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On Baby & Bridal Showers
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R asked:

Occasion: HELP!
I need help looking for decorations for my first baby shower. I am having a girl and I would like to have Precious Moments, but I do not know where to look. It is Aug.1, and I really need help.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Precious Moments is usually carried in Hallmark stores and Carlton Card stores, many catalogues and probably has a site on the internet. Just guessing but try different versions of the words precious moments after www. and end it with .com. Or use a search engine for the site. One place to try is

Cindy Jernigan asked:

Occasion: Baby Shower
As the mother-to-be, am I required to get a gift for the shower hostess?

The Party Girl's advice is:

No, just a good thank you note and maybe some flowers after the party

Suzan Schroeder asked:

Occasion: baby shower
need ideas for decorating the baby shower

The Party Girl's advice is:

Use the obvious, rattles, bibs, diapers, wipes, etc. Then the mother to be can use them later. Go to the local Target etc.

Mar asked:

Occasion: baby shower / twins
I read and liked your other responses for baby shower/twins fact I've gotten many great ideas from this site just specific question in about favors...I have searched the net for favors but I'm looking for that "one" to knock my socks off......can I steal an idea from you????

The Party Girl's advice is:

Since you live in Cleveland there are a few places to check. Go to the dollar stores in the area and Michael's. You could use the double face from the theater of comedy and tragedy. Or you could use something from the Anne Geddes line (think Target) . She has lots of cute kid stuff with 2 babies.

Jeannie asked:

Occasion: baby shower
I am hosting a baby shower in San Diego for my sister in law. However, she lives in a small apartment and doesn't want to have it there. The last three showers we went to were hosted at El Torito restaurant so that's not an option. I would like an outside shower with a nice view. My problem is I live out of town and I'm having a heck of a time finding the right spot. I want something unique and creative but not too pricey. A good outdoor location, a beach rental, nice restaurant...any ideas?

The Party Girl's advice is:

Does your sister have any friends in San Diego who live in a home or an apartment with a pool and party room. That would be the perfect solution. Ask her.

blair asked:

Occasion: Baby shower
I am throwing a shower for my sister-in-law end of June/first of July. Baby is due in mid-august. My questions are: 1. How do I incorporate a co-ed shower. I've never seen how that works? (my brother wants to open presents too!) 2. Is it suggested that I have an open house after an initial shower in late afternoon (I plan on inviting approx. 50 people to the shower, so I don't want people from far-away to come for 2 hours then leave, or they don't get to speak with the mommy/daddy, which some people like to do) thanks

The Party Girl's advice is:

There's no rule that says that a shower is only female or has to be in the daytime. Why not have a Disney baby shower at night like a regular party with presents. Have the giver designate which of the couple should open their gift. I love the theme and the fact that "Dad-to-be" wants to be included. The party could last just as long as any party normally would, with present opening as just part of the evening.

Julianne Harvey asked:

Occasion: baby party SOS
I am having a heck of a time trying to plan a baby shower. I am the mother to be and this is my fourth baby (never had a shower before) and this is my husbands first baby. I would like for him to be involved in this as much as possible. We ( a good friend and I ) are planning this party for the 3rd of July I thought it would be nice to have a party/ bbq at a local park. I just need some help in tying this together, theme wise. we do not know if it is a boy or a girl yet but we may know by the date of the party ( We would like to announce it then if we know). the dress will be very casual and our budget is around $150 give or take some. Your help would be greatly appreciated.  by the way the baby's nick name in utero is peanut I think we could use this somehow...what do you think? :)   thank you  Julianne Harvey

The Party Girl's advice is:

First of all, check on web. They have lots of stuff that's not expensive and theme-based. Having a peanut party sounds. Make centers from jars of Planter's peanuts. Scatter peanuts all over the tables. Check at the dollar stores for other decorations. Get a picture of a peanut blown up and cut a face hole and take pix of the guests looking thru. Later, have a contest with who can get the most peanuts thru the hole at a distance. (My youngest had the name peanut and I still call her that and she's 29). Use the 4th of July theme also.

Mary Steitz asked:

Occasion: Bridal Shower
Is it proper etiquette when having games and the guests win a prize then at the end of the game you have to turn all of the gifts over to the Bride

The Party Girl's advice is:

No - prizes are prizes and gifts are gifts. They are spelled differently and live in a different place in the dictionary.

Denisa Sample asked:

Occasion: Bridal Shower
My question to you is that I am a Christian woman and so are several of the other guest and some guest are not as religious but the believe what we believe but they don't live as we do and there will be younger guest in their teens and what would be a good theme to make every one feel comfortable what type of music to play what theme to go with because one of the helpers in planning the shower wants to do liquor and lace/lingerie but I don't think that would be comfortable for all the guests. I don't want anyone to be bored so please help me I really need your help! I need some kind of help deciding what to do because I need to give this shower and respect all the guest who is invited.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Not all showers have to be personal ones with lace. Why not have a kitchen or bathroom shower. The decorations are a natural. You could fill a wastebasket with all the gadgets needed for "that" drawer and have guests bring favorite recipes. Keep the music light.

Elsie Lewis asked:

My friend is hosting a baby shower for a friend whose nursery theme is "Dalmatian dogs", as in firehouse. She has requested my assistance. How can we make this relate to 'baby' - games, decor, and food? I will be grateful for any suggestions!

The Party Girl's advice is:

The 101 Dalmatian movie is a given. Get stuff from the live and animated movie for decorations. Have a cake shaped like a Dalmatian. Go to the dollar stores and see what they have. since these dogs are black and white, do things with b/w photos such as have different pix of babies and have the guests give them funny captions. Bake cookies in the shape of dog bones and find the glow-in-the-dark necklaces as "dog collars. I can help you find all this stuff if you need help. Write if you want my assistance.

Peggy asked:

Occasion: baby shower
Throwing a shower for friends that are adopting 2 little girls. They are fourteen months now and will be approaching 2 years when they arrive. Any shower ideas for adopting parents? Thanks Peggy

The Party Girl's advice is:

What wonderful people your friends are!!! My guess is that these babies don't speak English so all sorts of books would be wonderful. Get the colorful board books that talk about colors, shapes, animals, etc. There is a good series of books that uses babies (not Anne Geddes) as different things such as vegetables, animals, etc. All babies love to look at other babies. Also don't forget Elmo, Barney and the Teletubbies. Don't be afraid of practical gifts, including offers of assistance.

Jenn asked:

Occasion: Baby Shower
I'm replying to your question regarding my question on menu items . . . the shower is scheduled for Sunday, May 16 from 1:30pm to 4:30pm. I like the idea of an afternoon tea, please give me some menu suggestions on that as well as any other afternoon ideas you may have. Thank you! Jenn

The Party Girl's advice is:

Besides hot tea, try serving the cold flavored teas like raspberry, mint, etc. They are very "in" now. A salmon, chicken salad, tuna-type mousse with fancy crackers. Possibly some finger sandwiches and if you want to, cut the crusts off like they do in London. Desserts should be finger food like cookies and brownies or small tarts. to decorate the buffet table, you could use large diaper pins, binkies, balloons, etc.

Rosy Machado asked:

Occasion: Baby Shower
I am hosting a baby shower for my sister and I was wondering if there is a way I could make or order decorations

The Party Girl's advice is:

Write me back with your theme and how much you want to spend, date, time, # of people, etc. and I will help you

Michelle Madry asked:

Occasion: Pampering Party
Invitation = I need help! Need a few more ideas. This party is for a mom to be. She is due in a couple of weeks. We want to pamper her for a couple of hours. Gifts will be lotions, bubble bath, candles, warm slippers and comfortable gowns. Anything to make her more comfortable and to help relieve some stress. Do you have any other ideas for the shower and some verbiage for the invitation to explain this to the guests. I would appreciate your promptness. Shower is coming up SOON. Thank you so much. Decor = Food = Music = Highlight = Photo =

The Party Girl's advice is:

Be sure to give her gift certificates for some hours of babysitting and companionship. If this is her first baby, a copy of Dr. Spock (the premiere authority) would be great. Maybe some spa treatments at a local spa. As far as wording on the invite, use pictures to explain such as massage pic, ice cream, pillows, etc. They'll get the message! How nice of you

Susan asked:

Occasion: Grandmothers (Baby) Shower
I'm curious... I have been asked what a Grandmothers Shower is, and I am curious to know myself. Would the gifts be for Baby or Grandma and what type of Gift would be appropriate? Have you ever heard of such a shower? It may be a fun party to host, if I could only think of a theme. Got any ideas?

The Party Girl's advice is:

I haven't heard of a grandmother's shower but why not have one? The gifts are for baby, of course, and the rules are the same as for any baby shower. As for a theme, try the theme area on the home page of party411. Great idea

Jenn asked:

Occasion: Baby Shower
Came to your site looking for menu ideas -- I didn't find any! Any suggestions?? I've never given a shower before and, actually, haven't been to any since I was in my teens for relatives! Please advise. Thanks!

The Party Girl's advice is:

First, I need to know the time of day and is it a meal or just a tea? Brunch is always good economically and time-wise. Eggs, bagels, juice (think of mimosas) coffee, jam, cream cheese, french toast, etc. Need more help? Write back (just a thought - put the jelly in baby food jars, a sign on the bagels (teeth rings) etc.

MJ asked:

Occasion: lingerie party for a bride to be
I would like to have some ideas on some games and what type of food and decorations to have. Thank you

The Party Girl's advice is:

A lot depends if this is women only or mixed - I bet it's women. If it's during the day, you could do a formal tea with risqué gifts. Lots of lace is called for along with edible items. Ask the guests to bring a story of their most embarrassing moment (in association with underwear) and they can be read at the party. Have fun

Mandi asked:

Occasion: baby shower
I am having a baby "tea" for my sister-in-law. She is not fond of showers and chose to have a tea where guests come and go as they please during a specified time frame. I am having trouble thinking of a catchy way to word the invitations. I don't want to use the boring standard of who, what, when, etc. All of the catchy ones I've seen have been for a shower. Do you have any suggestions? The baby is a girl and they have a name chosen.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Maybe you could write the invite like it's coming from the new baby, using her name as the hostess and filling in the blanks accordingly such as Time: between - and - (feel free to visit my mom and me but I may be sleeping)

Donna asked:

Occasion: Baby Shower
 Bridal Showers have a wishing well. Do they have Bassinet wells for baby showers?

The Party Girl's advice is:

They probably have something for everything somewhere. I suggest you look in yellow pages under paper products, party supplies, etc. Good luck!

Sandra Skerratt asked:

Occasion: Couples baby shower
Need ideas for a fun couples baby shower i.e.. theme, decorations, games etc.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Well, someone deserves congratulations. Did you check out our baby shower page and the parties listed at You might get some ideas from that. I will be adding two more in the next week. However, if it's a BBQ, a fun thing to do, if your friends have a sense of humor, is use a baby doll on each table as the centerpiece with a kerchief tied around her neck, and holding BBQ balloons (we have some great ones) from one of her hands! That will get a laugh and go with your theme. Also check out our BBQ theme at

carie asked:

Occasion: baby shower having twins
Need some cute ideas for a shower where the mother is expecting twins themes games and such....any ideas?

The Party Girl's advice is:

You know, I just did a "twins" bat mitzvah. Maybe you can get some ideas from this...Here's the outline. Perhaps you can glean some ideas from it and get back to me. At entrance, a self-standing sign that says… WELCOME TO TWINSVILLE Where everywhere you look you see double… Population: 2 Then to the right, as people are walking…additional signs on poles that say: Twinsville Kiwanis (with Kiwanis logo) Lions Club (Lions Club logo) Rotary Club (logo) Then a balloon arch with 2x3’ signs on each, going down hallway leading to ballroom entrance: Arch 1: Double Arch 2: Your Pleasure Arch 3: Double Arch 4: Your Fun Arch 5: With Arch 6: [fill in the blank] A directional sign post right before the door will list these things on arrows: Twin Peaks 400 miles Twin Towers 700 miles Twin Cities 1200 miles Twin Value 1 mile Sign in boards (provided by client; 2 easels needed) 2 balloon heads Seating card table 1 balloon head Seating cards: each table will have a name (and a table #); seating cards will be 3-D glasses imprinted… 200 minimum Imprint: "Twinsville: Where Everywhere You Look You See Double so these will help!" on one temple; table number and name on the other, by calligraphy Tables: Double Vision Double Dare Double Dutch Chocolate Double Cheeseburger Double Decker Double Trouble (Kids Area, Table K) Double Dip Double Take Double Doors Double Entendre Double Duty Double Time Double Jeopardy Double Header Double Date Double Scoop Daily Double Mixed Doubles Body Double Stunt Double Table #’s will match the seating cards Centerpiece: Caricature base (of twins standing on either side of the "Welcome to Twinsville" sign) with dowel rod coming out with table name and two duplicate balloon heads in each…very colorful Centerpiece/kids: Triangular base with dowel rod coming out with sign that says each "Double Trouble" and two balloon heads out of each Over kids area: Balloon arch with two balloon people (twins, of course) holding up a sign that says: DOUBLE TROUBLE Table Candy: double mints History of Twinsville newsletter Photo opportunity: Twin cut-outs holding a sign over them to create an arch where guests will stand… sign on arch would say: TWINSVILLE DJ BACKDROP: WELCOME TO TWINSVILLE Twinsville portion multi-dimensional Twinsville portion in lights On either side, a grouping of six large balloon heads at different heights to fill the stage, 5 on each side Shirts: I doubled my pleasure and doubled my fun in Twinsville (back) Twinsville: Where everywhere you look you see double!

Lee Keever asked:

Occasion: Baby Shower
I am looking for some ideas for a baby shower given for a single African American woman. Guests will be both straight and gay couples. I want a non-traditional party, but yet still in celebration of the mother-to-be. If games are played, do the guests that win the prizes give them to the mother-to-be? Any suggestions on music and decor would be appreciated, as well as, creative ideas on sending invitations (i.e., in baby bottles) and letting people know it's going to be a boy and where she is registered.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Hi Lee. In regard to your questions about the prizes, you can do that either way... however, I think it would be more fun to use gag gifts/party favors as the prizes and let the guests take them home. There are all sorts of things we can find for you: booties filled with candy, a pregnancy countdown clock (see New Product News at, candy filled rattles (all inexpensive)...just let me know your budget and I am happy to find you some very unique give-aways. An invitation is a baby bottle is a great idea (mailing may be expensive but well worth it). What I would do is to put an invitation in the bottle (see the two we have in our baby shower section-- and we have tons more)...and put some blue and pink rattle confetti in with it. Put your mailing label and return address on the outside and mail it just like that! Great fun! For decoration ideas check out (this is updated on a bi-weekly basis... so keep checking back!)... Let me know if I can help further.

Jas asked:

Occasion: Baby Shower
I would like to know some decorating and food Ideas for a baby shower on a low budget. Around 23 people will be at the shower. The baby is going to be a girl. Thank You

The Party Girl's advice is:

Check out for game ideas, party ideas and more.

susan asked:

Occasion: Bachelorette Party
My best friend is throwing me a party but she is so stressed out with work that she asked me to try to figure out what I wanted to do. My friends at work are throwing me a bridal shower so I figured that she could do the bachelorette party. The problem is that we have no idea what or where to go or do. There are at least two of the people attending that are under 21 so I want something that everyone can do. I would like it to be fun and exciting and not boring. I would really appreciate some suggestions or ideas on what we should do. I would like to go out somewhere but there too I am clueless. Please help. Thank you so much.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Susan, a fun thing to do is a "this is your life" shower. If you can afford it, rent a van/bus for everyone and do a progressive type shower, driving by the different places that have been important in the bride's life--school, first house, where she lives now, where she works... etc., and have a humorous on-going commentary about it. Make about 5 stops during the evening: the first for hors d'ouerves, the second for pasta, the third for another kind of entree, the fourth at an all night place like Super K where everyone can go in and buy her a gag gift...and then give it to her at the 5th place (dessert). What do you think?

Rachel asked:

Occasion: Mommy Shower
 My friend is having a baby and has had a few showers already. She was visiting with me the other day and was saying how she feels so ugly. I of course told her she was just as beautiful. Well she kept on about her weight and how she was feeling really down. So I decided to give her a Mommy Shower once she has the baby so we (her friends) can give her gifts and shower her with love, of course also the baby. My question is HELP what could I use as decorations do you have any ideas. Also how about gifts for her and how could I let the invited friends know what to bring her. Please Help!!   Thanks for your help! 

The Party Girl's advice is:

Well, if the shower is to make her feel better, it should be a personal shower and gifts should be targeted to her well being: a massage, a day at a spa, hair/manicure, perfumes, sexy lingerie and such. The theme should be "her"...and as hokey as this might sound... the hottest thing out there right now is that smiley face...he's back... and they come in balloons in all different colors and all sorts of party favors. It certainly will bring a smile to her face. Check out and get a catalogue from Oriental Trading to see what is available. Or let us know and we'll be in touch.

Gemma asked:

Occasion: baby shower
In Holland we don't know a baby shower. My sister in law is pregnant and we ant to do something nice for her. What can we do? A game? A present? I don't know what to do?? Please help me.   

The Party Girl's advice is:

Thank you for your e-mail. And how is the weather over there these days? Cold here, I can tell you that. Well, we have a great baby shower game call "pin the pacifier on the baby" where you put a picture of a baby on the wall, blindfold each person and send them on their way to see where they "pin the pacifier." It's a lot of fun. That would be for a party honoring the new born. If you want to give a present, many people wait until the baby is born unless there is a party...and then you buy something she will need: a blanket, a rocking chair, a car seat, etc. Does this help?

hostess asked:

Occasion: bachelorette party
 I am giving a bachelorette weekend at the beach for the bride and her four other attendants. The bride is only 20 and does not want stripper or any thing like that. I need a theme for a weekend and ideas on how to entertain the guest for the whole time. Also any ideas on what kind drink to serve?

The Party Girl's advice is:

A whole weekend? My haven't you taken on quite a responsibility. First of all, I would serve lots of light drinks like margaritas, screwdrivers, etc., and not the real heavy stuff. Obviously, your theme should be beach if that's where it is. As the weekend progresses, you can bring out different items for the bride-to-be to wear. For instance, the first morning you give her a t-shirt that says BRIDE. At lunch, present her with shoulder pads that are decorated with (fake) baby's breath (sewn on), that she must pin to the t-shirt and wear at all times. At dinner, a specially decorated obnoxious on and so forth. It will be fun for all of you. And it will keep the "party" going. I don't know what entertainment is available, but both weekend nights, you should go clubbing (but she must wear her paraphernalia). Have fun.

Linda asked:

Occasion: baby shower/twins
Hi, My name is Linda. My best friend is having Twins.. An I was asked by her mom to do her shower for her. I want to make it really neat since this is the only ones she will be having.. Do you have any ideas?? thanks Linda

The Party Girl's advice is:

Hi Linda. We recently did a party for twins and used the theme "double..." We had a blast with it. The invitation included a pack of doublemint gum and asked people to come and double their pleasure and double their fun (which works since this is twins!). Centerpieces can be twin stuffed animals (different ones on each table) with balloons. Put out single-use baby shower cameras and ask people to do a double-take and take pictures at their tables... so on and so forth. Does this interest you?

Sally asked:

Occasion: bridal shower
need some neat ideas for a June bridal shower as far as games, decorations,etc.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Bridal showers can be great fun. You may think it trite, but using the watering can theme is still a fabulous idea. Fill them with flowers, mixed with fabulous balloons and give out miniatures watering cans with a mixture of flowers coming out with two or three decorate tea bags coming out on popsicle sticks. Easy to make or we can sell them to you. As far as bridal shower games go, go to the library and get out a copy of the Best Bridal Shower Game Book by Courtney Cooke. This will help you enormously!

Angela asked:

Occasion: Bachelorette Party
What can I do to throw a friend of mine a terrific bachelorette party that won't throw me into debt? All suggestions so far have involved paying for hotel rooms or limos and the bride has over 40 people she wants me to invite.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Why not do a progressive bachelorette party. Pick several places that you can "deem" her favorite and make a car caravan. Put flags on the cars that say "so and so's getting married"--then at each place (drinks first, appetizers next, another stop for drinks, dinner, and finally dessert)...have people bring recipes, advice, etc., to present at each stop. How about that...not expensive, fun and everyone pays their own way.

Angela asked:

Occasion: Bachelorette Party
What can I do to throw a friend of mine a terrific bachelorette party that won't throw me into debt? All suggestions so far have involved paying for hotel rooms or limos and the bride has over 40 people she wants me to invite.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Why not do a progressive bachelorette party. Pick several places that you can "deem" her favorite and make a car caravan. Put flags on the cars that say "so and so's getting married"--then at each place (drinks first, appetizers next, another stop for drinks, dinner, and finally dessert)...have people bring recipes, advice, etc., to present at each stop. How about that...not expensive, fun and everyone pays their own way.

Kim asked:

Occasion: Baby Shower
Hi Party Girl! Looking for some ideas on baby shower games. Saw your idea on "pin the pacifier on the baby." Any others? It's a couple's baby shower...any games for both guys & gals?

The Party Girl's advice is:

Well, if your theme is Sesame should stick to that for the games. 1. A Sesame Street trivia contest 2. A Sesame Street coloring contest (sounds hokey, but everyone--even adults--have fun with crayons). 3. Cookie decorating (get Sesame Street cookie cutters and let the girls decorate cookies--give a prize). These are all fun things to do that most of these women won't have done in ages. They'll feel like kids again.

Wendy asked:

Occasion: Couples Wedding Shower
I need some ideas on decorating a Legion Hut. Basically a big room / hall with no specific theme. I'd like to go with black and white as the colors. I'd also like some hints on a quick simple game. not an ice breaker, but something we could us to get everyone together right before the bride & groom start to open their gifts. an easy game! these "kids" are just that!

The Party Girl's advice is:

Use black and white balloons. They are not expensive and they fill the room. White tablecloths, black napkins--tie the napkins off with white silk ribbon; use black plates (if you can get them). You can probably spend $8-10 a centerpiece for something with 5 balloons and lots of silver/white curling ribbon coming off. This is within your budget, I think. For an extra nice touch, the base could be surrounded with Baby's Breath (fake). Use Hershey kisses as the candy on the tables or better yet, since it's right after Valentine's Day, I bet you can find some silver foil-covered chocolate hearts for each table. Red will be available, and that's fine as long as you don't mind mixing it with your black and white theme. Why not divide everyone into teams for a trivia contest about marriage. Put clues around the room and give out fun gag gifts to the teams with the most answers. That's simple, fun and guarantees your guests moving around! Which makes any party even better. Does that work for you?

Wendy asked:

Occasion: Liquor & Lace Wedding Shower
While surfing the web this afternoon, I located your great Website! Thank you, for just having it! Now, down to business. I'm planning a Liquor & Lace Party / Couples Wedding Shower in February for my Sister-in-Law and her fiancé'. I've got the Theme, but no ideas. Can you help, or give me tips on how to get help. I've got a menu started, the theme, a start on the invitations, and now I'm stuck. Do you have any advice for "things to do" at couples wedding showers? are they acceptable in the first place? I've given one (a couples shower but different theme) before and attended a couple others. Just wondering. Any advice or direction would be gratefully appreciated! Thanks, in advance! Wendy Bonnette

The Party Girl's advice is:

So, Wendy, I'm assuming the theme is liquor and lace, correct? First of all, a couples wedding shower is fine--and who cares if they are acceptable?! If the bridge and groom-to-be are into it, that's all that's important. Right? Right. Games? Why not a newlywed type game with the lucky couple. Put them up in front of everyone and see how well they know each other. Entertaining for your guests and for them as well. Plus it puts them in the spotlight and the party is for them after all. You might want to get each of them a t-shirt to wear that evening. And maybe write a fun trivia contest about each of them. Plus ask people to bring advice (like Dear Abby) -- does this work for you?

Norma asked:

Occasion: Baby shower
I need some baby shower games for about 20-30 ladies besides the cotton one, dress the baby, crossing your legs.. thanks nr

The Party Girl's advice is:

There is a great game available called Pin the Pacifier on the Baby...obviously, it is much like Pin the Tail on the Donkey but much cuter. Makes you feel like a kid again! If you are interested, I can get you the contact information! Let me know...

David Frye asked:

Occasion: theme??
I am looking for different theme for a baby shower. do you have a store located in Indiana or can I order invitations from the web. thanks

The Party Girl's advice is:

We have a baby shower game that's like pin the tail on the donkey, only it's pin the pacifier on the baby! Always fun. We do not have a store, per se. We are here to help and refer you to stores, etc. One creative centerpiece idea that we just used recently was this... Buy large disposable diapers. Put them together, stuff the bottom with tissue and have fun things coming out like rattles, pacifiers and such. From the center, using a balloon weight, have pink and blue balloons coming out. If you have a local balloon company (and you have the budget), they can make great balloon pacifiers, etc. With a little more information, I could assist you better. Number of people, budget, something about the mom-to-be, etc.

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