Mitzvah Candle Lighting Ideas

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Candle Lighting
A candle lighting ceremony is a wonderful way to acknowledge the most important people in the life of the Bat or Bat Mitzvah celebrant. Here are our top tips for a wonderful Bar or Bat Mitzvah candle lighting ceremony.
1. Pick the most important 13 people in your life that are attending the party; people who have influenced you while growing up. Choose grandparents, special neighbors, cousins, tutors, etc.  Friends can be represented with one or two friends or you can invite up all the kids.  Don't forget a candle for siblings and for Mom and Dad.  That should be last candle.
2. Next each person needs to be introduced! Part of the ceremony is saying a little something about each person as you introduce them and call them up to light a candle. Write a paragraph or two about each or write a poem.  Or tell a favorite story about your relationship.  You can have a different song played for each person as they come up for the ceremony.
3. Most importantly--do not go on too long or your guests will be bored and fidgeting while you are trying to carry this off. So keep it short and to the point, but entertaining if you can.
4. Schedule the ceremony at the beginning of the evening; otherwise, it's an excuse for your guests to beg out early! Do it before dinner is served or between dinner and dessert. Make sure to tell the DJ or band beforehand so they can work it into their evening schedule.
Twists on a candle lighting
Some people have 13 candles on a cake. Others just have 13 candles on a table. You can do that or do something totally different!  Here are some ideas: 
  1. Go to a sign company and have a puzzle made. Then each person puts up a piece of the puzzle. When the puzzle is finally done it's a picture of you as a baby or even now.
  2. Give out a small gift to each person.  It can be as simple as a flower.  Or plant a tree in Israel and give out the certificates.
  3. Theme your candle lighting.  For example, if you are having a Hollywood theme, then give everyone an award as they come up for the ceremony.  If you are having a candy theme, then give out giant lollipops.
  4. Have a video candle lighting that has you thanking each person.  Then no one needs to move and you have a nice memento.
  5. Add a sign behind the candles.  Create a mini backdrop for the candle lighting based on your theme. See the car picture on the top?  We used that one for a car theme Bar Mitzvah.
 Have a wonderful Bar or Bat Mitzvah!