School Events

50s Diner Invitation

Get your guests ready for your 50s themed party!

Price $1.85

50s Diner Theme Candy Bar Wrapper

Great 50s Theme party favor!

Price $1.35

50s Diner Theme Party Sign In Board

Great for a 50s Theme party!

Price $64.95

50s Diner Welcome Sign

A welcome sign for a 50s Theme party!

Price $64.95

Authentic Event Ticket Invitation

Designed to look like real tickets! Your event will be the hottest ticket in town.

Cheerleader Invitation

Sis, boom, bah! Rah, rah, rah! Girl's birthday party invitations for a cheerleader theme!

Price $1.85

Cheerleading Team Invitation

"Cheer" your child up with this theme party.

Price $1.85

Cheerleading Team Theme Candy Bar Wrapper

Great if you are celebrating the team!

Price $1.35

Custom Boarding Pass Invitation

The party train is ready to leave the station. All aboard!

Price $1.85

Graduation Champagne Theme Water Bottle Label

A graduation theme water bottle label

Price $1.20

Graduation Cap Theme Water Bottle Label

A graduation water bottle label

Price $1.20

Hollywood Star Party Birthday Invitation

For your Hollywood star!

Price $1.85

Nightclub Backstage Pass Invitation

A nightclub theme backstage pass invitation

Price $1.85

Personalized Money

It's the money, honey!

Price $0.50

Photo Cookies

Adding your face or photo to these cookies will be a great addition to your theme party or special event.

Price $4.41