Candy Bar Poem for Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower Candy Bar Poem
Entertain the bride at her shower with a "sweet" surprise... a Candy Poem!
Buy the mentioned candy and present it to the bride in a basket or bouquet. Read the poem aloud, and enjoy the laughter and delight of the guests and the bride.
Dearest friends and family _________ has always been a bit
of a LIFESAVER. She is MOUNDS of fun to be around
because she is such a funny GOOBER with a CAREFREE
spirit. I PROMISE this bouquet will bring a SNICKER to
her as I read my poem. I am not playing TWIX on ______,
when I say that she has truly found her SUGAR DADDY,
and it’s even a bonus that she finds him to be one HOT
TAMALE. _______ is _______’s BIT-O-HONEY who can always
count on her in a CRUNCH, and I know he truly does
TREASURE her because he always tells HERSHEYS
beautiful, and he loves her to PIECES, even though she
can make him NUTRAGEOUS at times, she’s still his
On your wedding day before the BIG RED kiss, do not go
BONKERS, and GOO GOO, because I’m there for you when
you’re in SHOCK and start to see DOTS. You have very
good REISEN for loving ______ to PIECES. I know your
wedding day will be a musical SYMPHONY, and your
GOOD&PLENTY life together will be like your bank
account going from ZERO to 100 GRAND on PAYDAY. Just
remember that once you have your RING-pop you vow to
be together for NOW & LATER even through all the ROCKY


Please do not move away too far away, like to New YORK,
on the corner of CLARK and 5th AVENUE, we would all
miss you too much! Oh yeah, and on your honeymoon we
expect an ECLIPSE to happen, in other words through a
perfect STARBURST; MIDNIGHT of ALMOND JOY on the beach
after a FUN-DIP in the ocean, BUTTERFINGER up have
WHOPPERS of fun and SKOR, watch out for sand TURTLES!
When you return we hope to see you a little bit CHUNKY
& nine months later ready to give birth to a RUNT,
O-HENRY, or BABY RUTH, then you will all be known as the 3


Here is another Candy Poem written from the groom's point of view:
My dearest SUGAR BABY, this bouquet will bring a SNICKER as you read my poem.
I am not playing TWIX on you. I want everyone to know you are my BIT-O-HONEY
and I want to scream out " I love HERSHEYS beautiful!" I know I can always count
on you in a CRUNCH.I know that I make you NUTRAGEOUS at times, but I will always
TREASURE you. You are my HOT TOMALE and at other times a BIG RED and on our
honeymoon I know we will SKOR.I know we will have a GOOD & PLENTY life together.
Loving you is like 100 GRAND on PAYDAY! I love you to PIECES and wish for us a
musical SYMPHONY on our wedding day!
(groom to be signs here)
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