Hip Hop Dance Club

Make your dance club party a number one hit with these party decorations and party favors.

20" Disco Ball w/ Base

Disco Inferno!

Price $45.96

4" Asst Slim Lights (50)

Light the Party!

Price $27.09

Assorted Glow Straws

Party Perfect!

Price $3.81

Backstage Pass Invitation, Photo

Add a photo to your own backstage pass

Price $1.85

Black Light Party String

Decorate for the Party!

Price $2.00

Blue Light Cubes

Set the Table!

Price $62.31

Bouncer Cutout

Have your own bouncer at the front door. Great for a disco party!

Price $87.95

Bright Glow Luau Literopes

Perfect for a nighttime Luau Party!

Price $16.78

Colored Aviator Glasses

Party Staple!

Price $25.42

Colors Photo Ticket Invitation

Pick the colors for your party. Pick your picture. That's the ticket!

Price $1.85

Decades and Music Custom Caricature

These custom caricature drawings are sure to be a huge hit at your musical decades theme event!

Diamond Glasses

Set the Scene to Party!

Price $9.17

Diva Bling Necklace

Make a Statement Bling!

Price $3.10

Flashing Margarita Glass

Light Your Drink!

Price $3.69

Glow Earrings

For Guys & Gals

Price $8.00

Glow Light Tricolor

Red, Blue and Green!

Price $32.70

Glow Party Pack 2 (36)

Light up the Party!

Price $18.42

Green Light Cubes

Set the Table!

Price $62.31

Hollywood Red Floor Runner

Let your guests walk the RED ''carpet'' into the entrance of your party. Our 15' long x 24" wide red floor runner is the perfect decoration for your award's night party and walk of fame. From the Emmy Awards to the Tony Awards to your Oscar night parties, let your guests feel the excitement of walking the red ''carpet''*. Each red floor runner is individually wrapped and sold by the piece. Don't forget to order the red rope stantion sold seperately Item DEC57658UN or our tissue stantion Item DEC57794EA to complete your red carpet Hollywood look. * Our Red ''Carpet'' is actually a high tech version of woven cellulose and not actually a real carpet.

Price $7.30

Hurricane Cup 16oz LED

Light Your Drink!

Price $3.39

Hustler Bling Necklace

Make a Statement Bling!

Price $3.10

Jeweled Dollar Bling

Money Bling!

Price $3.10

Light Up Martini Glass

Light Up your Table!

Price $3.70

Mini Black Strobe Light

Crazy Light party

Price $12.86

Party To Go Light Set

Party in a Box!

Price $20.28

Red Light Cubes

Excite Your Drink!

Price $43.35

That's Hot Bling

Make a Statement Bling!

Price $3.03

Tri Color Light Cubes

Not Just for Special Occasions!

Price $68.95