Gross Party Games

Fear Factor, Gross Party Games
Fear Factor Birthday Party Games: Gross games for kids and teen partieseat that bug

  • Foil wrapped chocolate bugs
To Play
  • Split everyone up into teams and have a race to see who can win by peeling off the foil layer and eat the most bugs in 5 minutes.
ice challenge
  • ice cubes
To Play
  • The winner of this game is the person who can hold a piece of ice for the longest time.  It's not as easy as you think!
bobbing for what??
We're not bobbing for apples at this party!
  • gummy worms
  • Large bowl (big enough to put a head in)
To Play
  • Fill a large bowl (or a small kiddie pool) with water and gummy worms
  • Kids get to take turns bobbing their heads in (with no hands!) for gummy worms


delicious dog food
Your friends will think they are eating real dog food. 
  • dog bone shaped cookies (made for people)
  • real dog bone boxes
To Play
  • Set out a plate for each person with a few dog bone shaped cookies on the plate
  • Be sure to have the real dog bone boxes nearby for them to see!
  • See you can eat one or more cookie before telling them they are just cookies.
digging in the dirt
Get ready to get messy!
  • Trays with chocolate pudding
  • Gummy worms or bugs
To Play
  • Fill your trays with chocolate pudding and mix in the worms
  • With their arms tied behind their backs, kids have to use their mouths to find the worms in the pudding


blindfold taste challenge
See how many you can guess!
  • A mix of foods with interesting textures like spaghetti, jello or watermelon
  • blindfolds
To Play
  • Split everyone up into teams of two.
  • Each team has one person blindfolded while the other feeds them the food.  They have to guess what each thing is that they are eating.
  • The team that gets the most correct wins.
blind touch challenge
This is like the traditional Halloween game when you pretend to have brains in a jar.

  • A mix of foods with interesting textures like spaghetti, jello or watermelon
  • Boxes with holes cut in the side
To Play
    • Fill bowls with different kinds of food.  Then put them in a box, upside down, with a hole in the side. 
    • Have people stick their hands in the side and see if they can guess the food.
    • The person who guesses the most wins.