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Nina asked:

Occasion: birthday
I need some help with planning my birthday party. I am turning 14 and all my other parties sucked cause they weren't planned very good. What I really need is help with the theme. Do you have any good teenage ideas? If it helps my birthday is in February. I know its a little early but I want to get it over with. It is a guy girl party so that makes harder for me because I'm afraid I will mess up and every one will think I'm dumb and I had a stupid party. Thank you if you can help. thanks,

The Party Girl's advice is:

Planning early is good. Look at the party girl site and see all the themes there. Also look at the gamegirl site for ideas. Pick the theme and the place, then plan the entertainment and food. You can get great decorations and stuff at Get you friends to help you and your mom too.

Erica asked:

Occasion: daughters 5th birthday
I cannot find Barbie invitations anywhere in my area. I was hoping to find some holiday Barbie invitations on the internet, do you know where I can?

The Party Girl's advice is:

First try If nothing there, use keyword Barbie and check what different Barbie sites have to offer. also check out Toys-R-Us

Laura asked:

Occasion: Birthday party
Would love to find a terrific idea for decorating my son's birthday cake. Do you have any great spy/secret agent/James Bond-ish ideas for decorating the cake?

The Party Girl's advice is:

One great cake idea, not James Bond but great, is find a bakery with a scanner and scan a picture of your son dressed as a spy on the top.

Kajol asked:

Occasion: 13th Birthday
I'm having a 13th B-DAY! I don't really want a theme or anything. It's going to be more like a slumber party. It's going to be all girls. I was thinking about makeovers and movies and games (I need ideas on that) and no board games. So I need ideas on 13 Birthday Party (slumber party). It's going to be at my house (inside; not outside in the cold). Also on food ideas.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Look at two areas of party girl - themes and gamegirl. See the teen and Bar/Bat Mitzvah areas. Also see the Sleepover games. Lots of good ideas there.

Nina asked:

Occasion: Birthday
I don't know what to plan for like game, food and stuff like that. Every party I have they always seem to be unplanned so I would like for you to give me some ideas about themes or whatever. thanks

The Party Girl's advice is:

Look at for some ideas. Choose the category, theme, etc. Then you can plan the rest. Check for great and inexpensive decorations, favors, etc. Maybe a beach party in Feb. would be good. If you still need help after that, write again. Also, check out gamegirl

Dawn asked:

Occasion: birthday - 16
Hi my name is dawn I'm gonna be sweet 16 this Feb 7th but instead of having me go up and saying stuff about people I want them to go up and say something about me

The Party Girl's advice is:

If that's what you want, you better tell them ahead of time so that they are prepared. Be sure to give them the option of telling a funny story about you.

Jim asked:

Occasion: birthday
Hey I need major help for my birthday party! I am planning a New years eve part for 13 of my friends and have nothing to occupy my friends for about five hours. Do you have any ideas? Thanx! --

The Party Girl's advice is:

Look at for some ideas.

Jessica asked:

Occasion: birthday
Hi, I was wondering, what are some really good ideas for a sweet 16 party? My daughter's birthday is in about two months, and we can't seem to figure out what to do as a theme and whether we should go for a dance or what. If you have any ideas, please feel free toe-mail them to me.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Have you looked at the page or Lots of ideas. Hard to be specific without any details such as how many, boy and girl, budget, likes and dislikes, etc.

DR asked:

Occasion: birthday
My best friend is turning 16 in January and doesn't want to do the same old thing by having a huge party in a hall with a dj, blah blah blah. She wants to do a little intimate thing with five or six of her best friends. She doesn't want to have just a little sleepover thing cause we do that all the time. Got any ideas? If you do e-mail me thanx

The Party Girl's advice is:

Look at and for some ideas. Or you might consider taking the party to a retirement home or a children's ward in a hospital and sharing.

Alissa asked:

Occasion: 17 and 18th birthday
I want to make a surprise party for my friend's 17th birthday at my house. What can we do to make it fun but not immature? Our budget isn't that high. Its also casual thanks

The Party Girl's advice is:

Have you looked at Lots of ideas there that you can do for little money. Also see for great decorations and favors.

Jen asked:

Occasion: sweet 16
I have a winter birthday and was wondering if a swimming party at a hotel would be a good idea for 15-17 year olds guys and girls, or is this not a good idea for people that age, I was also thinking about just having a party at my house but wasn't sure what to do to keep everyone having a good time so if you could help a.s.a.p. I would appreciate it. thank you

The Party Girl's advice is:

I think a swim party is a good idea. Have a beach/luau party. Look at for some great ideas for this type of party. You could have volleyball in the pool and all sorts of games. Do the limbo and play pass the orange. See for great decorations and favors.

Tiffany asked:

Occasion: birthday
aright peeps, I need a good theme that my friends will like!! what am I supposed to do if I can't find a dang good theme??? help, need answers by 11/22!!

The Party Girl's advice is:

You look at for ideas. If you can't find one there, there isn't anything that will make you happy.

Becky asked:

Occasion: birthday
Since my birthday is on December 20th, I want to have a party the weekend of the 17 -19. I need a theme for the 16th birthday party!!!!

The Party Girl's advice is:

Look at for lots of ideas. And don't forget to include the candle ceremony.

Angel asked:

Occasion: sweet sixteen
Dear party girl, I am having a sweet sixteen in January. We are going to hold it in a hotel room and then go out to a place called Roger rocks. I need to know some cool games like scavenger hunt where you go look at stores for the items on the list and you video tape it. So please help

The Party Girl's advice is:

Look at at the teen games and hunts and rallies section. Also look at the bar/bat mitzvah section

Lauren asked:

Occasion: 16th Birthday
I'll be turning 16 in December and I'm looking for something fun to do with 4 kids, 5 teens (myself included), and the parents. I would like to have a nice lunch at the house with everything decorated. I can't really think of anything that would entertain a 5 year old, a 17 year old and a 32 year old at the same time. I'd also like some info on the "candle lighting ceremony". Thanks, Lauren

The Party Girl's advice is:

Here's a thought, why not have your lunch part of your party at your home and do the candle ceremony there. You light 16 different candles and for each one, name someone who has made a difference in your life. Then take your cake and the rest of your dessert to either a nursing home or a children's ward and celebrate with them. What a memorable way to celebrate.

steph asked:

Occasion: x-mas/birthday
What kind of games would you suggest for grade sevens to play at a party that have kissing and stuff in the rules?

The Party Girl's advice is:

Except for "spin the bottle" and post office, I don't have any to suggest.

cj asked:


The Party Girl's advice is:

Since I don't have any details for your party, it's hard to get specific. Start with your budget and work from there. Go to and for some great ideas. Look at for great decorations and favors. Then, if you still need help, write back.

Kristen asked:

Occasion: 14th b-day
I'm having my party at 6:00pm and its a spend-the-night party but I need things to do for teens. PLEASE HELP!

The Party Girl's advice is:

Look at at the teen game, sleepover and bar/bat mitzvah areas for great ideas.

Sherri asked:

Occasion: my birthday
What kind of ideas or games should we do? I booked a dj but he doesn't have a karaoke machine?

The Party Girl's advice is:

Most DJs lead different games with different sorts of dances. They also usually have fund stuff like the bubble wrap squares and glow in the dark jewelry. Check with him for this stuff. You can also get it at and their catalogues.

Beatriz asked:

Occasion: my 15th birthday party
Hey. I'm having my 15th birthday party and I don't know where to have it. My mom said that I can't have it at my house. I'm thinking about a dance party, but I have no place to hold it. Any ideas?

The Party Girl's advice is:

Do any of your friends live in an apartment or condo complex that has a party room? What about the social hall at your church or temple?

Liz asked:

Occasion: birthday
I am nearly 15 years old, and I have no idea what to do for my birthday. It is coming up in the beginning of December, and I need some help, fast. One of my friends suggested a masquerade, but I don't know how I would pull it off since I live in an apartment. Help! ~Liz

The Party Girl's advice is:

That would be hard to do with more space than you have. Look at for some ideas. You could have a "winter beach party" and use those ideas. Look at for great party decorations and favors.

J asked:

Occasion: 13 Birthday
Hi I'm having a birthday party and I will be 13. I'm inviting all girls to my party, 4 of them and I was wondering what sort of games and activities to make this a birthday to remember but there can't be anything outside cause it's December

The Party Girl's advice is:

Go to and see the bar/bar mitzvah area for perfect things for your age group. Also see the gamegirl section .

Michelle asked:

Occasion: 16th birthday party
What are some ideas to do for a sixteenth birthday party?

The Party Girl's advice is:

Without any details, I can't get specific. But I can suggest places to start. Want a theme? See for ideas. Want great party stuff? See for catalogues. Games and activities? See After you have some of your ideas, budget, date, etc. together, if you are still stuck, write back. Don't forget the traditional candle ceremony.

Cindy asked:

Occasion: 16th Birthday
We have all the invitations, plates, forks, everything, but we need games to play that go along with the parties theme. Can you help!

The Party Girl's advice is:

First, look at for catalogue with great beach/luau stuff. Then look at for this theme and at the gamegirl for party ideas. Don't forget the limbo, and pass the orange and maybe even a piņata.

Debbie asked:

I am having my sweet sixteen birthday on November 26. This is a really special birthday but I can not think of any party ideas. My parents are not willing to spend a lot of money. Please share your ideas.

The Party Girl's advice is:

I am going to repeat what I just told another sweet 16. 2 ideas. 1. If there is a pottery place like a Clay Matters, have the party there and make stuff. 2. Take the party to a retirement home or a children's ward and share. neither of these cost much and work great.

Rachel asked:

Occasion: sweet 16
I am planning my sweet 16. My problem is I don't know what to do for it. I am not the kind of person that likes to be the center of attention so I don't want one of those parties in a hall or on a boat. I am need help with an idea of what I can do. It can either be co-ed or all girls it doesn't matter. I was thinking about taking girls to a day spa and dinner but I am not really sure. Can you please help me think of an idea that is fun and creative? thanx

The Party Girl's advice is:

I have 2 thoughts. 1. See if there is a place like a Clay Matters where you all can go and make pottery for an evening and have your party there. It's great fun. 2. Why not celebrate and help others? Have your party at a retirement home or a children's ward of a hospital. Giving is great.

Michelle asked:

Occasion: birthday
ideas for a sweet sixteen party

The Party Girl's advice is:

Without know any details, it's hard to be specific. Look at for theme ideas, for decorations, for stuff to do. Don't forget the candle ceremony. After you have gotten some of that together along with some details, if you still are having trouble, write back.

Alesis asked:

Occasion: sweet 16
Hi my name is Alexis and I really need some ideas for my sweet sixteen in January and I want a party that no one will forget so please send me some ideas for games, decorations and party ideas

The Party Girl's advice is:

Try these sites first to get started. for sweet sixteen party ideas and for things to do. Look at for great party stuff. Then if you still need help, write back with what you have so far, your budget, details, etc. and we'll talk.

Melaina asked:

Occasion: Birthday Party
Girlfriend is turning 26 and we all want to surprise her. My friend and I are unsure if we should have a theme or what, we want it to be very memorable.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Themes are good because they help focus a party. You can have fun with a lot of planning already out of the way. A party with no theme just usually drifts and is not memorable. You don't have to do really elaborate stuff but look at for some ideas and modify one or two to your taste and your girlfriend's likes. It will show caring and thought and isn't that the whole point.

Natalie asked:

Occasion: Birthday Party
At a dance birthday Party what games can you play? please help and answer me soon....if not with dance games just regular games that you can play at home will do a lot of help!!! please hurry and I need a lot of ideas.....thank you soooosoooosooo much.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Look at and check out the bar/bat mitzvah section for some great ideas. You can also have limbo, Pass the orange and Karaoke.

Sarah asked:

Occasion: daughters 4th birthday
Would like any ideas on games or anything for a Barbie party. Thank you. Sarah

The Party Girl's advice is:

At that age, playing dress up is the neatest thing to do. Collect all the pink and silver stuff you can find, either going to a toy store in the Barbie section or borrowing from friends with little girls. Look at for catalogue for Barbie stuff or go to Toys-R-Us for invitations, decorations, etc. Have a cake made of Barbie. Think pink!!!

Karen asked:

Occasion: birthday
I am looking for games for a 4 year olds princess ball. we will play dance freeze, make sugar cube castles and maybe have a treasure hunt (depends on weather). What other games can we play? I want to stay away from the Cinderella ideas. Thanks.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Dress up is always great. Make a play or have them dress up and put on some of their favorite music and let them dance. Get a video of the Princess and the Pea.

Catherine asked:

Occasion: daughter's 8th birthday
Do you have any ideas for games, activities, favors for an outdoor bonfire party? I have plans for the food, but I am stumped on the rest. Help!

The Party Girl's advice is:

First, check and for some ideas. You might have a scavenger hunt with flashlights, a limbo contest, leaf crafts using paste, leaves, paper, glitter, etc. Scary stories are a great idea.

AMANDA asked:

Occasion: birthday

The Party Girl's advice is:

First look at and for some good ideas. Also look at for great decorations and stuff. Then check your budget and make plans. If you need more help after that, write back

Wendy & Kathy asked:

Occasion: twins birthday
My friends twins are turning "SWEET SIXTEEN". We want the girls to remember this birthday party for the rest of their life's. We were thinking a theme having to do with the Millennium, but we don't want anything to do with space are anything like that. Their birthday is in December so we need something good and COOL! ( we don't want them to get picked on ) Any help you can give us will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Wendy and Kathy

The Party Girl's advice is:

You could do a Noah's Ark theme with the animals coming in 2 x 2 and assign each person an animal to dress as.

Sarah asked:

Occasion: sweet 16
For my sweet sixteen I want to throw a really spectacular party. Most of my friends have had the usual dance party. I want something different but enjoyable. It should be something that can be enjoyed by a group of boys and girls.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Check for the sweet 16 theme and look at some others. You can modify any of them to fit the budget.

Emily asked:

Occasion: 16'th birthday party
I need help trying to pick an idea for my sweet sixteen party, please

The Party Girl's advice is:

Check for ideas. There are so many ways to go, I can't narrow it down for you. See what you like and adapt it. If you get stuck, write back. Don't forget the candle ceremony.

Jeanna asked:

Occasion: sweet 16
I have planned everything for my party except the favors. At first I was thinking long stem roses but they are kind of expensive in January. Do you have any suggestions? And is my boyfriend supposed to be the last candle I light?

The Party Girl's advice is:

If you want roses, use chocolate ones. They can be all brown or green stems with red or white buds. See you local candy store. Or you can have chocolate medallions with your name and the number 16. The order of