Hip Hop Dance Club

Make your dance club party a number one hit with these party decorations and party favors.

Backstage Pass Invitation, Photo

Add a photo to your own backstage pass

Price $1.85

Bouncer Cutout

Have your own bouncer at the front door. Great for a disco party!

Price $87.95

Colored Aviator Glasses

Party Staple!

Price $25.42

Colors Photo Ticket Invitation

Pick the colors for your party. Pick your picture. That's the ticket!

Price $1.85

Decades and Music Custom Caricature

These custom caricature drawings are sure to be a huge hit at your musical decades theme event!

Diamond Glasses

Set the Scene to Party!

Price $9.17

Diva Bling Necklace

Make a Statement Bling!

Price $3.10

Flashing Margarita Glass

Light Your Drink!

Price $3.69

Glow Earrings

For Guys & Gals

Price $8.00

Glow Light Tricolor

Red, Blue and Green!

Price $32.70

Glow Party Pack 2 (36)

Light up the Party!

Price $18.42

Hustler Bling Necklace

Make a Statement Bling!

Price $3.10

Jeweled Dollar Bling

Money Bling!

Price $3.10

Light Up Martini Glass

Light Up your Table!

Price $3.70

Mini Black Strobe Light

Crazy Light party

Price $12.86

Party To Go Light Set

Party in a Box!

Price $20.28

That's Hot Bling

Make a Statement Bling!

Price $3.03

Tri Color Light Cubes

Not Just for Special Occasions!

Price $68.95