Charity at Christmas

Christmas parties that support charities. Charity for Christmas

Christmas Parties to Support Charity

You are probably wondering what you can do for others this Christmas. Then again, maybe you aren't, but maybe you should. Understand? I guess what I'm saying is that you'll feel better, I'll feel better, the world will be a better place--if we give a little this Christmas. Here are some ideas:

1. If you have a party, have everyone bring something. Theme it to the charity in question:
  • a coat for Coats for Kids (bring gently worn coats)
  • canned goods (for a nearby homeless shelter)
  • clothing (also for shelters)
  • toys for Toys for Tots

2. If you want to make your party into a field trip, think about:
  • serving dinner Christmas day at a shelter
  • renting a bus and going from hospital to hospital with toys for the children who are ill
  • delivering turkeys to the elderly and less fortunate for a local charity (check out your city site for ways to do this)
  • traveling to nursing homes as a group and caroling

3. If you want your party to include an activity that will help others, try...
  • making up gift baskets for nursing homes filled with notions like combs, toothbrushes, nice smelling soaps, and more.
  • making up gift baskets for those in the hospital similar to the above
  • making up toy gift bags (filled with stocking stuffers) for kids at a local orphanage

Obviously, these are just a few of the things you can do. If you have other ideas, send them to the Party Girl and we'll post them!

You'll be helping others, and bringing a smile to your face and theirs. It's well worth it, don't you think? - The Party Girl