Family Newsletter Ideas

Every year you get that same old letter from all your friends from out of town (and some who are in town) that go on and on about what's happened since last Christmas. Blah, blah, blah or yada yada yada. Don't get mired in tradition-start a new tradition by making your news something fun and exciting to read…not just the regular stuff. Your only problem will be outdoing yourself next year!

Here are some fun ideas:
  1. Use holiday paper or stock invitations that you can print at home. The graphics will make a big difference.
  2. Give it a name…Smith Holiday Times, Williams Holiday Gazette, etc. Or come up with something clever. Years ago I worked for a garment company. Their newsletter was entitled "Sew it Seams!" Is that cute or what??! Based on your last name, I know (I truly do) that you can be creative.
  3. Put it in newspaper format with columns and such. Add a few advertisements. Do different stories about the kids instead of droning on and on in several paragraphs. If you don't like the newspaper format, use your favorite magazine…Time, Newsweek, Life. Another great format is USA Today…
  4. Use pictures-if you don't know how, enlist your kids-they do! Everyone loves pictures! I swear, they do.
  5. Add a Jumble or a Scramble (like the ones from your local paper) that's just about your family. Make it tough so people call you for the results-at least you'll know you'll hear from them this Christmas.
  6. Include a favorite holiday cartoon (just be sure to give credit to the artist).

With a few of these tips, your news will be all the news that's fit to print! And you'll get lots of feedback. I promise.

Happy Holidays.
The Party Girl and Your Favorite Editor!