50’s Rock & Roll

Make your 50s theme party a rocking smash with these personalized diner candy bar wrappers and invitations.

28" Microphone

Think Big!

Price $14.78

5' Musical Notes

Decorate for the Party!

Price $4.23

5' Rock & Roll Soda Shop

Sock Hop!

Price $4.23

5' Rock and Roll Elvis

Don't Be Cruel!

Price $4.40

50's Classic Cars

Remember When!

Price $4.23

50s Diner Invitation

Get your guests ready for your 50s themed party!

Price $1.85

50s Diner Theme Candy Bar Wrapper

Great 50s Theme party favor!

Price $1.35

50s Diner Theme Party Sign In Board

Great for a 50s Theme party!

Price $64.95

50s Diner Welcome Sign

A welcome sign for a 50s Theme party!

Price $64.95

50s Greaser Cutout

Having a 50s party? Might as well dress the part.

Price $87.95

50s Poodle Skirt Female Cutout

A 50s classic poodle skirt cutout. I can hear Buddy Holly now.

Price $87.95


The Party Continues!

Price $3.44

Authentic Event Ticket Invitation

Designed to look like real tickets! Your event will be the hottest ticket in town.

Band on the Run Kit

Rock On!

Price $40.14

Blonde Star Wig

Look like a star!

Price $22.58

Ceiling Dangles Rock & Roll

Remember When!

Price $2.97

Champion YoYo

Colorful Sleeper!

Price $36.33

Chevy, Diner Photo Op


Price $87.95

Chili Pepper Chip n' Dip Tray

Add some salsa and your favorite tortilla chips to our plastic Chili Pepper Chip n' Dip Tray for fun feasting at your next fiesta. This great looking 10 1/2" Chili Pepper Chip n' Dip Tray is perfect for spicing up your fiestas, western theme parties or adding a great looking accent to your Cinco De Mayo celebration tableware. Please order in increments of one tray.

Price $2.70

Comic Books

Great Assortment

Price $19.13

Custom Tabletop Lantern Decoration

Put a photo on each side and accent your table with this tabletop luminary

Price $6.95

Decades and Music Custom Caricature

These custom caricature drawings are sure to be a huge hit at your musical decades theme event!

Elvis Cutout

Elvis is in the building with this super cutout!

Price $87.95

Elvis Photo Op

Elvis is in the building!

Price $87.95

Elvis Wig

Elvis is in the building!

Price $20.77


Hang gold records on your wall and add to your decorations for a rock and roll or disco party. Rock stars will love these 19" gold plastic records. Our 19" gold plastic record is sold by the piece. Please order in increments of 1 piece.

Price $6.40

Greatest Hits 9" Plates

I Love Rock & Roll!

Price $4.15

Guitar Balloon

Rock On!

Price $6.87

Jukebox Foil Balloon

Nothing like Music from a Jukebox

Price $7.87

Multi Color Guitars

Bright Colors!

Price $20.33

Music Jukebox Invitation

Put another nickel in, in the Nickelodeon.

Price $1.85

Music Note Balloon

Rock On!

Price $6.96

Oversized 50's Glasses

Let's Get Crazy!

Price $32.36

Oversized Elvis Glasses

Let's Get Crazy!

Price $20.29

Personalized Money

It's the money, honey!

Price $0.50

Photo Cookies

Adding your face or photo to these cookies will be a great addition to your theme party or special event.

Price $1.99

Pinwheels 12"

Watch the Wind Blow!

Price $3.63

Rainbow Coil 2.5"

Remember When!

Price $11.30

Rock & Roll Confetti

I Love Rock & Roll!

Price $1.98

Rock & Roll Jukebox

Set the Scene!

Price $4.23