Find a Gift for Your Graduate

Mom and Dad don’t have to worry too much about giving a gift. I mean you are either going to pay tuition or just finished paying it. You’re paying for the graduation party. Enough! (or at least that’s what I said when mine graduated). However if you’re invited to a graduation party or if you are a more generous parent than I was here are some great graduation gift ideas.

The Big Prize. Some ideas that will make the graduate’s head spin.
  • Vacation. Europe? The Caribbean? Hawaii?
  • Car. I actually did give my kid’s a car when they graduated. It was a beater so it didn’t cost much and I made sure they had no excuse not to go to work.
  • Money. Always the perfect gift.
  • Laptop computer. You have to be careful here. Many colleges are requiring specific programs and set up.
  • Cell phone. We just continued the family plan. I said they had no excuse not to call their mother once a week.
  • Furniture. I don’t really recommend this unless you know the space they are using.
  • Small refrigerator. I think this is a perfect present for a college freshman.
Really Useful Graduation Gifts That Won’t Break the Budget
  • Briefcase. Perfect for a professional (lawyer, accountant, etc.)
  • Gift Cards. I’ve never met a college graduate who wasn’t tight on cash. Buy a card for a clothing store and you can be pretty sure that they’ll get something they need and appreciate.
  • Watch. Be careful here. More people are using their cell phones as watches. Givers tend to attach a lot of sentiment to this gift that sometimes is not understood by the graduate.
  • Set of luggage.
  • Camera. Digital of course!
  • Television. Remember that dorm rooms aren’t that big so that 72” plasma won’t work.
  • DVD player. Inexpensive and appreciated.
  • iPod. Too big for your budget? There’s the iPod Shuffle for a lot less.
  • Sound System. Some kid’s still use CDs. You can get a very good system at a low cost.
  • Tool box with basic tools. I bought one of these for my nephew. Hated it when I gave it. Told me later it was one of the most useful presents he ever received. Go figure.
  • Engraved jewelry or Personalized Graduation Item. A keepsake for a special day.
  • Books. Get a book that made a difference to you or one that addresses their future field of study.
  • Photo album with family pictures. Really great when it comes from Mom or Grandma
  • Phone card. Make it easy for the graduate to call you.
These are just a few graduation gift ideas. Remember to pick a gift that the graduate wants, not one that you want. And stick to the budget!
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