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lil asked:

Occasion: party
>From: >Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2000 11:12:23 EDT >Subject: help! >To: >Status: > >Hi, > I am 12 turning 13 and I want to have a boy girl party! But I can't rent >our pool because someone already has! So I need some help on what an idea >could be! So please write me back at I was thinking of a >luau! Please help!

The Party Girl's advice is:

Unless you are absolutely set on a certain date, why not have the party when the pool is available. Be a little flexible. If you do this. look at partygirl themes and there are some great ideas for a luau/beach party. Look at sites like for great decorations and favors and see gamegirl for some fun things to do.

Brandi asked:

Occasion: bachelorette party
>need a rules and sample of a scavenger hunt list--for a bachlorette >party in New Orleans , La

The Party Girl's advice is:

The basic rules is to give each person or pairs or groups the same list of things to find and a time limit to find them. You can choose any sort of thing such as (for your purposes) a jock strap, Playgirl magazine, Edible underwear, pictures such as a wedding photo that is over 25 years old. Just have fun with the list. You can even give the seekers those disposible cameras and drop them off at the one-hour photo place and party for one hour and then pick them up.

Keith asked:

Occasion: bachellor party
What should I get him for a bachellor gift?

The Party Girl's advice is:

Depends upon whether it's going to be a gag gift or a serious one. For a gag gift, go to one of those "store for lovers" and let you imagination roam. They also have some good stuff at Spencer's Gifts.

Kathy asked:

Occasion: 50's Theme Party
Do you have any suggests on how to decorate and what the kids can wear?

The Party Girl's advice is:

The clothing is easy. Just look at "Happy Days" reruns. Either go "Fonzie" or Richie looking. As far as decorations, drive in movies and food places, juke boxes, 45 records (ask you parents), pony tails, jitterbug. See if you can find old records or pictures of old records and pics of the recording artists of the time such as Ricky Nelson, The supremes, etc.

Kay asked:

Occasion: bachelor
I really don't know how to give a party. I just need some help

The Party Girl's advice is:

I'm not clear, is this a bachelorette party? The first thing to do is figure out your guest list. I need more details to get specific but if this is a bachelorette party, look at this catagory on the theme page and gamegirl site. Write again if you are still stuck and give me more details. You could ask a friend to help.

Jessica asked:

Occasion: a sleep-over
I'm having this in one of my friends empty houses. Her real house is right next to it so we can cook. It's going to be for boys and girls. We want to use candles. Any food recipes and game ideas?

The Party Girl's advice is:

I'm not a big fan of boy/girl sleepovers. Too many possibilities for problems. Also candles can produce fire. Use flashlights instead or put the candles in pumpkins. Why not do a "Halloween Party" in May. It would be different. Everyone could wear costumes and you could do all the halloween stuff.

Stacy asked:

Occasion: just to wear rugularly like for sprts and everthin
I just wanna know how I could wear my pony tail for sports like volleyball and basketball instead of the lil just put the pony tail up thing. i wanna like do a style but I have no clue how to do it. Please give me some advice thanx

The Party Girl's advice is:

There are lots of different types of clips that you could to change the look such as banana clip, cute bobby pins for decor. You could twist it up and pin it or braid it. You could wear a single or double braids. Play around with it.

Heather asked:

Occasion: nothing
Ok my question doesnt really relate to the questions u asked me to fill out, but here it goes : Everytime i like a guy and he likes me, its so much fun before we go out - but the second we start going out, i get all weird and stop liking him right away. And i really like this guy now and i'm afraid i'm gonna do the same thing to him that i've done to every other guy, i dont understand why i do this? Help!

The Party Girl's advice is:

It is just because you are young. We all do the same things, we just don't tell each other. You wouldn't be normal. You want a relationship but you are not experienced enough to make a good choice so you go out with the wrong person for the wrong reason. Maybe you should do things in a group and be more comfortable with someone before going out with them one-on-one. But remember this, you'll get thru this stage, just takes time.

Mike asked:

Occasion: Daytona 500 party
I want to get a few friends together to watch the Daytona 500, but we don't have any place to go. Except for me, everyone live with their parents, and I live to far away from the rest of these people to come up. Any ideas on where we could go to watch it without spending much money? Thanks for your help.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Is there a sports bar somewhere that will be showing the face on tv screens? Good place for it. Otherwise, see if one of the guys can get the use of the TV and the house for the race. His parents don't have to leave, just the room.

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