Music and Dance Party411

Music and Dance Party Frequently Asked Questions
Top 10 things to do for a party that rocks besides great music and a great mix CD!

Q: How do I pick the right music for a great party?
A: Pick the right tracks and playlist for the crowd AND the occasion. Consider asking your friends to mix some CDs to bring or if you are using a DJ, ask him what’s popular (and if he says the “Electric Slide”—two points against him).

Q: Should I have a lot of activities and games available?
A: Not if you want everyone dancing and getting crazy (so to speak). Games take away from the dance floor and give guests an excuse not to interact.

Q: If the theme is music, do I need a dance floor?
A: I say yes, definitely. By that, I mean an “area” to dance. Not necessarily an actual dance floor, but certainly an area that is cleared of furniture. And, by the way, carpet and concrete are not nearly as hard to dance on as rental companies will make you believe.

Q: How do I find a good DJ?
A: Word of mouth. There’s nothing better.

Q: Is that anything wrong with using an iPod with a decent sound system?
A: Not at all. Sometimes a DJ is budget busting so your iPod or CDs are the perfect
alternative as long as you choose the right tracts and consider the age and occasion.

Q: If I’m using a band, what do I do during band breaks?
A: Break out the iPod and a special mix CD. Nothing worse than DEAD AIR. As soon
as the band breaks, guests start leaving!

Q: Do I give the band/DJ a list of songs or leave it to chance?
A: Always give your band/DJ a list of special songs or music you prefer so it’s your
“show” not “theirs.”

Q: Should I hire dancers?
A: Hiring professional dancers for a larger crowd (and sometimes even a smaller one)
gets everyone moving and connecting that much sooner. Plus, just having them increases the energy at the party. This is a good thing.

Q: What else can I do for fun and memory’s sake?
A: Consider letting people bring or make a music video—have a screen handy.
YouTube® and Facebook® beware.

Q: Do I really need all those dance floor favors?
A: Laugh if you will but passing out the usuals (that’s why they are the usuals): mini-tambourines, maracas, inflatable microphones—even those stupid inflatable guitars—make for great pix and lowered inhibitions (which make for great pix).

Q: What is a decor idea that goes a long way?
A: Consider purchasing posters of the hottest acts and making a wall out of them;
they run between $12 and $24.