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Mary asked:

Occasion: corporate party
> I need ideas for a toga and how to tie one >

The Party Girl's advice is:

I assume this is for you. I used to get a long pillow case in a great color and cut an opening for my head and arms. Got some gold braid and tied the cloth between my head and upper arm and made a belt to go around my waist. Put tassels on these things. Got a fake braid and put gold ribbon in it. Wore gold sandals. If a pillow case is not long enough, get material and sew it like a long pillow case up the sides and top. this way you don't have to worry about becoming unwrapped during the party and being embarassed.

MELINDA asked:

Occasion: meeting
I need some ideas for an up coming meeting >could you please help with some icebreaker >ideas or games. >

The Party Girl's advice is:

Here are a few things to try: The easiest way to get them acquainted at a relaxed pace is to write up a set of trivia questions, with one question for each guest attending. List the questions on one sheet of decorative paper and hand it out to guests as they arrive. They are to read over the list and try to find a match for each question. The person who gets the most correct answers wins a prize! This should get them mixing. -------------------------------------------------- Here's a game called "How well do you know your co-worker?" Collect one personal item from each worker's desk. Set them all up on a table in the party room. Have the office staff try to guess what belongs to which office mate. It won't be easy with the items not in their usual places! -------------------------------------------------- Or you might have everyone send you a baby picture of themself and put them on a board, numbered and let everyone see how many they can get right.

barb asked:

Occasion: Company Christmas Part
What can I do to make this year's party a little different? We do the usual - cocktails, dinner and dance and sometimes have doorprizes. It's getting stale and I would love some ideas to spice up the party. We have a mix of 'party animals' and those that eat dinner and leave. I live in a small town with very little to offer in the way of shopping, although there is a larger city about 2 hours away.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Look at for some ideas. You can shop for what you need on-line.

Tammie asked:

Occasion: Corporate
>We are a merger and acquisition firm. Our company consist of 12 people. >Six of these individuals are executives and the other six are support >staff. Do you have any financial themes?

The Party Girl's advice is:

What is the reason for the party? What is the budget and where is it, what time? Details are important. Also, look at to see if there is anything you can use. Write back.

Tammie asked:

Occasion: Corporate
>We are a merger and acquisition firm. Our company consist of 12 people. >Six of these individuals are executives and the other six are support >staff. Do you have any financial themes?

The Party Girl's advice is:

What is the reason for the party? What is the budget and where is it, what time? Details are important. Also, look at to see if there is anything you can use. Write back.

Monica asked:

Occasion: Annual Company Party
>Good Afternoon > >We are planning an annual company party. We are thinking of a welcome Year >200 theme/ Millennium, keeping in mind that this will be our last official >company policy. Can you be of any assistance. The date is set for the >December 5th at a Crystal Lake County Club. > >Monica Rivera >MediaOne >Human Resources Coordinator >141 NW 16th St Pompano Beach FL 33060 >(954) 532-6097 Ph >(954) 532-6612 Fx

The Party Girl's advice is:

You need to send me some details to help with this. Budget, # of people. place, time, food arrangements, etc.

Debbie asked:

Occasion: Employee Appreciation Day
We have all the decorations, games, door prizes, etc. But, I was needing some quick easy recipes for making Hawaiian drinks that are NON-alcoholic. We were thinking Pina Colada, Hawaiian Punch, daquirri. But, the only mixes we can find only make 1 gallon each. We need enough for about 150 people, although we will be serving tea, sodas, etc. I would appreciate any quick "huge" mix ideas you have. And thanks for the help before. Oriental was a HUGE help.

The Party Girl's advice is:

You can get larger pina colada mix sizes by asking your local beverage store for help. Also, Sangria is always good. Use ice molds made from OJ with fruit in them so not to dilute the sangria. Recipe easy to get at library or internet. There is always 3 party OJ, 1 part cranberry juice, and either champagne or vodka.

shana asked:

Occasion: Company Christmas Party
My company is having a Christmas Party for about 60 people. We all dress up and bring our spouses, but it is so boring. We need an idea of how to get the spouses involved and get all the departments to mingle with each other. There are all age ranges and backgrounds. Help!!

The Party Girl's advice is:

Take very closeup pictures of common objects and divide up into teams, mixing the people. Have prizes for the team that gets the most right. Hide small common stuff (stick of gum) in plane sight and give all a list of them and have them see if they can find them and write the answer down. Again, prize for the winner. Get a picture of Santa and Mrs. Clause blown up to life size and cut out the faces and take pics of the guests looking through.

Alison asked:

Occasion: annual awards dinner
Hi, We managed to find a wonderful if last minute venue. >It is at a casino but we don't want to bring gambling into the >function - the room uses a separate entrance. I was thinking of >using a mafia type theme where the men can wear suits and hats and >women evening dresses with a few extras. Any suggestions. I have >chosen white linen with a gold/cream coloured overlay and was >thinking of using old gold colours in the centre piece (perhaps >white flowers with gold paper ribbon and candles). I also have to >draw up invites, follow up cards with additional info about parking >etc. and menus. Please help !! I have ordered a disco and was >thinking of asking for 50's music - beautiful Frank Sinatra type >songs. >Any ideas would be appreciated. > >Kind regards >Alison

The Party Girl's advice is: has a map section so find what you need, download and copy it for an insert to the invites. For other decorative things, see for their catalogue. They have great stuff for decor and favors and go all over the world. Get a large silver revolving disco ball for the ceiling and maybe use some smoke effects.

Joyce asked:

Occasion: Company Holiday Party
>Our company holiday party will also recognized the 30th Anniversary of the >Company's existence. How can I tie in the 30th Anniversary into a holiday >party? >

The Party Girl's advice is:

The traditional 30th Anniversary item is a pearl and the modern one is a diamond. Since they are both white and shiny, use these (obviously not real ones) as the center of your party and do holiday trimmings. Have awards (funny) for people and use these gems as prizes. Use these gems in all of the activities such as blowing up a picture of a diamond or pearl and taking polaroids of the guests with it.

Sharon asked:

Occasion: X-mas party
>Hello, I need some help with our Corporate Christmas Party. >We are not allowed to dance or drink at these partys,which as you can >see limits what we can do.The food and decorations are furnished.We need >some ideas for intertainment.Is there anything you can do to help me >with ideas? I really appreciate it!Thanks and have a great day!! > Sharon

The Party Girl's advice is:

Take very closeup pictures of common objects and see who can identify the most in a certain period of time. Prizes to the winners. Have each person write down a wish for the coming year and put it in a fish bowl and draw them out and read and see if you can guess who wrote what.

Kelly asked:

Occasion: Company 20th Anniversary; New office; Yr 2000
Our company is planning their 20th anniversary in >business in the 2000. I need suggestions as to a theme. We are moving into new>building and office and will also be having an open house in January, 2000>and need ideas about a theme. Help? >

The Party Girl's advice is:

I would incorporate the two numbers, 20 and 2000. Use the idea that you have added some new things, a new address, a new pride, and a couple of zeros. Look at for their catalogue for year 2000 things and medical things. Get lots of balloons with the 2 numbers on them. Give the guests miniature ins. policies guaranteeing them ongoing attention and service for the next 20 years.

Sharon asked:

Occasion: Christmas Party
Hello, I need some help with our Corporate Christmas Party.We are not allowed to dance or drink at these partys,which as you can see limits what we can do.The food and decorations are furnished.We need>some ideas for intertainment.Is there anything you can do to help me >with ideas? I really appreciate it!Thanks and have a great day!! > Sharon >

The Party Girl's advice is:

Why not have a kiddie party and play all the games you played when you were young. Games like Pin-the-tail and musical chairs. have a 3-legged race. Provide a box of crayons and paper and decals for everyone and give a subject and a time limit and then have everyone display their picture.

Sofia asked:

Occasion: 4th annual office party
Could you help me come up with a theme for our >office party? I work in a law office with >approx. 50 employees. Could you also give >me suggestions on games at the office party?

The Party Girl's advice is:

Do you think that these people have a good sense of humor and could let out the child within them? If so, have a kiddy party with Sesame Street, Barney, or one of those sorts of things as the theme with matching paper goods and decorations. You can find all of these on the web, some of it at Play kiddy games such as Duck, Duck, Goose and Pin the tail, etc.

Christi asked:

Occasion: corporate
I work for AAG which is American Annuity Group owned by Carl >Lindner in Cincinnati. We are having "A Taste of AAG" and I am in charge >of my department. Each department must create two items to go with a >theme. We can choose any theme we wish. I am not sure what to go with. >I thinking somewhere along the lines of something for fall or halloween >since that is my favorite time of year. I need some recipes to go with >that. What do you think? >

The Party Girl's advice is:

One of my favorite appetizers for a party is use a round pumpernickel bread. Cut a large ring in the top and rip out the insides. Fill with a spinach/onion dip and put the ripped bread around the outside for dipping. A good dessert for that time of the year would be something made with apples since that is the season and bobbing for apples is the traditional game. Go for a mixture of candy and caramel apples

Dawn asked:

Occasion: Annual Christmas Party
I normally plan our annual office Christmas party for the girls in the office. This year I was thinking of having a spa day. The party would be after work, probably on a Friday evening. I would >like to have an small gift exchange, but want something new and >different. Also, I wanted this to me a pamper yourself party, and >thought about having hand massage and foot massage available for the >ladies. Need any thoughts and ideas of how I can pull this off >without spending a fortune. Thanks.

The Party Girl's advice is:

I don't know where you are located but where I live they do these services in not only spas but in stores like Planet Source and other health food places. Call around for prices. Remember, the duration of the massage will determine the price. Maybe a pedicure would be better. You could make arrangements with a beauty salon and have more than one done at a time. Great idea. If you do this, choose something related to spa stuff. Maybe the place you go will have something you like and give you a deal.

Belinda asked:

Occasion: Company event
Need a theme for the party with a slogan. So far, we have >"Tropical Pair-a-dice (paradise)! We would like a catchy slogan to go with >it. Or is there a better theme that can go with a tropical atmosphere and >have some casino gambling going on? Don't really have a big budget. Need >answer asap. >

The Party Girl's advice is:

Check for suggestions for you theme. It's a popular one and there are several choices to use. Check for inexpensive stuff for the party.

GIDGET asked:


The Party Girl's advice is:

Blow up photos of them and mount them for the guests to sign in on. Have attendees write down amusing memories about them and read the best ones and give them to each one. Check the home page under new products for edible photos and other merchandise to make it special. Remember, noone needs another watch. See what each is especially interested in and do something around that.

GLORIA asked:


The Party Girl's advice is:

Check out the New Products section on the home page of Partygirl@party411. Maybe the cameras or buttons that are customized. You can play toss the water balloon or do the limbo, or hang a pinata or pass the orange.

C J asked:

Occasion: business - 20th anniversary
Can you help me with a theme. >We are a trucking company wanting to >celebrate 20 years in business at our >yearly company gathering. >

The Party Girl's advice is:

Well, the Tonka Toy Ço. comes to mind. Obviously you want to decorate with all types and sizes of trucks. It would be nice to have small ones for all the kids to take home. Check at for some decorations and favors and also check you local dollar stores and party stores. Look at for more suggestions.

Suzanne Bertolett asked:

Occasion: Grand opening part;y for a new building
Do you have any ideas for golf-theme decorations for this >cook-out? There will be some tables set up inside, too. We will be having >a putting contest and giving away windshirts, golf balls, coolers, etc. >

The Party Girl's advice is:

Check for some theme ideas and look at you local dollar stores for some inexpensive stuff. You could get pix of well known golfers and have them blown up and mounted to use as centerpieces. Surround them with that grass stuff used in easter baskets, green of course, and add balls, tees, etc. You could blow up a figure of a man and one of a woman with a club in their hand taking a swing. Make it lifesize and mount it on foamcore and cut out the fact. Take polaroids of the guests looking out.

Sari Friedman asked:

Occasion: company picnic
Hi Party Girl, >I need some suggestions for outdoor games for kids of all ages! Help?! >

The Party Girl's advice is:

Well, there's volleyball with the net at different heights, and badmitten. There's 3-legged races and toss the water balloon. check at for other suggestions.

Danna Swindell asked:

Occasion: PARTY

The Party Girl's advice is:

I will contact you soon to discuss ideas. Thanx for writing.

Martha Howell asked:

Occasion: Corporate Convention
My Health Insurance company has a sales incentive program this >year for our agents, which rewards them with diamonds for increased sales >(more sales = bigger diamonds). We will be in Monte Carlo in May for our >annual company convention and we would like the final night banquet dinner >to have a "Grow a Diamond" theme. There will be about 600 in attendance >and we do not have an extravagent budget. Do you have any suggestions? >

The Party Girl's advice is:

One idea - each attendee receives a small clay pot with green styrafoam in it. Along with this would be a packet of "diamond" seeds for them to plant and grow. The packets should have pics of diamonds on the front. Don't even need a green thumb. You could place one or more real (very small) diamonds in the pot/s for added surprise. Have a cutout of Carol Channing in her getup worn when she sang "Diamonds are a girls best friend" with the face missing and the attendees could have their pic taken in the empty hole. Buy lots of fake jewelry from dollar stores, etc. and sprinkle liberally around on tables, chairs, etc. They make a lollipop that looks like a diamond ring so pass those out. Hope that gives you a start

Tabitha McCampbell asked:

Occasion: Insurance Convention
I need some help, I have an insurance convention planned for April, I have to work with a Southwestern-Fiesta theme. I need help on decorations, centerpieces, place cards, and everything else. I want to make this extra special and really wow everyone. Please help me.

The Party Girl's advice is:

We have everything for southwestern/fiesta themes and can get you anything you might need. How many people are attending? What is your budget? Where is this event? We certainly can help with a little more information...we can talk in person if you would like...send your phone number of call Lee Rosenberg at (216) 831-4411. out this "fiesta" theme; I've used it 100 times and we can adapt it to your event! Hope to hear from you.

Kim asked:

Occasion: Employee awards banquet
Awards banquets are usually boring. I have a dj booked but would like to have some kind a theme that is fun but incorporates a business attitude. Any suggestions? Kim

The Party Girl's advice is:

Kim, I would love to help. Usually I ask what type of business it is and come up with a theme from there. What have you done in the past? The usual theme of film awards is old old old. How many people? What is your budget? How many people being honored?? and what do they receive? Let me know; i'm happy to help!

Carol asked:

Occasion: Summer Convention
This is a 4 day event. Friday evening, we have dinner on the lawn and people typically dress according to the theme. That night, we will also have a boat cruise for the adults, along with family photos before the cruise. Need help with backdrop decor for the pictures, and decorations for the registration table. What would be a good name for this type of theme!

The Party Girl's advice is:

Hey, Carol! If you are doing a cruise theme, which is always fun, you can have a cut-out made of a "captain" of the boat (yacht, ship...whatever), and his face can be generic or that of someone who is in charge of the event (like your President). Or, if there are several important people, make a captain, a purser, 2nd Lt., etc. We can do these for you or any prop house can. Depending on what your convention is about, I don't know your trade, your event name should center around that plus the cruise theme. Let me know, and I'll certainly be able to come up with something. Cruise themes are great and easy to pull off. If you need more information to pull this together, you can speak to us directly at (216) 831-4411 (ask for Lee Rosenberg). Good luck.

Jennifer asked:

Occasion: Convention
City = ATL Venue = The Partridge Inn, Augusta ,GA Theme = A-Gust-A Magic! Ages = 20-50 Decor_Budget = ? Dress = Range; semi-formal to bus.casual Comments = I am making centerpieces and name cards. I really just need some ideas for these and room decor. I have an idea to use black top hats in the decorating. Can you help?

The Party Girl's advice is:

There are some great black tophats that are glittered that work fabulously for centerpieces. And they aren't expensive. Inexpensively obtained are black magic wands with a white tip. As well, you can get white gloves to hang over the hat as well. I would have balloons coming out. If you can afford it, why not set the top hat on it's top. Inside have a plush (stuffed) white rabbit coming out ($8 each). Tied onto one of his paws are helium balloons. Put a black formal bowtie on each rabbit. A great look and creative, too. Use those inexpensive magic puzzles (you know the rings you try to get apart) as napkin rings...everyone will be busy trying to figure them out. A local candy store can make you chocolate magic wands (they use a pretzel stick, dip it in milk chocolate and white chocolate on the tip). Have them bag them and tie off ribbon, then tie a seating card off the ribbon. Does this help?

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