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On Proms & Homecoming
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nicole b. asked:

Occasion: prom
Where can I find a prom dress that is not used for a low price?

The Party Girl's advice is:

Well Nicole, that will be a problem. You get what you pay for and if you get too cheap a dress, you won't be happy. I have gotten things from resale shops that I've kept for years. Just be sure that the shop is a good one with high standards. They are usually listed in the yellow pages. A lot of the good ones carry designer clothes that are barely worn and sometimes never worn at all. If you sew you could make one but I'm not a sewer so there's no help from me there. The other idea is to look at lots of catalogues and retail places on line. When my younger got married, we found the perfect bridesmaid dress in a store catalogue. It was a little black slip dress with a see-through top. It not only cost under $50 dollars but the girls have all worn it many times since.

t way asked:

Occasion: homecoming
Okay my question is what kind of theme should we have (a few choices to vote on)? How should we decorste? It's after our f-ball game so we also want to show a lil' school spirit. Also do you think that the students could have open mike instead of all cds (even d.j.s need a break)? Give me all the help ya' can!Also do you know any formal clothing >shops and any other places we can get ideas for drinks food etc? >

The Party Girl's advice is:

Slow down. Look at your budget and see what you can afford. Look at for theme ideas. As for the open mike, check with the powers-that-be at school. As far as clothing, you are on your own. Ask your parents and check at bridal shops and vintage clothing stores. Food and beverages can be as easy as chips, soda, veggies, etc or an elaborate meal. Again, it's all about budget. Don't you have a student advisor to go to?

mandy asked:

Occasion: homecoming
what are some good ideas for our homecoming? the theme is The >Millenium. >

The Party Girl's advice is:

Look at the millenium party on

phs asked:

Occasion: homecoming
What type of decorations can I use for a western theme besides >a barn or some other catalog kit? Centerpieces for tables? >

The Party Girl's advice is:

You could get poster of old western stars and their famous horses both from movies and TV and have a game of who can name the most with prizes. Use lots of cowboy hats, maybe even as favors and that red western bandana theme. See if you can get some borrowed saddles and put them on saw horses and pumpkins and hay around. Corn stalks are also good. For centerpieces, get toy horses and cowboy/cowboy action figures and put them on a styrafoam base painted green. Surround with narrow rope to look like lassos and have balloons with western design tied to them.

Parent asked:

Occasion: graduation tea
>I am a parent on the graduation tea committee for the class of 1999. We >meet in about 1 week and I wanted some suggestions for a theme. We will >include the seniors in a fashion show which will be the entertainment for >the night. We first need to decide what the theme will be for the event. > >Last year they had centerpieces on the tables of He-Man, Cabbage Patch >Dolls, Superman, Rainbow Bright dolls, GI Joe as well as other toys of the >late 70's early 80's. They also had Star War life size characters >throughout the room. Music was played of the 80's during the fashion show >and the kids really hammed it up with their 80's costumes. To top the >fashion show off a look alike Michael Jackson appearing through smoke doing >his dance. > >If you have any suggestions or ideas for a theme please e-mail me. > >Thanks for your time.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Here's an idea. The reason I thought of this is because there is so much available and at the same time...we are entering a new millennium... I would go with an alien theme. There are costumes, tons of special effects, all sorts of party favors and's endless. Special lighting with holographic images could be shot throughout the room, your fashion show could be dotted with alien on and so forth. What do you think?

Kris asked:

Occasion: Prom Ideas?
I am a guy who needs some Creative suggestions on ways to ask a girl to my Senior Prom! Any help you can give will be appreciated.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Well, this isn't exactly a partygirl question, but hey! I would get her a corsage (because everyone wears a corsage to the prom) and attach your invitation to that. Have the florist deliver. That's creative and not real costly. Does that work?

Kimberly asked:

Occasion: prom
My name is Kimberly Vangils, and Im from Canada, and my grad committee and I cant not think of grad theme for our class. We are all so different that it is hard to think of a theme that the whole class will like. There is about 200 of us graduating. We range from Cowboys/cowgirls, preps, skaters, druggies, jocks, and music people. All the themes we have come up with have been shot down. We need something that we would all like and could agree on. We would like something to deal with the end of time and how we are the last graduating class of this century. If you could please take time out of your schedule to assit me, I would be very thankful. Thank you for your help. Sincerely, Kimberly

The Party Girl's advice is:

Kimberly! I don't know what they've shot down so I might be a bit repetitive. One thing you all must have in common is music...who your age doesn't like some form of music...why not a theme like...PUMP UP THE VOLUME... FOR THE LAST AND THE BEST OF THE 20TH CENTURY! OR 99 AND NONE TO GO...and decorate using the theme of 9's...hanging from the ceiling, all over the walls, etc.

Mom asked:

Occasion: prom to dawn celebration
My daughter's school is having a prom to dawn celebration after the prom. The parents are decorating some of the rooms in the school with the celebration theme. I am on the decorating committee for a room which is called "Spring Break/Jimmy Buffet." It is a fairly large room and I would appreciate any ideas you can give me.

The Party Girl's advice is:

I would use a beach theme if it's Jimmy Buffet. Rent palm trees from a local prop house (or buy them inexpensively) from Andersons Prom Company ( As well, there are fabulous parrot balloons and other tropical stuff that is truly inexpensive. If you don't have a Anderson's catalogue, get one, and you'll find your theme immediately! Good luck.

Debbie asked:

Occasion: After Prom

The Party Girl's advice is:

I'll tell you what to do. Go to This is a company that sells decorations, etc., for proms and after proms. E-mail them for a catalogue. You will get a huge book filled with tons of themes. Pick several to show to the class and go from there. If I can assist you after that, let me know. But this will do it for you, I promise.

Angie asked:

Occasion: Proms
City = HOU Venue = Theme = Ages = Decor_Budget = Dress = Comments = I am interested in starting my own party business. I love to decorate and help people out in need. I was wondering if you had any ideas on how I could go about coordinating High School student's prom. I want to be able to get paid for it as well. Should I ask the Superintendent or the Principal? I am a hard worker and I feel I would do a great job. I also want to decorate for all kinds of parties even for wedding receptions. I am not interested in making wedding cakes, but only the decorating part. What do you think? If you have any websites on this let me know. I know about Anderson's Prom and I ordered a catalog. Who could I talk to about starting my own personal party business? Thanks for your time.

The Party Girl's advice is:

There are several magazines you should get. Subscriptions are inexpensive and everything you need to know is listed. One is Special Events Magazine and the other is Event Solutions. Both have websites (let me know if you can't find)...and are very informative. Proms are usually arranged by committee; find out who is in charge of the events from the school counselors and approach them. There are also other companies like Anderson's...which you may want to look into. Let me know if you need further help?

Lori asked:

Occasion: Hollywood Nights/Prom
My name is Lori Gonzalez and I attend Nikki Rowe High School in McAllen Texas. This year our prom's theme is "Hollywood Nights", and I am decorating chairperson for the dance. If you have anymore ideas that we could use it would be greatly appreciated.Please e-mail me if you have any information, Thank you very much for your time. Sincerely, Lori

The Party Girl's advice is:

Lori, have you heard of Anderson's Proms and Events? They have a fabulous catalogue with all sorts of themes; Hollywood being one of them! If you can't buy from them, at least it will give you tons of creative ideas. Let me know if this helps.

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