My Super Sweet 16

Unique super Sweet 16 party supplies and decorations. Personalize your super Sweet 16 party with invitations, cutouts and more!

50 Multi Literopes

Magic in the Night!

Price $38.24

A Custom Sweet 16 Luminary Bag Decoration

Custom luminary bags with a photo for your Sweet 16 party

Price $4.15

A Mardi Gras Balcony Invitation

Perfect for your Mardi Gras Celebration!

Price $1.85

Authentic Birthday Ticket Invitation

A birthday party invitation designed to look like an event ticket

Birthday Cake Sweet 16 Invitation

Birthday cake Sweet 16 birthday party invitation. Make a wish.

Price $1.85

Birthday Cake Sweet 16 Theme Banner

A great Sweet 16 cake banner for a great birthday!

Price $24.99

Birthday Cake Sweet 16 Theme Bottle Label

A great water bottle for a Sweet 16

Price $1.20

Birthday Cake Sweet 16 Theme Candy Bar Wrapper

A great Sweet 16 party favor

Price $1.35

Birthday Cake Sweet 16 Theme Lollipop

A cake theme lollipop for a Sweet 16 birthday!

Price $2.50

Birthday, Sweet 16 Custom Caricature

These custom Sweet 16 caricature drawings make the perfect one of a kind invitation and part decoration.


Shake rattle and make some music with our sophisticated 9" gold tinsel and black maracas. Our gold tinsel maracas are a great party give away on the dance floor to involve your guests with the music. Perfect for milestone birthday or anniversary celebrations, Bar or Bat Mitzvahs, holiday parties or anytime gold fits your color scheme. Our 9" gold tinsel maracas are sold by the dozen pair, 24 maracas per pack. Please order in increments of 1 pack.

Price $14.00

Colored Aviator Glasses

Party Staple!

Price $25.42

Custom Lollipop, Girls Theme

Great for a little girl's party!

Price $2.50

Diamond Glasses

Set the Scene to Party!

Price $9.17

Sweet 16 Bling

Bling Bling!

Price $1.15

Sweet! 16 Thank You

Thank you for a Princess Theme or a Sweet 16.

Price $3.35

Teen Cutout

Great for all those special teen age years events.

Price $87.95

Driver’s License Invitation

Drive up the excitement to your party!

Price $1.85

E Light Coaster

Light Up Your Table!

Price $1.07

Fairy Tale Princess Theme Lollipop

A princess castle theme lollipop

Price $2.50

Hearts Theme Mint Tin

Perfect for a sweet party

Price $2.40


Watch it light and watch it flash as you make music with our 5 3/4" L.E.D. clear plastic tambourine Each tambourine is individually packed and 3 AAA batteries are included and installed. Our 6 function light up tambourine has 24 L.E.D'S, including red, blue and green. Lights will chase or flash in 3 colors, blinks in all red, blue or green or tri color. Our clear 5 1/2" tambourine is sold by the piece. Please order in increments of 1 piece.

Price $4.75

LED Suction Coaster

Decorate for the Party!

Price $1.60

Light Up Martini Glass

Light Up your Table!

Price $3.70

Light Up Tiara

Blinking Jewels!

Price $13.28

Metallic Wrap Glasses

Party Perfect!

Price $19.83

Multicolor LED Glasses

Hi Tech LED Glasses!

Price $4.26

Nightclub Backstage Pass Invitation

A nightclub theme backstage pass invitation

Price $1.85

Personalized 3D Sign In Book, Sitting On Desk

Let your guests get creative with this 3D sign in book

Price $195.00

Princess Bling Necklace

Make a Statement Bling!

Price $3.10

Red Fedora

Red Hot!

Price $2.26

Snow Party Theme Lollipop

A snow theme lollipop for a birthday!

Price $2.50