70's Disco Birthday Party

What makes a perfect 70's disco birthday party? Food, fun, friends and the right 70's party supplies are the key ingredients. Just picture Studio 54 meets Saturday Night Fever! Combine the various trends and events of the 1970's to throw a wild and crazy bash from the past!

70's Disco Birthday Party Invitations
Birthdays beg for a truly unique invitation! Start the party off right with a great disco theme invitation.
Check out the Disco themed male semi-custom caricature and female semi-custom caricature invitation! Not only is this genuinely special, the art for this invitation can be used for a sign in board, welcome cutout, photo opportunity or even thank you notes.

If you’re the creative type, then make your own invitation. Just 3 simple steps.
  1. Decide what kind of paper you want to use. Heavy poster board, card stock, colored paper or fine linen are all possibilities.
  2. Pick a graphic that matches the theme, like a disco ball or a few music notes. A picture of the birthday person is always a possibility. If you are using a computer grab a digital photo. If you are brave and are going to hand draw your invites use markers, glitter and don’t forget coordinating envelopes.
  3. Decide what content you need. It’s pretty standard. When, where and why is usually sufficient. If you want them to bring something (food or drink) or if you want them to respond, let them know. And if you want everyone to dress in disco attire don't forget to mention it on the invite!
70's Birthday Decorations and Party Supplies
Wow your guests with a personalized Disco theme banner! It is weather proof so you can hang it outside to let everyone know where the party is at, or place it over the buffet as a room decoration.

As everyone comes into the party room, greet them with a lifesize cutout of the guest of honor dressed in Disco gear; there's a version for guys and there's a version for girls. Place a basket full of disco wearables near it and let guests know to get dressed up to help them boogie on down! Here are a few of our favorite disco wearables:
One of the most important parts of setting the 70's atmosphere is the music. Make sure you have all the hits playing and play them loud! Who doesn't love to dance along to the funky sounds of Sly and the Family Stone, the Village People, Donna Summer, Elton John, the Commodores, La Chick, K.C. & the Sunshine Band, Kool & the Gang, Average White Band, the Tavres, Patti LaBelle and others. Visit your favorite music store and pick up CDs of 70s compilations.

Disco party decorations are colorful and fun, and can help you set the perfect mood for a 70's theme birthday! Some of our favorite disco party supplies include:
To set the mood with lights, try real disco stuff. Set up black lights and lava lamps around the room as well. For a nicely scented finishing touch, light some candles or incense to fill the room with a popular 70s fragrance.

Disco Birthday Party Table Decorations and Menu
Set out some disco paper goods, or if this is a milestone birthday think about using these milestone birthday paper goods.

Place a fondue pot in the middle of each table. Each pot serves your meal as well as a centerpiece. If you want to really get your guests mingling, put a different type of fondue at each table. (Make sure to have cheese fondue as an appetizer and chocolate fondue for dessert.) If your food will be centered elsewhere, wrap tie-dyed bandanas around sand filled balloons and tie it closed with a colored ribbon.
Disco dancer piñatas make festive centerpieces, too!

A disco ball with a base also makes a great theme centerpiece. They are available in 3 different sizes, so you can vary them by table.

No matter what you serve, be sure to have plenty of beverages; all with personalized water labels on the bottles. Each label comes with your name, the date of the party, even a photo on it.  Don’t forget that you create the message so you can craft words that suit the occasion. Be sure to order extras so your guests can take home a bottle of the “house beverage.”

70's Disco Activities and Games
Day or night, great entertainment is key to the success of any party. The dance floor is going to be the main draw at this party! Make sure you set the mood with a disco ball! Then you can see who remembers how to do the hustle. You can also set up a few more fun activities to keep everyone entertained. Here is a great 70's game -  
70s Charades
  • To begin, each player must write down a difficult phrase/name/title/song etc., (the phrase/name/title/song has to be from the 1970s) and all of the slips of paper go into a hat.
  • Then everyone is divided up into two teams. Each team chooses a "captain", and the two captains flip a coin to decide who gets to go first.
  • The first person has to pick a slip of paper from the hat without looking. He then looks at the paper, and gives a signal to his team (signals are determined before the game begins) to reveal what category he will be acting out. (For example: If it is a book title, the first player might put his hands together face up in front of himself, as if he is reading a book).
  • The players on his team will say, "It's a book". Then the "actor" puts up the same number of fingers, as there are words in the phrase/name/title on the paper. His team will say out loud how many words there are.
  • Then he will again, show a number of fingers for the word he will be acting out first. (If he is acting out the name "Daffy Duck", and he wants to act out the 2nd word first, he has to put up 2 fingers).
  • Then for each word he acts out, all he has to do is have his number of fingers represent the word he is acting out.
  • If the group is having trouble guessing the word, the "actor" can cup his hand behind his ear to convey, "sounds like". Then he can try and act out a word that the word in the phrase sounds like.
  • When the team guesses the "charade", then it is the next team's turn.
Your guests will be standing in line to have their pictures taken with a male life size and female life size photo opportunity from Creations for You. Make your guests dreams come true as they are transformed into the disco dancer of their dreams!

Disco Party Favors
Send your guests home with a sweet treat from your party. A scrumptious milk or dark chocolate candy bar with a personalized disco birthday wrapper is a delicious souvenir for a wonderful party. You can choose from one of the hundreds of styles available from Creations for You and personalize the message.

Another fun 70's party favor would be to have a Pet Rock for all your guests, complete with name, personality and preferences listed. If you're having seating, then a Pet Rock also makes a great seating card! Or line the up on a table covered with a piece of astro turf and have your guests pick out a pet as they leave.

The smiley face was made popular in the 70's. You can make up a smiley themed goodie bag with a tag reading "We are all smiles since you came to celebrate Jimmy's 40th Birthday!" Here are a few things to include -

Your 70's birthday party will be so much fun; your guests will anxiously await your next event! With ideas and products from Party411.com you know that all your celebrations will be memorable ones.