Bloody Banquet

Blood is a perfect Halloween party theme. So many great Halloween decorations almost assures success! From the Bloody Banquet party invitations to the blood themed drinks, this Halloween party is one that your guests will never forget.

3D Blood Splats Drips

Create a gorey scene with these!

Price $5.99

Blood Gel (1/4oz. w/ Brush)

Blood Gel is a deep red syrup-based blood that never dries, giving the look of oozing, wet, thick blood.

Price $2.99

Bloody Bandage Decoration 24"

Great for halloween parties, haunted houses and more.

Price $2.99

Bloody Banquet Butcher Shop - Finger Food - Finger

Finger licking hors d'oeuvres!

Price $3.99

Bloody Banquet Butcher Shop - Finger Food - Worm

No need for dirt...put it on a cracker!

Price $3.99

Bloody Banquet Deluxe Party Kit

Create a "Bloody Banquet" for your Halloween party this year!

Price $49.99

Bloody Brain (Latex)

Looks like the lobotomy went a little too far!

Price $7.99

Bloody Eyes Sack

This Sack of Bloody Eyes is fiendishly gross!

Price $12.99

Bloody Spider Web

Stretch this across your doorways and walls to create a creepy scene!

Price $2.49

Bloody Weapon Garland 7'

Knives, scissors and saws?! Oh my!!!

Price $9.99

Bloody Weapons Cleaver

Do some serious choppin' with this!

Price $3.99

Bloody Weapons Scary Axe

Don't believe that this axe was used for chopping down wood!

Price $3.99

Bloody Weapons Sickle

Watch out, you might have a body part slashed off with this!

Price $3.99

Body Parts Small Assorted (4 count)

Lose anything?

Price $5.99

Chop Shop w/Cleaver

Looking to sharpen your knives?

Price $8.99

Creepy Bloody Cuts - Fingers

Want some fresh Finger Food?

Price $9.99

Dripping Blood Door Gore 5'

Dripping Blood Door Gore is a very creepy door covering that's not just for Halloween.

Price $4.99

Halloween Authentic Ticket Invitation

A ticket invitation for the spookiest event in town

Halloween Award Trophy with Asst. Labels

And the award goes to ...

Price $3.99

Halloween Bloody Banquet Invitation

Blood lovers unite! Bloody Halloween Party Invitation.

Price $1.85

Halloween Bloody Banquet Lollipop

Send your guests home with a bloody lollipop favor!

Price $2.50

Halloween Bloody Banquet Mint Tin

A bloody great favor

Price $2.40

Halloween Bloody Banquet Party Favor Bag

This is a bloody nice favor bag

Price $1.20

Halloween Bloody Banquet Theme Banner

Let your guests know it's a bloody banquet with this bloody banner.

Price $24.99

Halloween Bloody Banquet Theme Beer Label

That's not blood in the beer, just your personalized label.

Price $1.75

Halloween Bloody Banquet Theme Candy Bar Wrapper

A perfect favor for any bloody banquet

Price $1.35

Halloween Bloody Banquet Water Bottle Label

This bloody theme water bottle label is a great party favor

Price $1.20

Halloween Bloody Banquet Wine Bottle Label

This bloody label is a great touch for your wine bottle

Price $1.75

Halloween Lantern Table Centerpiece

Put your child's photo on each side and accent your table with this tabletop luminary

Price $6.95

Halloween Trophy Awards (3 count)

Have your own costume contest!

Price $6.99

Hand w/Cleaver

Off with your hand!

Price $9.99

In My Veins Drink Dispenser

What's a vampire's favorite drink? A Bloody Mary!

Price $19.99

Man with Knife Shower Curtain with Sound

This creepy Man with Knife Shower Curtain with Sound will have your guests running from the bathroom!

Price $19.99

Meat Hook Chain Garland

Have any bodies just hangin' around?

Price $16.99

Torch 3 in 1 (Battery Operated)

One torch with many possibilities!

Price $24.99