Bus Trip Games

If you are planning a bus trip and you are looking for a few fun games and activities to keep everyone entertained, these bus trip games are just the "ticket"!

License plate games.  You probably played these when your parents took you on a trip years ago.  Give each dual set of seats a card with each state they check off when they see it pass or be passed (Hawaii can probably be left off).  Give a bonus for Canada!  Another version?  Have travelers write down vanity plates they see go by.  The most unusual ones win.

Purse scavenger hunt.  Easy enough.  There are lists all over the Internet of things you can ask for…from cough drops and nail files to ticket stubs and ear plugs.

Let’s Play Telephone!  When’s the last time you did this?  Start at the front of the bus and see what happens when you get to the back.  Should be hysterical!

Charades.  Why not?  After your guests are seated, give each two passengers a movie title or song title that they must act out.  Balance is important since the bus will be moving so consider the age group before deciding on this game.  LOL

Coloring.  I know.  We’re not children but trying to color inside the lines while a bus is moving is an art.  Print out a line drawing of a bus or something more appropriate (perhaps you are on your way to an art show?  Use Mona Lisa!) and give each passenger a box of crayons.  At dinner that night or wherever you congregate, put the artwork up for votes.

Bus Bingo.  Everyone knows how to play bingo, and the punch cards are cheap.  Gag gifts will go a long way when you’re playing bingo.

50 Shades of Greyhound.  Find a fictional book and have everyone stand and read a paragraph from only one chapter.  Then let passengers guess at what the real plot is!  Fiction can be fun.

Sing Off Bus Karaoke (or Name that Tune).  Divide the bus into four quarters and give each of them a song to perform.  They can practice for the first 15 minutes.  Free drink at the first stop for the winners.

Word Play.  Give each set of passengers a word and let them name song titles, movie titles or TV shows with the word in the title.  The duo with the most names wins.  For instance, the word moon.  Blue Moon, Moonlighters, Moon River, etc.  You may want to outlaw iPads or smart phones!

Tabloid Tour.  Bring a bunch of articles cut from ridiculous tabloids.  Have each person read one to the group.  Hysterical.  If you make good choices that is!