pumpkins with candles in them for decorations along with autumn leaves, black cats, witches and brooms.

Jen asked:

Occasion: Graduation/going away to Coast guard
My boyfriends mother would like me to make the centerpieces for his party. There will be a lot of people there, a lot of family especially. I need and Idea for them though, they have money, but I don't want to get to fancy and expensive but still clever and original, that has to do with brian. you suggestion(s) would be appreciated. Thank you

The Party Girl's advice is:

I'd go with a nautical theme. Use anchors or boats mounted on a base of Styrofoam painted blue like water. Use cotton puffs for waves and sprinkle with glitter. Get those Mylar balloons to tie on. You can find all sorts of nautical stuff to use at or the dollar stores. Just have fun. Also get a pic and duplicate it and put in the centerpieces. Blow up the picture to a poster and have the guests sign in on it.

Ryan Prescott asked:

Occasion: College graduation
My mother is graduating college in her forties and I don't know what theme and where to buy decorations.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Why not use the work "Time" as the theme. Find all sorts of clocks, pictures, toys, etc. Use song titles such as "Time After time" for the studying, When giving a gift, use the expression "there's no time like the present." Use "time on my hands" for what she has now. Get a photo of her blown up and mounted and play "Put the Diploma in her hands" and then have everyone sign it. Try for some decorations and if you need help, write back and we can help you.

Veronica asked:

Occasion: My graduation/pool party
I am throwing this party and i want it to be drop dead fabulous. I want it hip and I want it to scream teenager pool party. I was going towards a luau theme but a lot of it is too kiddy. Please help me. I need decoration ideas. the pool party is at night.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Have you looked at all the different beach/pool/outdoor themes at Check them out and use any and all parts. Don't forget tossing water balloons, water volleyball, and tug of war over the pool

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