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"Arizona Cardinals" asked:

Occasion: Sweet 16
>Hello, > > > >I am a 15 year old guy invited to my first Sweet 16. It is at a > >restaurant in June and I am not sure what I should wear and dont > >want to go there looking like an idiot. > > > >Please Help Me :) thanks Tyler

The Party Girl's advice is:

Ask some of your friends what they are wearing. Or ask the hostess if you need a tie, jacket or just a nice shirt or pants. Better to ask than feel out of place.

Ashley asked:

Occasion: birthday
>Hi my name is Ashley. I am throwing a party at a community center for my b-day. >I am turning 14 and I would like to know if you have any good ideas of what I >could do to make it fun and exciting I was kind of thinking maybe something >hawaiian >you can e-mail me back at >thanks

The Party Girl's advice is:

Go to the theme page of partygirl. There is an area just for hawaiian, beach, etc. parties. then look at the party supply pages to get decorations, favors, etc. (one such is If you would like special made things like styrophone cutouts, etc, write back and we can do this for you. I like this for a party theme because everyone has a good time. Limbo, pinatas, wild shirts, grass skirts, leis, etc.

Erin asked:

Occasion: Sweet 16 Birthday
I am turning 16 in August and I dont know if I should have a formal birthday party or just a regular birthday party??? Please help me I want this to be a really special birthday party for me and I want it to be the right thing. >

The Party Girl's advice is:

Well, August is probably the hotest time of the year. I would go casual, possibly a pool party with a Hawaiian, luau theme. Look at the theme page for some ideas.

Daff asked:

Occasion: 15th Birthday Party
My best friend, for two almost almost three years, and I are having a dual >15th birthday party. We are thinking about an outside potluck picnic >lunch...that is all we have! We need help. This is a boy-girl party and >last year's party was sorry. What games can we play that will entertain 15 >year old guys and girls? What can we do that will be fun, what will make >this birthday the best ever?

The Party Girl's advice is:

Have a scavenger hunt with teams. Set up a volleyball net and play. Borrow a polaroid camera and take pics that the guests can keep. Have a picture of both of you blown up poster size and play a game of Pin The Nose, then have everyone sign it. Look at the gamegirl site for more ideas.

Patricio asked:

Occasion: birthday
Hi! Well I'm holding my 13th birthday party Saturday March 18 and I have >no idea what to do to entertain my guests. I have sent out invitations >and everything is planned out but I have a really low budget and I still >need some good party game ideas QUICK! Will you help?!?!?!?!?!

The Party Girl's advice is:

Feel like being crafty? Go to the KMart or some store like that. Get XXLarge Men's white t-shirts. Then go to the craft store and get permanent magic markets, craft glue, glitter, clothing paint, etc. and have everyone decorate their own shirt. Have a scavenger hunt. Look at the game girl site for other ideas.

Smile asked:

Occasion: hi
I am going to have a birthday party and I am most likely going to have cake and open presents at my house and play a few games and then go to bigIi play? and could you give me some like 13-15 year old games

The Party Girl's advice is:

Blow up a picture of yourself and play a game of Pin -the-Nose and then have everything sign it. When each person arrives, pin or tape a picture of one of a pair (like Mickey and Minnie, or Luci and Desi) on each person's back. They have to ask questions to find out who they are and then get together with the other half of their couple. All questions must be "Yes and No" answers. If you have the room, play the kid's game of Duck, duck goose. Look at gamegirl site under teen games for some more ideas.

Anne asked:

Occasion: 30th Birthday
Can you suggest any interesting party/gift ideas for the big 3-0? Thanks!

The Party Girl's advice is:

For party themes, check the theme page and game girl page for great ideas. Are you looking for good gag gifts? Some of the card shops carry a line called "Over the Hill" and it's very funny. I can't get too specific because you didn't give me much info. Maybe a surprise Sunday brunch?

Michelle asked:

Occasion: 13th birthday
I need help my bud's 13th birthday is in 29 days. she needs help. She doesn't have any ideas for her party. can you help? -- please help desperate

The Party Girl's advice is:

Take it easy. Help is close. Go to partygirl's theme page and look at bar/bat mitzvah area. Perfect for your age group. Then go to the same area on the gamegirl page. You can find great party stuff at

Brandon asked:

Occasion: birthday
I'm thinking about throwing a hotel party, like getting a full size suite, but wondering if it will get busted and shut down cause of noise, we are planning to drink and such, what is your advice?

The Party Girl's advice is:

First of all, how old are the guests? If they are under age, you can't do that legally. I would assume you are or you wouldn't have written. We both know that the noise level will be bad. Rethink this party, stay out of a hotel.

Cloe asked:

Occasion: sweet sixteen
How can I throw an inexpensive sweet sixteen and still have be a blast? By the way I have a lot of friends.

The Party Girl's advice is:

If you want to go with the summer theme, see if you can use an indoor pool at a nearby hotel and have a "beach party" there. There is a lot of great stuff to be found at

Caitlin asked:

Occasion: My 12th B-Day Party!
My 12th Birthday is in less than a month and I don't have the slightest idea of what kind of party I should have! I don't want a little kid type of party, I want to have a party a bit more mature. I would like to have a sleepover but my mom and dad won't let me because our house isn't big enough to fit 10 or 11 girls. That is what I am struggling with. What should I do!?!

The Party Girl's advice is:

Is there a pottery place where you live that you can spend time making pots and plates. If so, have the party there. It's lots of fun and different. Or maybe skating. Or why not find a hotel nearby that has an indoor swimming pool and see if you can have a "beach party" there.

Carrie asked:

Occasion: 3rd Birthday
My son will be 3. He likes Woody and Buzz from Toy Story. The stores carry all of the Toy Story products for parties. I would like to do something a little different than just buying these types of products or integrating different with Toy Story products. Do you have any other themes I could use for a 3 year old that will be inviting 10 & 11 year olds.

The Party Girl's advice is:

You have a large age span to entertain. You might have to have 2 different things going on at once. Look at the gamegirl page for some game ideas that might work for each group. One idea is to use drawing as an activity. Have craft materials ready for the kids and people to help the little ones.

Anna asked:

Occasion: My 12 Birthday Party
How can I make this party the best party ever?!?! and what should be the entertainment?

The Party Girl's advice is:

Budget means how much money you have to spend. With that date, the natural thing is a St. Patrick's Day theme. Look at for great decorations and stuff. Not expensive. Then look at gamegirl in the bar/bat mitzvah area and sleepover area for great things to do.


Occasion: B-DAY PARTY

The Party Girl's advice is:

The most important thing to do first is find out what your budget is. You can't plan anything till you know how much you have to spend. Then go to the Bar/Bat Mitzvah area of party411 themes and gamegirl for ideas. Perfect for your age group. It's hard to get specific when I don't have any details to work with. If you are still stuck, write back with some more info.

Sarah asked:

Occasion: 16th bday advice
My 16th birthday is coming up, and I really want it to be special. I'm going to invite about 10-15 friends. At first I wanted to do a day trip up to this major city, but it's costing too much $. I want to do something that's not totally expensive, but fun and memorable. Any ideas for themes/ places? Or websites? Oh, and my birthday is in May, so the weather should hopefully be pretty nice out. No availability for swimming, though. Thanks a lot! Signed, Sweet 16 soon

The Party Girl's advice is:

Have you looked at the different themes on the theme site or at gamegirl? Lots of good ideas. Is there a craft place where you can all go and make pottery? That's fun. Or maybe a beauty treatment?

Heather asked:

Occasion: 40th birthday
What should I do for a 40th birthday

The Party Girl's advice is:

Heather, I don't even know whose birthday we are talking about. Look at the theme page and the gamegirl page for some ideas. If you still need help, write back with details.

Angela asked:

Occasion: 16th birthday
I'm having my 16th birthday in a few days and I still don't know what I want to do. there will be only 3 or 4 people coming.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Hope this gets to you before the party. Look at the gamegirl site at some ideas of things to do, especially the teen area. Next time, don't wait so long.

Samantha asked:

Occasion: birthday
I don't now what theme to have, I am going to be 13 and I don't know what theme I should have can you help me by recommending a few Themes?

The Party Girl's advice is:

Without knowing anything about you and where you live and what you like, I can only direct you to the theme page and look under bar/bat mitzvah area. Perfect for your age group. Since it looks like July is your party, think about using the outdoors and maybe Hawaiian, Mexican, Beach type themes. Look at for great stuff.

Ratzel asked:

Occasion: birthday
hey, me and my best friend are planning her birthday party. we are 12turning 13. we were thinking of a big theme bash. what themes would u think would be fun for us? also what would we need to pull them off? thanx, Sarah and Kara

The Party Girl's advice is:

First of all, check the theme page under bar/bat mitzvah themes (perfect for your age). Look at some of the others. Once you get some ideas, figure out your budget and plan around that. If you still need help, write back.

Rona asked:

Occasion: 40th Birthday Party
I am in desperate need of a 40th birthday party idea, it is for my close friend. Any suggestions would be great, but I am looking for something interesting, so if you could help it would be greatly appreciated

The Party Girl's advice is:

Have you check the various themes on the theme site? Without knowing anything such as budget, likes, etc. it is too hard to be specific. Look at that site and also gamegirl for great ideas. Once you have made some decisions, if you still need help, write back. You might want to consider having a "kiddy" party to bring back the memories of being a kid.

Megan asked:

Occasion: SWEET 16
Hi Party GIRL! I am having a Sweet 16 in October. I was wondering if you think a pajama party theme is ok? I still would have it in a hall but people wouldn't have to wear dresses..they would wear pjs! I think this is good my mom doesn't. Any ideas? Megan

The Party Girl's advice is:

I think it's a cute idea just as long as no one wears anything inappropriate. That would ruin the party. Have a contest for the most original, the cutest, the funniest, etc. As long as it's chaperoned I see no reason why not.

Jessica asked:

Occasion: 13th birthday party
What do I do for my 13th b-day? it is an all girl party at my house and I can't have a sleepover! help!!!!

The Party Girl's advice is:

Have everyone practice something like a song, dance, jokes, etc. and have a talent show and video it and then show it later. Do makeovers. Get one of those boxed mystery games.

Cas asked:

Occasion: 15th Birthday
I have too many guy friends and the same old house party is getting old so I wanted to do something different this year. I have 6 best friends and I've decided that's who I want to celebrate with, but I'm not sure how? I don't want to do anything too big, but I don't have any ideas, do you?

The Party Girl's advice is:

Why not take the party to a nursing home or a children's ward in the hospital. Include them in the party and you will be surprised at how good you will feel.

Debra asked:

Occasion: Birthday Party for a Friend who is turning 40
I have a friend who is turning 40. She is a Chief Psychologist for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. She needs a little fun in her life.

The Party Girl's advice is:

I can see why. This person needs and deserves a great party. Why not use a "kid" theme since she deals with quite adult stuff all day. Everyone dress as an under 10 year old and play all the games like Duck, duck, goose and musical chairs. Blow up a pic of her and play Pin the Body Part and then have everyone sign it. Have kid food like hot dogs and see if there is a bakery that has a scanner and scan her picture on top of the cake. Have do-it-yourself sundaes with that. Give everyone paper and crayons and markers and glue and glitter, etc and let them make stuff.

Marie asked:

Occasion: My 15th B-day
I'm having about 6 or so of my really good friends (all girls) to come to my party. But I want this Party to not be at my house. I was going to see a movie but I decided not to. What fun kind of places are their to go besides craft places? And We don't want to spend more than $50 around because I just got a really expensive B-Day present. I don't want to go far away from where I live (Suffolk county NY). I don't know where to look for something like that. I just want a party that lasts for 2 or 3 hours, not expensive, not at home, and not too much of a kiddie theme (like bowling). Where can I go and what can I do? HELP!!! I want a party soon.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Wow, you don't make it easy. Roller skating? Makeovers at the mall? Or, why not have your party at a retirement home or a children's ward at a hospital. That way you could have a real special feeling and have fun too.

Jess asked:

Occasion: Sweet 16 for best friend
How can I plan the best party for my best friend for her sweet sixteenth birthday. What do I need to do, get etc. I need major help. And my house is on the small side too! thanks a lot

The Party Girl's advice is:

First of all, take a look at your budget. Everything has to do with how much you can spend. Make up a guest list and figure out the money. Then decide on a theme and that doesn't have to be too big a deal. Look at the theme page for ideas and take all or part of the ones you like. Look at the gamegirl page for great game ideas. As for food, it doesn't have to cost much either although it could eat up a lot of your budget if you aren't careful. Sometimes a sub-platter works. Have do-it-yourself sundaes to go with the cake. Blow up a picture of your friend and play a game of Pin the body part and then have everyone sign it.

Ashley asked:

Occasion: 13th B-day
Hi..I am having my first boy/girl party....and I have no idea what to do! Can you help??

The Party Girl's advice is:

Look at both the theme page and gamegirl site for the bar/bat mitzvah areas. Perfect for ages 13-16. Why not do a belated valentine type theme. Won't cost much as everything should be on sale after the 14th. Blow up a picture of yourself and play Pin-The-Heart and have everyone sign in. Just don't expect perfection. Boys your age are still not as mature as girls. Be sure to have enough grown-ups to help. For dessert, you might want to have do-it-yourself sundaes to go with the cake.

Kristen asked:

Occasion: 16th birthday
How can I make this party more exciting?

The Party Girl's advice is:

Tell me what you have planned (details) so far and how much you want to spend and I can give you some suggestions.

M asked:

Occasion: Need ideas
My oldest daughter will be 13 in February. I want her to have a fun filled Birthday party as she enters her teen years...but at a loss for ideas...any suggestions? Thanks! ~from Roanoke, VA

The Party Girl's advice is:

First, check the theme page under bar/bat mitzvah themes. Perfect for the age group. Also look at gamegirl under same category. Talk to her and see if she has any ideas of her own. Boys or just girls. Sleepover or day or night. Lots of decisions.

Jenifer asked:

Occasion: my boyfriends 16th surprise party
I need help getting this party organized FAST!!! We're going to have it at a hotel, that way we don't have to clean anything up. I need you to help me find the cheapest possible way to throw my boyfriend a party he will love! All help appreciated! Thanks,

The Party Girl's advice is:

Let's not wait till the last minute. There is almost nothing cheap you can do at a hotel. Try scanning the theme and gamegirl pages for last minute ideas. Also, for decorations.

Mary Kate asked:

Occasion: 13th Birthday
I am going to be 13 years old and I need some ideas for a party. It will be all girls, ages ranging from 11-14. I was thinking about a make-over idea, or something fashion oriented. I also don't want to go overboard and I can't have a sleepover. Thank you, Mary Kate

The Party Girl's advice is:

Is there a place where you live that a group of people can do clay projects. Here there is one called ClayMatters. You could have the party there. Look at the bar/bat mitzvah area of the theme page also.

Leslie asked:

Occasion: surprise birthday party
Need ideas for a 26th surprise birthday party for my roommate.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Try the theme page of party411. Lots of ideas. Can't get too specific without knowing budget, likes and dislikes, etc.

Sarah asked:

Occasion: 14 birthday party
I need some ideas on a really great party for 15-20 13-15 year old guys and girls. I want an original, yet inexpensive party that will be a blast !! please help ! my birthday is in march, I have a pool, but not a large house, and I want to have the party somewhere other than my house

The Party Girl's advice is:

Have you looked at the theme page for some different ideas? You can use part of the idea and save money or use parts of many. One idea would be to find one of those craft places that you can make things from clay molds. Have the party doing that.

Megan asked:

Occasion: birthday
hello.......this is Megan I am turning 16 march 9th! I am stressing out, I don't have a place.....nothing! my parents are bitching about not spending too much money, but on the other hand I want it to be the time of my life! I live in Westchester, New York..I need to find place I looked at the website, but I only saw places in New York City..that is not happening!! I have a place, maybe the crown plaza, but only for 4 hours, I want it longer then that!, will that let me if we pay more! my mother is just saying that I am acting like a snob!! I don't know what to do!! what u be able to give me a range of how much money would I decent party be?! I Mentioning so many different things in all different orders, I am sorry I was just letting everything out! can u maybe help me PLEASE!! thanks!! love always, Megan!

The Party Girl's advice is:

First of all, you and your parents need to get on the same page. It won't be successful if you are at each others' throats. Why not go for a less traditional party. Find a hotel that has an indoor pool and have a beach/Hawaiian party around the pool. There are lots of games to play and great food and would be a great change of pace during the cold dreary winter.

Penny asked:

Occasion: Help With A Cotillion
Hi, my birthday is coming up and I was thinking of my sweet sixteen party to go all out and have a cotillion. I don't exactly know what goes on and I wanna know if you have any advice I know about the candles but I don't really know a lot can you give me all you know about a cotillion and how to plan it thank you

The Party Girl's advice is:

There are a lot of variables here: budget, area, no. of guests, place, etc. Most important is budget. A true cotillion involves tails for the men, long dresses for the women, seated dining, live music. Very expensive. If you still want to go ahead, look at the guidelines for debutante parties and go from there.

Tiffany asked:

Occasion: 21st birthday
Hi I was wondering if you have any ideas of how I can have the best 21st birthday there is. I want to have some alcohol, games, music and fun there but I also need to figure out where to have it. Should it be at my home or somewhere else? Can you help?

The Party Girl's advice is:

First, look at your budget. That will be the governing factor in all of your decisions. Some places don't charge rent, just their food. Some have a rental fee. Why not look at the theme page and get some ideas for the theme of the party and go from there. For instance, for a beach, luau, Hawaiian, Mexican party, you could use a hotel with an indoor and outdoor pool (weather won't matter) and decorate and party around that. Write again when you have some ideas of budget and theme.

Krystal asked:

Occasion: sweet 16
What should I do for my 16th birthday?

The Party Girl's advice is:

You need to tell me more than nothing. Coed, budget, where, month, likes and dislikes, etc. Have you looked at the different party themes at the site?

Anonymous asked:

Occasion: Birthday
I am becoming a teenager soon, and I am wondering what you think would be an appropriate party theme for 12-13 year-olds. Thanks!

The Party Girl's advice is:

Look at the bar/bat mitzvah area for age appropriate ideas. If it's all girls, have a slumber party or a Sunday PJ brunch. Also look at some of the other ideas. I can't get specific because I don't know anything about you and what you like.

Garrett asked:

Occasion: birthday
Hi I am having a 13 birthday party for about 13 or 14 of my friends and I have no clue what we're going to do.

The Party Girl's advice is:

Look at the gamegirl page under either teen games or bar/bat mitzvah games. Perfect for your age. Also, you could blow up a pic of yourself to a large poster and play a game of Pin-The-Part.

Sara asked:

Occasion: Surprise birthday party
How should I decorate and how should I surprise him when it happens? plus, how do I make people not tell him about his surprise?

The Party Girl's advice is:

First of all, if the other guests aren't old enough to keep a secret or understand the principle of "surprise", you'll have to have a plain party. Get his parents to help you get him where you want him and yell surprise. As for decorations, does he have a favorite sport or TV show? Use that as a decoration theme.

See more Party Girl Advice on Birthdays.

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