Kid's Birthday Party Favor Ideas

Birthday Candles Theme Custom Lollipop

A super sweet lollipop party favor!

Price $2.50

Birthday Candy Pillow Packs, Balloons

A balloon candy pack

Price $2.00

Birthday Candy Pillow Packs, Name

Choose your colors and add a name

Price $2.00

Birthday Castle Theme Candy Bar Wrapper

For your princesses and her princess friends.

Price $1.35

Birthday Photo Custom Cookies

Add your child's face to a cookie!

Price $4.41

Birthday Photo Custom Lollipop

Too cute! Add a photo to this lollipop party favor.

Price $2.50

Birthday Photo Custom Party Favor Bag

Add a photo to your child's party favor bag!

Price $1.20

Birthday Photo Mint Tin

A photo favor is perfect for a 1st birthday

Price $2.40