Door Prize Games

If you are having door prizes at your party or event and would like to be creative in how we give them away (rather than just call out names from tickets) check out these ideas for giving away door prizes:


Playing cards
Distribute ½ of a playing card to everyone; stick the other half to the door prize and draw.  If your ½ card matches the ½ card on the door prize, you win!

Guess the name on your back

As guests enter, put a celebrity’s name on their back.  If and when they guess the name of the celebrity, they receive a door prize.  You can also use countries or something that goes with your theme.  If your theme is casino, for example, the items could be casino games, card suits and other things you find in a casino.

Hide and seek

Pick something that represents your theme or reason for the event.  Make copies, cut them out and hide them everywhere.  Start the search.  For example, if it’s a rock and roll theme, use might use music notes of different sizes.  Some of the notes can have a door prize listed on them.  You may want to give door prizes to the guests who find the highest number.  There are lots of different things you can do with this idea.

Let’s Make a Deal 

Made popular by the TV show of the same name, this game works really well for door prizes.  You may want to give the first door prize to someone with a dollar bill in their purse/pocket that has a serial number ending in 55 (you choose the number).  Or, the first person that shows a red pocketknife.  Or be outrageous; ask for a hair clip with flowers on it.   In other words, you show us this, and we’ll give you this—this being a door prize.

Best joke

The person with the best joke wins.  The audience can vote which makes it even more fun because everyone participates at least in the voting.

Count and guess

Counting how many buttons in a jar; how many candy kisses in a candy holder, how many safety pins in a bowl.  The ideas are infinite. 

Door Prize Olympics

Some type of Olympics based on your theme…if it’s at the office, office chair races.  If it’s at home,check out our Backyard Olympics Games.

Fortune cookie sayings

Confucius says the person with the best saying wins.

Dear Abby advice

The person with the best advice wins.

Trivial Pursuit

Or kind of.  At each place, put a trivia game about the celebrant or the subject of choice.  The person with the most correct answers win.