Dead Rock Star Party offers a variety of dead rock star cutouts such as Elvis, George Burns, Lucille Ball and Marilyn Monroe. Enjoy your halloween party

Animated Tombstone Lifter

He didn't like it underground and now he wants revenge!

Price $99.99

Black Rose Bouquet

You're a new kind of bride who would rather go dark and dreary for your wedding this year.

Price $4.99

Body Bag with Rattling Motor

Better fire the Medical Examiner - this guy is still alive!

Price $59.99

Coffin Silverware Caddy (3 count)

Store your cutlery in this spooky caddy!

Price $2.99

Glow in the Dark Beads with Shot Glass

Have fun at your Halloween party with these beads!

Price $1.99

Halloween Authentic Ticket Invitation

A ticket invitation for the spookiest event in town

Halloween Award Trophy with Asst. Labels

And the award goes to ...

Price $3.99

Halloween Cutout, Ghost of Elvis

Let Elvis welcome your guests

Price $87.95

Halloween Cutout, Ghost of George Burns

Let George welcome your guests

Price $87.95

Halloween Cutout, Ghost of Lucille Ball

A great Halloween cutout.

Price $87.95

Halloween Cutout, Ghost of Marilyn Monroe

Let Marilyn welcome your guests

Price $87.95

Halloween Lantern Table Centerpiece

Put your child's photo on each side and accent your table with this tabletop luminary

Price $6.95

Halloween Rock Star Invitation

Perfect for your Halloween Costume party.

Price $1.85

Halloween Rock Star Theme Beer Bottle Label

Don't you think a rock star deserves their own label?

Price $1.75

Halloween Rock Stars Candy Bar Wrapper

This is a rocking party favor for your halloween party

Price $1.35

Hologram Tombstone 21" - Assorted

20" Motion Activated Skull Plaque is a fiendish must-have for your Halloween decorating.

Price $9.99

Mini LED Strobe with Thunder (Battery Operated)

This Mini LED Strobe with Thunder is battery operated.

Price $14.99

Musical Notes Confetti

Keep the music rockin'!

Price $1.99

Stardust Confetti

Sprinkle some fun on your party!

Price $1.99

String of Light-Up Ghosts (3 lights)

Prepare for a vibrant haunting on a string!

Price $19.99

Tombstone with Clawing Skeleton Hands 21" Assortment

Assortment is made of foam with a pair of skeleton hands reaching up the broken tombstone.

Price $7.99