My Super Sweet 16

Unique super Sweet 16 party supplies and decorations. Personalize your super Sweet 16 party with invitations, cutouts and more!

50 Multi Literopes

Magic in the Night!

Price $38.24

A Custom Sweet 16 Luminary Bag Decoration

Custom luminary bags with a photo for your Sweet 16 party

Price $4.15

A Mardi Gras Balcony Invitation

Perfect for your Mardi Gras Celebration!

Price $1.85

Authentic Birthday Ticket Invitation

A birthday party invitation designed to look like an event ticket

Birthday Cake Sweet 16 Invitation

Birthday cake Sweet 16 birthday party invitation. Make a wish.

Price $1.85

Birthday Cake Sweet 16 Theme Banner

A great Sweet 16 cake banner for a great birthday!

Price $24.99

Birthday Cake Sweet 16 Theme Bottle Label

A great water bottle for a Sweet 16

Price $1.20

Birthday Cake Sweet 16 Theme Candy Bar Wrapper

A great Sweet 16 party favor

Price $1.35

Birthday Cake Sweet 16 Theme Lollipop

A cake theme lollipop for a Sweet 16 birthday!

Price $2.50

Birthday, Sweet 16 Custom Caricature

These custom Sweet 16 caricature drawings make the perfect one of a kind invitation and part decoration.

Colored Aviator Glasses

Party Staple!

Price $25.42

Custom Lollipop, Girls Theme

Great for a little girl's party!

Price $2.50

Diamond Glasses

Set the Scene to Party!

Price $9.17

Driver’s License Invitation

Drive up the excitement to your party!

Price $1.85

Fairy Tale Princess Theme Lollipop

A princess castle theme lollipop

Price $2.50

Hearts Theme Mint Tin

Perfect for a sweet party

Price $2.40


Watch it light and watch it flash as you make music with our 5 3/4" L.E.D. clear plastic tambourine Each tambourine is individually packed and 3 AAA batteries are included and installed. Our 6 function light up tambourine has 24 L.E.D'S, including red, blue and green. Lights will chase or flash in 3 colors, blinks in all red, blue or green or tri color. Our clear 5 1/2" tambourine is sold by the piece. Please order in increments of 1 piece.

Price $4.75

LED Suction Coaster

Decorate for the Party!

Price $1.60

Light Up Martini Glass

Light Up your Table!

Price $3.70

Light Up Tiara

Blinking Jewels!

Price $13.28

Metallic Wrap Glasses

Party Perfect!

Price $19.83

Multicolor LED Glasses

Hi Tech LED Glasses!

Price $4.26

Nightclub Backstage Pass Invitation

A nightclub theme backstage pass invitation

Price $1.85

Princess Bling Necklace

Make a Statement Bling!

Price $3.10

Red Fedora

Red Hot!

Price $2.26

Snow Party Theme Lollipop

A snow theme lollipop for a birthday!

Price $2.50

Sweet 16 Bling

Bling Bling!

Price $1.15

Sweet! 16 Thank You

Thank you for a Princess Theme or a Sweet 16.

Price $3.35

Teen Cutout

Great for all those special teen age years events.

Price $87.95