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On Baby & Bridal Showers
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Kathrine asked:

Occasion: A shower for twins
Dear Party Girl: >My good friend is pregnant with twins. She is 38 years old has a thirteen >year old daughter. I am giving her a shower at a very nice restaurant on the >water. I am inviting about 50 people. > >I am very creative but I am stuck on ideas for this party. If you had any >ideas on themes, decorations, etiquette or anything I would greatly >appreciate it. >

The Party Girl's advice is:

Have you checked out party girl themes yet? Might get some ideas there. Having twin granddaughters myself, I can tell you that it is very expensive when you need 2 of everything at the same time. So maybe something in that direction such as donations for the needy, the poorhouse, bills, etc. Look at some of the party sites for party favors, decorations, etc. You could take a very large man's shirt, sew patches on it like a hobo and have her wear it. Blow up a picture of the mom to be and Play a game of Pin-The-Patch and then have everyone sign it. If you need any more help, write again.

Faith Fly asked:

Occasion: baby shower for twins
My best friend's husband is in the  military and they live in Seattle.  Unfortunately, all of her friends and family live in North Florida. She is pregnant with twins (girl & boy) and she cannot fly back to Florida for a baby shower. How can the friends and family get together in her honor? Also, what do we say on the invitations? Gifts would probably be gift certificates because of the expense of mailing presents.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Why not have a video party? Invite those who would normally be invited if she were there. Tape them arriving and talking and eating. Have each person do a short interview and sending wishes. Tell them to prepare ahead of time. Get a picture of her blown up and play a game of Pin-The-Baby and then everyone sign it and send it to her. Open the gifts and OOOH and AAAH like normal. Video the entire thing. Also, give her a gift certificate to an in-person get-together when she comes to visit. Then send the entire package to her wrapped in pretty paper and ribbon. Include some things for the mother-to-be also. She's very lucky, I have twin granddaughters.

Karen asked:

Occasion: babyshower
I am throwing a baby shower for my cousin who is due in June. When do you think is the best time to have this baby shower?

The Party Girl's advice is:

The best time is usually from 6-8 weeks before her due date. Gives the new mother a chance to put away and exchange and takes into considerations a possibility of being premature.

Chrissy asked:

Occasion: baby shower
I am helping my boyfriends mother plan a shower for his little sister. I am in charge of the games and I don't have a clue. And I don't want to buy some dumb book that I'll only use this one time. What I'm looking for is a list of games for free. Do you have any ideas?

The Party Girl's advice is:

Look at at the baby shower games section

Maria asked:

Occasion: babyshower
Who has the responsibility of throwing a baby shower?

The Party Girl's advice is:

Anyone who cares for the mother-to-be. It shouldn't be thought of as a responsibility but a pleasure.

Donnita asked:

Occasion: Bridal Shower for My Best Friend
I have placed an order for a whole sheet cake, but I have not idea what the saying on the cake should be. Do you have any ideas?

The Party Girl's advice is:

See if the bakery does scanning and if so, give them a pic of your friend and her fiance and put their names underneath. If not, just go with great flowers, bows, etc. or if you are using a theme, use that in the design. Find a miniature bride and groom and maybe an arbor and put something like "Wishing the best for the best".

Tammy asked:

Occasion: Baby Shower
How can you tie tropical fish in with a baby shower? What would be good centerpieces?

The Party Girl's advice is:

For centerpieces, go to the local pet store and buy baby goldfish (wait til the last minute). Get bowls at the dollar store and put in some aquarium stuff, water and the fish. Sprinkle green and gold glitter on the cloths and tie a few balloons. Use the theme, the baby's only a little fishie in a big pond, but an important "Kind or Queen Fish".

Lori asked:

Occasion: Sister's Baby Shower
How long before the due date of the pregnant lady should the baby shower be given?

The Party Girl's advice is:

At least 24 hours (Joke). Try to plan for about 6 weeks before to give her time to organize, return and possibly deliver early.

Kathy asked:

Occasion: baby shower
I'm ready for the shower that I'm hosting.I just need to find sandwich cutters in footprint and/or handprint Thanks. God Bless

The Party Girl's advice is:

Do you have a Michael's or another such craft store where you live? Check them out. Check out the web under kitchen stuff.

Rose asked:

Occasion: baby shower
Name = Rose E-Mail = Occasion = baby shower Date = 8/26/99 City = Other Place = Theme = Ages = Decor_Budget = Dress = Comments = Please tell me the proper etiquitte for writing thank you cards for baby showers.

The Party Girl's advice is:

You can do it in three sentences. 1. thank you for ______ 2. I'm sure (baby's name) will (get a lot of use, enjoy, love, etc.) for a long time. 3. It was wonderful of you to think of us. Thanks again. Be sure to get the thank yous in the mail timely.

Jackie asked:

Occasion: babyshower
What will be an unusual place to host a shower without the mom-to-be realizing this is her shower? I've tried a movie theater.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Take her shopping at a baby store such as Bellini or one of the others. Make arrangements with the owner in advance and have everyone waiting and yell surprise. I bet even the newspaper would love to cover it and it's great publicity for the store.

Sherry asked:

Occasion: Couples Bar Shower
I'm throwing a couples shower for my best friend, it is going to be a "bar shower" to help stock their bar with glasses, drink shakers, etc. I'm trying to come up with a theme to decorate for this. Do you have any ideas? I was thinking something like a cocktail/martini party but I can't figure out how to decorate for it.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Why not have a 20's party with flappers and cigarette holders (candy cigarettes), rhinestone headbands with feathers for the ladies and fake mustaches for the guys. Find a large tub and fill it with something drinkable and put a sign on it that says "bathtub gin". Look up the era in the library or on-line for pics of that time. Most things were black, white and bright red.

Ginnie Garrison asked:

Occasion: Baby Shower
Comments = I would like the theme of Noah's Ark. Can you give me any suggestions for food, nut cups, decorations, etc. Thank You

The Party Girl's advice is:

Pairs of animals would be the perfect decorations. You could use paper, beanie babies, anything like that. Food depends upon the time of day, is it a brunch or lunch? Brunch, have a buffet with bagels, cream cheese, jams, jellies, nova or lox, blintzs with sour cream and blueberry sauce. Coffee, tea, etc. If you have a chafing dish or warmer, have scrambled eggs. If you are doing lunch, I would have a buffet of molded chicken, tuna or salmon salad with veggies, dip, miniature rolls, butter, jams. Hot pasta with a couple of sauces is always good.

Desiree Hill asked:

Occasion: babyshower
the mother-to-be is not exacty sure what type of theme she wants for the shower any suggestions would be appreciated.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Unless she knows the sex of the baby, use all the pastels and go with possible angels. there are all sorts of cute decorations using babies with wings. Look at your local stores.

janice schippers asked:

Occasion: baby shower
Any ideas on decorating for a western baby shower theme. I would like to keep the decor cost relatively low. I've got children western boots, hats, mugs, bandanas! Thanks!!!

The Party Girl's advice is:

The only other thing I could add would be lassos. Put all these things together in different areas and in different arrangements. Use balloons to make it festive and maybe some glitter. Blow up a picture of the mom-to-be and play Pin-the-Hat and then have everyone sign in on it.

Liz asked:

Occasion: bridal shower
I am making soap/towel party favors for my future sister in laws shower. I would like to attach a little "whitty" poem/saying to each soap/towel. Any idea where I can find such a whitty thing?

The Party Girl's advice is:

There are many books that have cute and witty sayings. Go to the library and ask you librarian for help

Pebbles asked:

Occasion: pinata/basket
do you have any suggestions of baby type items that would be good/yet inexpensive to put in a pinata besides candy  also i want to do a funny basket with things like a snickers for post partum depression and no-doz for sleep deprivation, but i need more ideas  please help the shower is in less than 2 weeks  thanks in advance

The Party Girl's advice is:

You have to be careful what you put in the pinata, not too heavy or sharp. Put some pacifiers in, coupons for diapers and wipes and baby food. Go to Toys R Us and cruise the baby section for rattles, toys, etc. For the basket, add some weight reduction product and maybe some exercise video, Fabreeze to take the unwanted baby odors away, a mirror with a curtain over it so she can't see her uncombed hair and unmade face, deoderant for all the fast motions she will make. Cruise the drugstore for the sample products sizes.

Carly asked:

Occasion: Baby/Bridal Shower
My youngest sister is getting married in September in our old hometown where my grandparents still live. My other younger sister just had a son 4 months ago. We will all be together (extended family) for my sister's wedding, none of us live in the community and I would like to throw a shower for each of them. This would be a female only shower (except for the baby!!)hosted in my grandmother's house. Is this feasible? Or should I throw 2 separate showers? I threw a lingerie shower for my other sister right before her wedding rehearsal and it went well. Please help me!!

The Party Girl's advice is:

How do your sisters feel about a joint shower? On one hand, the guests and the family will only have to gather one time and the cost will be half. On the other, will the guests feel put out by having to get two gifts? I wouldn't mind it since I was probably going to give them both anyway. Have a great time and combine them.

stacy asked:

Occasion: bridal shower
I am planning a bridal shower for my best friend. What type of punch can I serve that is quick and easy to make, and everyone would enjoy?

The Party Girl's advice is:

Look for a good Sangria recipe. Easy to do and everyone likes it whether you add alcohol or not. Make the punch ahead and add the fruit 2 hrs. before serving.



The Party Girl's advice is:

Depends upon the time of day. I would use veggies, fruit, cheese, crackers, dip. Cut a watermelon in half and fill with melon balls. Get a round pumpernickle and fill with spinach dip. You could have wings., miniature pizza, chicken salad, tuna salad, salmon moose with miniature rye bread. You also need crunchy and salty so use chips, pretzels, something like that. You could go with do it yourself tacos with all the fixings. Lots to choose from.

Angela asked:

Occasion: Baby shower
I am having a baby shower and I really want to do all the decor in primary colors. I don't want any cartoon character's w/ the except of teddy bears. Everything for baby showers is blue or pink. There will be about 17 people attending. Do you have any suggestions?

The Party Girl's advice is:

You can try regular stuffed bears and tie balloons to them with streamers hanging down. You can use ABC blocks. I see primary color bears all over. Try your Hallmark stores, craft stores, etc. I know because my grandchildren are heavily into bears. Forget the "shower angle" and go for bears.

Mel asked:

Occasion: baby shower/family reunion
What is a creative beverage to serve at a baby shower/family reunion held at a local park? It should be non-alcoholic and thirst quenching. I'd like to stay away from canned sodas.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Have plenty of water and ice and sliced limes. That is the most refreshing. Make a punch with juice, fresh fruit, gingerale or club soda. Make ice molds with juice and fresh fruit to put in the punch so that it doesn't get diluted. You can add some non-alcholic sparkling wine for bubbles also.

diana asked:

Occasion: babyshower
hi me and my sister are going to throw a babyshower for my older sister its her first baby and we want to make it special.we dont know what to do my ques is what kind of party can i give her? i mean shes only 19 and i dont know what kind of party to do.please help!!!!

The Party Girl's advice is:

since she's 19 and you are younger, get your mom to help you. You might want to have a brunch or a tea. Both are fun and not too expensive. If you know the sex of the baby, use the appropriate color. Otherwise, use all the colors. Make a great punch using ginger ale and sherbet and make a ring mold with fresh fruit to go in it. You could have games such as name the baby or have the guests bring baby pics of themselves and put them on a board and let the others guess who is who. The one who guesses the most, wins a prize.

heidi orlovich asked:

Occasion: bridal shower
my best friend in the whole world is getting married and i want to throw a fun and outragious party for her and suggestions the bride is very outgoing and so is everyone attending any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thank you,heidi

The Party Girl's advice is:

Look at the for some great stuff and check out new products on the home page. Especially the full size photo idea. After that, if you still need help, write back.

tom mosca asked:

Occasion: wedding
i need info on an italian couples shower where the guest bring a recipe, bottle of wine and put money on a money tree. is there such a tradition?

The Party Girl's advice is:

I have heard of a "Time of the Hour Shower" and a Kitchen shower where recipes are given with ingredients such as wine. I am not a believer in this money tree thing. I think it's tacky. You could check with the local italian restaurant owners association to see if there truly is such a tradition.

Chloe asked:

Occasion: Wedding shower
Fellow bridesmaids and I are planning a luau style party for the bride and groom. (co-ed) Any ideas on decorations, food, invitations, and games would be very helpful to us. We have found a great park pavillion next to the lake. Great view! We thought about using tiki torches at the entrance. Ballons, streamers, and a computer generated ALOHA banner. We'd like to convey by invitation for the guest to wear tropical colors or Hawaiian shirts. You have any suggestions on more ways to make this a most memorable occasion?? Please help!!

The Party Girl's advice is:

We have lots of luau ideas at Check it out. Use leis, grass skirts, ukes and giant sea shells for decorations. See if you can find suitable invitations or let me know and we can design some for you with matching goods. Just write back and let me know. As to games, limbo is key. Also look at for some ideas. On the home site, there are new products and you might want to check out edible photos for the cake.

Danna Moudy asked:

Occasion: baby shower
I'm having a shower for my friend. It's her 4th child, but her youngest is 6 so she needs new stuff!. Since it will be a group of "older" women,I don't want it to be too "cutesy". So hadn't planned on much for games. It's on Sunday from 2-5. I will be serving appetizers and cake. She's having a boy and doing the room in sailboats so I may use that as a theme.My question is about party favors and decorations. Do you have any suggestions?

The Party Girl's advice is:

I would make a collage of pictures of sailors, boats, anchors, all things nautical. Make it quite large, at least large poster-size. Then cut it into large jigsaw pieces. Put a piece by the front door, a piece on the gift table, some pieces on the serving table, etc. Figure out how many places to put them and that will tell you how many to cut. Then when the guests are all seated, have the mom-to-be find all the pieces, tell her how many, and have her put them back into the picture. Use foamcore and pins. After she gets it together, paste them permanently and let the guests sign memory slips and paste them over. As for favors, you can find many things at your local party shop.

CND 119 asked:

Occasion: Baby Shower
What are some babyshower favors that I can give away at the babyshower?

The Party Girl's advice is:

Get a polaroid camera for the day. Find a picture of a stork flying with a baby and blow it up. Cut out the baby's face and have each guest pose looking thru and use the polaroid. give them the picture as a favor. You could even have paper frames with the name of the gues t of honor and the date.

Dianne M. Gilbert asked:

Occasion: Baby Shower
What ideas do you have or what do you suggest for decorating a Classic Pooh theme for a babyshower. The number of guest will be around 30.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Well, you picked one of my favs. There's so much pooh stuff out there, the problem is to cut down. Many bakeries make a pooh cake. Also lots of honey pots as decorations with pooh balloons, tigger to and eyore. Don't forget to have a picture of Christopher Robin. Blow up a picture of Pooh and put it on a board. Play pin the nose on pooh and later have the guests sign in on it for the mom-to-be. Look at Toys-R-Us for stuff.

peggy asked:

Occasion: baby shower
How can we decorate using the theme of "Teddy Bear Express"? It's the mother-to-be's nursery theme. The teddy bears are on little express wagons. The color is mint green. Also what type of favors can we create to go along with the theme?

The Party Girl's advice is:

Great theme - we love bears. You can use any colors, just give the bears either ribbons or scarves around their necks or hats on their heads. Food comes in every color except blue. Also see the home site for new products and check out edible photos and buttons to add to the party. As for favors, you can order just about anything from the home site.

Melissa asked:

Occasion: baby shower
What are some punch receipes for the baby shower?

The Party Girl's advice is:

I assume no liquor. First of all, make fruit molds using juices with berries and do them in a jello ring mold in freezer. Mix colors such as orange juice with strawberries, apple juice with cantelope and kiwi. Some of the best punches are the simplest. Using juice and gingerale with fruit, some of the best combos occur. Taste test ahead to find the one you like the best. I do suggest eliminating grapefruit since it tends to be sour. You can also add sherbet balls for flavor and color.

Frances Keith asked:

Occasion: babyshower
Hi my mother has offered to throw me a forth of july picnick/baby shower the only problem is a other person in the sam social gathering is haveing a party the same day same park after she new we were having are party I would change the date but the poblem is my mother can only be here for that day so I was wanting some Ideas so my party would be the nicest Im having twins a boy and a girl and I thought I would do red white and blue cause of the holliday being forh of july or I wanted to have white and yellow thinking that would be nutral for boy and girl instead of the ocasional pink and blue thank you

The Party Girl's advice is:

Why not ask this other person to change their date ? Whether they do or not, don't try to outdo someone else. Do your own thing. Since you're having a boy and a girl, you could go with pink and blue or all pastels. Look at and for ideas. Relax and have fun.

DOLLY asked:


The Party Girl's advice is:

I love the clothes idea. Check the for some ideas. The games will obviously differ for the children from the adults. Bubbles are great for all ages, outside and inside. You could play a version of pin the tail but use pictures of the mom and dad to be and do pin the noses with funny noses. You could have a version of charades with all the stuff referring to babies. Check out the new products section on the home page.

Lisa Jackson asked:

Occasion: Baby Shower
This is my husband's best friend. Seond marriage, first baby. We are having a couples dinner party/shower. Should I stick to more of a dinner theme rather than a cutesy baby shower? Any suggestions on theme?

The Party Girl's advice is:

Most men aren't comfortable with the super-baby thing but that doesn't mean you can't use it subtly. Pick a theme 9check that works for a coed, adult group. Incorporate funny stuff like a kit for the parents-to-be including no-Doz for sleep deprivation, lb. of coffee to help them stay awake, spot remover for spitup, etc. Use your imagination.

Nora asked:

Occasion: Bridal Shower
I am having a bridal shower for my stepdaughter . Tha question is should I invite her mother or would it be better left alone . Not sure she would even come .I have never given one before so all input would be great .

The Party Girl's advice is:

Ask your stepdaughter how she feels. Ask yourself how you feel. Discuss it together. Then invite her if that's what both of you would like. Might be an ice breaker. You'll be together for other events concerning the wedding.

Scarlett asked:

Occasion: babyshower
 hello . i was wondering if you can send me a least of babyshower games . ?  thanks sarah

The Party Girl's advice is:

First, look at party411.gameguide. Have each guest secretly give you a baby picture of themself and mount these on a poster board. The guest who gets the most correct wins a prize.

Shannon Watts asked:

Occasion: Engagement party or Couples Shower
My bestfriend will be marrying in Oct. and I want to throw a party for her. I don't want to opt for the traditional Bridal Shower but something special that would include her fiance. I've thought of an informal dinner at the local B&B with 20-30 guests. Instead of gifts would setting up a Money Tree be tacky? They are having soo many showers and really need the money for wedding expenses. ***PLEASE HELP**

The Party Girl's advice is:

Not tacky at all. Today, money is probably one of the best gifts you can receive. Beats 5 toaster ovens.

Patti Oliver asked:

Occasion: baby shower
Help! with decor., theme & one sit down game. guests are paying for their lunch flat rate to include tx&tip. I requested 1 table for gifts and wish to decorate that table(with what?) & perhaps put a dollar store centerpiece or something. ??? Just found your site it is great.!! Also thought of soft music lullaby tape playing in background. Baby Ameila age 1yr wii be present as well as couples. Many Many Thanks.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Why not use large baby blocks with letters on them. You could make these or check at party stores. Use balloons and mylar streamers to make it more festive. Give the guests a list with the alphabet funning vertically and a time imit in which they should fill in a word to describe what the parents have to look forward to with a new baby. (i.e. N=Noise, L=Lack of sleep, etc.) Have a prize for the most original ones.

Keisha Watkins asked:

Occasion: Baby Shower
Hi!! I am a mother-to-be expecting my first child. I actually have two questions, if that's o.k. My mother is very excited becuse this will be her first grandchild by (her) oldest daughter. She has planned to giv eme a shower from the start. My mother is very classy and creative so I have no doubts about her taste. We share common intrests but, my very close cousin has begun talking about how the baby shower is going to be. I never depended on any one to give me a shower besides my mon was I know the sky is the limit and I can count on her. I politely stated that my Mom was givimg the shower and she should talk to her about ideas. I have in mimd a very light menu for ex: cold cuts, veggie tray, fruit sald, cheeseballs, pasta salad, tuna salad, etc. She (my cousin days we should only have cold cuts, fruit salad, pasta sald we aren't trying to fill them up. I don't want to serve a heavy dinner but I would like my guest to be sustained because most will be coming straight from church. How can I get her to slow down without hurting her feelings and what so you suggest for the Menu.

The Party Girl's advice is:

First of all, if your mom is giving the shower, it's her call about the menu and she should tell your cousin that she would love her help but the basic decisions are your moms. there is nothing wrong with the menu you planned, especially since it is getting warmer and no one wants a heavy meal. I would have a cake and some small pastries and you could have your cousin arrange for those things and really let her go to town. That way could be a major part but everyone will be happy. Let her help with the decorations also.

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