80's Horror Halloween

Party411.com offers a variety of personalized invitations, candy bar wrappers, water and beer bottle labels made specifically for the 80s horror movie halloween party.

5' Friday The 13th Jason Add-Ons

Nobody is safe at Camp Crystal Lake!

Price $5.99

80s Halloween Horror Movie Invitation

This Halloween party invitation will have your guests ready to party

Price $1.85

80s Halloween Horror Movie Theme Banner

This halloween horror banner is sure to be a gory hit

Price $24.99

80s Halloween Horror Movie Theme Beer Label

This beer bottle label will be a smash hit at your horror party

Price $1.75

80s Halloween Horror Movie Theme Candy Bar Wrapper

These candy bar wrappers are a great party favor

Price $1.35

80s Halloween Horror Movie Water Bottle Label

This water bottle label is a great party favor for your horror party

Price $1.20

Bloody Banquet Deluxe Party Kit

Create a "Bloody Banquet" for your Halloween party this year!

Price $49.99

Camp Crystal Lake Sign

If you're a fan of the Friday the 13th movies, this sign is a no-brainer (literally)!

Price $9.99

Cut Off Head with Chain

Creepy tortured latex head makes a chilling and gruesome prop!

Price $29.99

Freddy Krueger's Glove

This is the stuff that nightmares are made of!

Price $9.99

Glow in the Dark Beads with Shot Glass

Have fun at your Halloween party with these beads!

Price $1.99

Halloween Clings

Perfect for splattering around the house!

Price $3.99

Halloween Cutout, Frankenstein

Dr. Frankenstein uses your head for his greatest creation.

Price $87.95

Hellraiser Weapons Belt

This official Hellraiser weapons belt with apron is 30.5" in length and features four filthy and bloody knives, a very nasty set of pliers, and a sickle--all very authentic-looking.

Price $29.99

Jason 14"

It's Friday the 13th and Jason's coming to get you!

Price $34.99

Jason Deluxe with Removeable Hockey Mask

It's Jason Voorhess from Friday the 13th.

Price $56.99

Jason Voorhees Door Cover

Jason Voorhees Door Cover makes scary sounds and has red light-up eyes.

Price $19.99

Nightmare on Elm Street Sign

One, Two, Freddy's comin' for you...

Price $5.99