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Tasha asked:

Occasion: Sweet sixteen
Hi , my mom and I are though my Sweet 16 . And we really don't know what to do because we want to make it nice but not to expensive. And I don't know where to start

The Party Girl's advice is:

Start by deciding what you can afford for the whole thing. Then look at the theme page for some ideas. You can use all or part of any idea or combine some of them. Look at for great decorations and favors. Then pick a place and time. Then decide on food and games (check out gamegirl for some ideas).

Celia asked:

Occasion: birthday
My sister will be 35 in Feb. need party ideas. We can include the whole family (kids), or just have friends. (25-45) NEED HELP!!!!!

The Party Girl's advice is:

I need more information such as budget, date, place, time, etc. Look at the theme site for some ideas. Also think what your sister would want most, just family, just friends, or both.

Joanna asked:

Occasion: 16th birthday
I am debating whether to have a costume party or just have everyone wear dresses for the dance. Also I need a theme!! I was thinking about a Valentines theme, but I'm not sure.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Look at the theme site for some ideas. Without knowing any details, it would be hard to make definite suggestions other than to suggest no costumes. Boys hate that more than ties.

Neely asked:

Occasion: 13th birthday
What: decorations, games, party favors & fun things to do at a only girl 13th b-day party. something simpleŽ too pricey, yet enjoyable.

The Party Girl's advice is:

You have a pool so you could go with the beach party/luau idea. Look at the theme page at those areas: the outdoors, bar/bat mitzvah, your themes. Check out gamegirl. Water volleyball, limbo, pass the orange, scavenger or treasure hunt. Picnic type food with lots of melons, pineapple, etc. Look at for great buys on decorations.

Jessica asked:

Occasion: Sweet 16 birthday
I am turning 16 in March and I don't know what to do there's not much of anything to do in Spokane it would be just me and four to eight of my friends any ideas of what I could do that would make it fun and memorable

The Party Girl's advice is:

first of all, go to the home partygirl site and look on the left and see if you city has anything you might like. Then, check the theme page and the gamegirl pages. Does your city have one of those pottery places where you can go and make something. Great place for a party.

Alexis asked:

Occasion: 13th Birthday
What do you think is the best theme for my party

The Party Girl's advice is:

I have no clue. Except for your age and sex, I know nothing about you and your likes and dislikes. Make some basic decisions first. Look at the different themes at the theme site for some ideas. Figure out your budget, # of people, time, date, place, etc. Look at for great decorations, favors, etc. Take a look at gamegirl for things to do. Then, if you're still stuck on something, write back.

Cait asked:

Occasion: 16th birthday party
How can we have interesting party games, boy girl oriented? , other than spin the bottle.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Look at the gamegirl site under teen games, mystery party games.

Paige asked:

Occasion: 13th Birthday party
What activates should I do, like concerts, or movies, etc.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Look at the teen games and bar/bat mitzvah areas of the gamegirl page for some ideas. Also look at the theme page.

Amy asked:

Occasion: birthday
Dear Party Girl, I am having my 14th b-day party next month and I have no idea what to do...I wanna invite a lot of people (boy and girl) but I don't want it to be expensive...I wanna have a pool party but than I have the risk if it rains and another thing is I am afraid will be doing things at my house that my parents and I won't approve of...ya know...what should I do?? I don't know if I should just have a quiet party or a big party? what should be the theme? PLEASE HELP ME! Thanks, Amy(13/f/Florida)

The Party Girl's advice is:

Why put yourself in a position of having a party with people you can't trust in you parent's home and ruining your birthday. I know at your age that you want to have the "cool" group but sometimes that just isn't possible. Why not just have a party with real friends who you can trust. Look at the theme site for some ideas.

Kitty asked:

Occasion: 14th Birthday
I have no idea what to do for my best friends birthday. Last year we threw a surprise party for her and I don't know what to do for her this year. But whatever it is I don't want her to know please help me.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Why don't a bunch of girls show up on Sunday morning in PJs and have a surprise breakfast party. Have all the foods for breakfast. Work it out with her mom.

Anne asked:

Occasion: husband's birthday
What kind of theme could I use for a family birthday party for my husband?

The Party Girl's advice is:

Look at the theme page at the fiesta fun, spaghetti supper, congrats area and other areas. A lot depends upon budget.

Christy asked:

Occasion: Sweet 16 Birthday Party
I am 16 and getting ready to have a party! But I am clueless, what can you do for 4 hours that will be fun and keep people awake? My favorite color is blue, I am a dancer, and I thought I could maybe have some music if people wanted to dance and the only game I came up with is Twister. I will have around 40-50 people there. I want this to be a great party! And I really need some help with decorations, foods, and just some fun entertainment! I am not the best party planner! Thanks!

The Party Girl's advice is:

Well, first look at the theme page and get some idea what direction you want to go. Maybe a beach/luau type party. Then go to gamegirl and look at the age appropriate areas for games to play. Once you make those decisions, check out for great favors, decorations, etc.

Zeh asked:

Occasion: my 13th B-Day
What can I do that is fun for 7th grade (12,13) girls & boys?

The Party Girl's advice is:

Go to the gamegirl site and look under Bar/Bat Mitzvah games. Perfect for the age.

Melinda asked:

Occasion: 5 yr old birthday party
I need some help in general, how to decorate etc.

The Party Girl's advice is:

You could go to the Barbie area of Toys R us for stuff. Or look at for great favors, decorations, etc. You want tiaras, dress up shoes, jewelry, etc. Go to the craft store and get balloons. After you blow them up, write your daughter's name in Elmer's and roll in glitter for great decorations.

Becca asked:

Occasion: 13th Birthday
Hi! I have no idea what to do for my birthday. I'm have 15-20 teenagers and I want to do something fun/cool. I don't know whether or not it will be a sleepover. PLEASE HELP!!!

The Party Girl's advice is:

First, look at the themes on the partygirl site, especially the bar/bat mitzvah area for some great theme ideas. Then look at the gamegirl site, especially the sleepover area. For great decorations, favors, etc., look at

Sharlesha asked:

Occasion: birthday
OK I need help planning my daughter's birthday party help me

The Party Girl's advice is:

Look under the theme site of partygirl, especially under the bar/bat mitzvah area. Perfect for the age group. Then look at gamegirl for games to play. For great decorations and party stuff, look at

Kate asked:

Occasion: sweet 16
I need an idea for a large group of teenagers. I really liked the indoor camp out idea we have a fire place and a living room of substantial size but I don't know how to incorporate boys into that. Or if you have a completely new Idea (and my group is not particularly hip to the trendy beat) that is inexpensive please help me!

The Party Girl's advice is:

Look at the theme page of partygirl. Look at the BBQ for that campfire thing. Also look at the possible of the beach party in the winter incorporated with the Luau. Then go to the gamegirl site and check out games to do.

Megan asked:

Occasion: birthday
Hi! My name is Megan and I'm having my 14th birthday party in about a week and a half. There will be about 45 guys and girls there. I have no ideas of what to do. I don't have a theme. We have a pool table, ping pong table, basketball court, and music. What else can I do? Please help. Thanks. Megan

The Party Girl's advice is:

Have you looked at the theme site for ideas? Also look at gamegirl for ideas. Maybe you could set up mini sites for tournaments in the various sports available.

Jon asked:

Occasion: Mature birthday party
I need ideas on games to play, music,&food.

The Party Girl's advice is:

For food, it would depend on the time of the party and how many are coming. Let me know that. For games, look at the gamegirl site at teen, mystery party, hunts and rallies for game ideas.

Ellen asked:

Occasion: 14th B-day Millennium bash
I am having a birthday/2000 bash and need to know how to play things like an indoor scavenger or treasure hunt. Also what kind of snack foods are best for teens? thanks Ellen

The Party Girl's advice is:

Pick out ten items that have no relationship with each other such as a ribbon, post-it-note, marble, etc. Hide them on one floor of the house in places where you can see them but have to look carefully. (Don't forget the ceiling and by a light switch). Give everyone a list of items and pencil and a time limit and see who gets the most.

Nicole asked:

Occasion: Birthday Party/ Going Away
Dear Party Girl, I actually have more than one question and I hope that's alright. Well, you see I'm planning a birthday party and a going away party. I'm thinking of an afternoon tea but my friends are a bit hyper and is there anyway I could make the tea time theme have a sort of spunk??? And so I was thinking that I could just invite them over, have some fun like they come, we could all invent our own pizzas, watch a movie while eating them, play some games, open presents...etc. The problem with this theme is that it's boring! What would I do for the opening? That also goes for the other theme. I mean, how can I produce a great party with these 2 themes? Can you please give me some advice? I'd adore that greatly. Thanks.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Look at the gamegirl site under teen games for some ideas. Blow up a pic of the honoree and play a game of Pin the Part and then have everyone sign it for her to keep. You could have make your own sundaes for dessert. See if any of your bakeries scan photos and if they do, put her pic on the cake. When each guest arrives, give them the name of a famous person. They can't tell anyone who they are but everyone has to ask each other questions to find out.

Tammie asked:

Occasion: Daughters 2nd Birthday
My daughter will be turning 2 and I'm planning a Blue's Clues Birthday party for her. I was looking for something different to do as party favors for the other children. Do you have any ideas other than loot bags?

The Party Girl's advice is:

My daughter is doing Blue's Clues for her twin girls next month. There's a ton of stuff in the stores such as sticker books, rubber figures, hats, plates, etc. Check the local Toys R Us.

Susan asked:

Occasion: mother-in-laws 60th birthday
What to do for my mother-in-law's 60th birthday party.

The Party Girl's advice is:

I need more information. Want to do a party or just a great gift? Just women or men/women, day or evening? Budget? Location? What does she like? Does she have any other children who would go in on the planning and expenses. Look at the various themes on the site and once you make some decisions, if you need help, write back.

Pengy asked:

Occasion: sweet 16
Hi! My best friend, Jess, is turning 16 this upcoming January 4th and I would like to do something for her. However, I live in Palm Springs and there aren't too many options for young people. I really don't know what to do and it's coming up soon! Could you please advise? Thanks for your time! Blue Pengy

The Party Girl's advice is:

I don't know how many people are involved or if they are all girls or what your budget is. Look at the gamegirl site and surf the different areas for advice. If you want a good theme, surf the theme site for ideas.

Jenni asked:

Occasion: Sweet 16
I'm having a sweet 16/ New Years party. I have friends coming from 14-18 yrs old, I need some ideas for stuff to do, so far I've come up with Twister, watch movies, have a dance area, and play truth or dare type games (spin the bottle, seven minutes in heaven, etc.) any other ideas of stuff to do?

The Party Girl's advice is:

Look at the gamegirl site under teen games and some of the other areas. Happy Birthday!!!!!

samara asked:

Occasion: 14th Birthday
I'm having a guy/girl party in January and I was wondering if you have any ideas for games or activities that would be fun ((might involve kissing~lol))~and would keep the guys interested too ((besides truth or dare, spin the bottle, and basketball!))~`i need some indoor "games" too or movie suggestions, in case it gets too cold! thanX~<3always~

The Party Girl's advice is:

Look at the gamegirl site at teen games and surf some of the other areas for game ideas. Blow up a picture of yourself and play Pin the Part and then have everyone sign it.

Cheryl asked:

Occasion: a friend's 50th birthday
What do you suggest for food and entertainment for a party with primarily women in attendance?

The Party Girl's advice is:

What time - or day or evening? I'll assume evening. Look at the gamegirl site at the bachelorette area for some "bold" entertainment. Go to the drugstore and make up a "care package" of sample size products for the 'aged' like preparation H and dentucreme. Blow up a picture of the birthday girl and play Pin the Part and then everyone sign it.

Bella asked:

Occasion: Millennium
I have extremely boring friends I need some activity ideas for a time range of 9pm to 1am everyone is expecting A LOT!! I need help or this party is CANCELED! PLEASE HELP!!!!

The Party Girl's advice is:

Look at the gamegirl site in teen games and mystery party games and the New Year's section.

Michele asked:

Occasion: 14th B-day
Hi party girl. Ok this is my problem. My parents are very low on cash and I really want a 14th Birthday Party. I have A LOT of people to invite and no where to do it. My mom says she doesn't want it in the house for 2 reasons. One that it's too small and Two because she doesn't want anything broken. I said we should do it outside but it is winter and pretty cold. The Recreation Center by my house is like 100 something dollars every 2 hours. Do you have any idea where I could do it or what I could do? If I have it at night, I'm sure my parents would be ok with making pasta or ordering pizza.... I need something fast (because I want to do it during winter break, but I have 3 weeks) and cheap. PLEASE HELP! Thanks you so much!

The Party Girl's advice is:

Do you bowl or ice skate? You could do it at the alleys or rink. Or you could postpone it till the summer and have it outdoors.

Chrissy asked:

Occasion: Husband's 21st birthday party
I want to give my husband a 21st birthday neither one of us are popular but we do have friends that like to party. Well the thing is I need so ideas on how to make this party a good one you know you don't get but one 21st birthday.

The Party Girl's advice is:

How about a scavenger hunt or a mystery party. Look at those areas on the partygirl/themes site, or at gamegirl.

Sil asked:

Occasion: 30th Birthday Bash
Having a surprise birthday bash for my sister and would like to get some millennium birthday party ideas for a 30th birthday as well as theme ideas.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Look at the birthday section of the site for theme ideas. A millennium theme could be anything you want it to be. Just adapt another theme to the new century. Then look at gamegirl site for game ideas.

Jeniffer asked:

Occasion: sweet sixteen birthday
hey party girl, my sweet sixteen party is in less than a month but I have no clue where to start. I don't even have a theme yet. if it helps I am very girly and my favorite color is pink. I have to invite family & fiends so I need games and ideas that will apply to both. please help ASAP

The Party Girl's advice is:

If you are so girly and love pink so much, have an "Everything Barbie" party. Invitations, decorations, favors, cake, paper goods, etc all Barbie. Look at for stuff or check out Toys R Us. Serve pink punch. Look at the gamegirl site at teen, adult and mystery sites and surf some of the others.

Cuontisha asked:

Occasion: Sweet Sixteen
We need a theme and some help on decor.

The Party Girl's advice is:

You haven't given me much to work with. Have you looked at the different themes on the site? Once you find something you like, if you still need help, write again. Think about your likes and dislikes and what type of party you would like to go to.

Keri asked:

Occasion: sweet sixteen
I need to throw a surprise sweet sixteen birthday party for my friend but I don't know what I should do. I know round about how many people are coming (50) but I don't know what to do? please help!!! Thanks a million

The Party Girl's advice is:

How about a surprise breakfast on a Sunday morning. Have everyone wear their PJs and robes. Food is easy, the usual eggs, bacon, bagels, etc. the surprise is easy, Work with her mom and wake her up. Maybe her mom could give her some cute pjs in advance. Blow up a picture of her and play pin-the-part and then have everyone sign it. Look at the gamegirl site for more ideas.

Nas asked:

Occasion: 14th BIRTHDAY
I have no idea what to do for my party. I just made a bunch of real good older friends and this is their first time at one of my parties. I want to do something ORIGINAL, CREATIVE, and MATURE! NO little kid stuff. I have no idea what to do and I need a response ASAP! PLEASE HELP ME! Please email rather than posting on the board because that is a lot faster. THANK-YOU

The Party Girl's advice is:

You could have a beach/Hawaiian/Mexican type party with the theme, summer in winter. Look at the partygirl site for these ideas. Blow up a pic of yourself and play a game of Pin-The-Part. Have a limbo contest. Break a piņata. For great decorations, see

Karen asked:

Occasion: daughter's 13th b-day/millennium
Any ideas on how to celebrate becoming a teenager, and trying to incorporate the millennium theme at the same time?

The Party Girl's advice is:

Look at the bar/bat mitzvah areas in the gamegirl and party girl section. Perfect age group. As for the millennium part, why not have them all make predictions for the coming year and someone read them and try to guess who wrote what.

Nikki asked:

Occasion: 15 birthday party
It is gonna be my birthday party on Friday and I have no games to do. We don't wanna do a scavenger hunt or nothin babish. Any suggestions. Write back ASAP thanx

The Party Girl's advice is:

Surf the different suggestions on gamegirl site. Try teen games.

Kristin E. asked:

Occasion: My 13th Birthday
I am turning 13 and I want to have a fun party. I wanted to have a DJ and dancing and stuff, but a lot of my friends have done that already so I want my party to be different. I don't really need a theme, just ideas on games or activities that I could do. I'm into dancing and basically just hanging out. Please give me ideas as soon as possible. Thanks so much!

The Party Girl's advice is:

Look at the bar/bat mitzvah area on the theme page and the same area and teen games on the gamegirl page for ideas perfect for your age group.

Michelle asked:

Occasion: Birthday Party
How should I celebrate my birthday party? I was thinking about having a hair wrapping lady come to my house and do all my best friends and me and my cousin. Or I was thinking that I could have it at C.J. Barrytmores. It has pizza, pop, cake, ice cream and lazer tag and a lot of games!! If you could answer my question I would be so happy.

The Party Girl's advice is:

I love your idea but I don't know what your question is.

Steven asked:

Occasion: birthday
I baby-sit this little girl and her bb-day party is Friday and she's having a slumber party her mom asked me to stay the night and have fun with 8 other girls all night. Her mom wants me to put make-up on them and do their nails and just have a fun time. I want to have an idea of a game or something if the make-up game gets old. Any suggestions to make it a great evening?? (HELP)

The Party Girl's advice is:

You could do some baking and cooking decorating. Also, music is great. Look at the gamegirl page under kid games and sleepover games for ideas.

William asked:

Occasion: Birthday Party
It's for my son. He will be 14 and I don't know what to do this year. We have done the sleep over, bowling and the Chuck and Cheese thing. I'm looking for something really different this year.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Does he bowl or do another indoor sport that you could play? What about a mystery party - see this theme and the gamegirl page for ideas for this. Also look at the bar/bat mitzvah areas for the proper age.

Ashley asked:

Occasion: 14 birthday
What should my theme be? I don't want really laid back I want people to have fun. I want a fun party what should I do? oh yeah not too wild either

The Party Girl's advice is:

Does your Embassy Suite have an indoor pool? If so, have a each party with a Hawaiian theme. Look at the theme page for how to do it. Have limbo contests, water volleyball. etc. Look at for great decorations and favors. Play a game of Pin the part and blow up a poster of you and provide different parts and swim trunks.

Lindsay asked:

Occasion: 12th birthday party( sleep over)
I need some game ideas for a sleep over for girls 11-13 of age. Its going to be a big party(15 girls) and I need games that will keep them busy and not bored. Its going to be in a dance there's lots and lots of space. Please give me some web sites where I could find some cool and fun games...thanks.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Go to the partygirl game site and look at the different categories. Do the poster thing with your picture and do a signing How cool to have the studio for the party.

sasha asked:

Occasion: birthday
hi party girl I'm looking for a place to go for my birthday. My best friend and I are having a joint birthday party (we will both be 14)and we were going to go disco bowling but someone else is doing that before us. Do you have any ideas of another activity we could do. thanx a ton.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Why not have a beach/Hawaiian party at a hotel or motel near you with an indoor pool. Check them out with your parents Then look at the theme page of party411 for ideas on how to do it. Also look at for great decorations, favors, etc.

Carlie asked:

Occasion: Birthday
I want a fun hilarious birthday but I don't have a great theme. Can you give me some ideas?

The Party Girl's advice is:

Look at the theme page of party 411 for some ideas. You could do a beach party in the winter, or a mystery party like the game of clue, or a movie star party or anything. Check out for great decorations and stuff

TS asked:

Occasion: birthday
I need locations for a birthday party for an 11 year old girl besides movies, bowling and painting pottery.

The Party Girl's advice is:

How about a local ice or roller skating rink, laser tag, indoor swimming (check with local high schools), or if the child has a favorite sport, the local sports arena may have rental time for parties and play.

Melissa asked:

Occasion: 1st Birthday
I am not too sure what theme I should have for my daughter's1st birthday. I really want her to reflect back on this special day. She was born on Jan 1st, 1999. We are celebrating it on the 8th because the center is closed on the first. Either way I know we are all going to have plenty of fun. Just need ideas.

The Party Girl's advice is:

One of the best themes for a first birthday is bears. there are so many ways to use them (I did it with my twin granddaughters and everyone loved it.) Bear favors, centerpieces, balloons, etc. You can have the cake as a bear. Doesn't have to be Winnie, just cute ones. Be sure to video the party for later and don't worry, these things are for the relatives and friends and your daughter will love to see the tape in a year or so, just make sure there's lots of her.

See more Party Girl Advice on Birthdays.

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