Party beads help you dress up for your party. Great selection of beads including light up and theme party beads.

10mm Gold Beads

Say It In Gold!

Price $3.52

12mm 48" pearls

The Look of Real Pearls!

Price $7.67

12mm Glow Beads

Light Up The Party!

Price $6.91

18mm 42" Pearls

Big Pearls!

Price $15.04

22mm Mardi Gras Beads

Strike Up the Band!

Price $14.69

32" Groovy Beads

Flower Power!

Price $3.99

33" 7.5MM Glow Beads

Let It Glow!

Price $20.81

33" Blue Bead Necklace

Accent in Blue!

Price $11.71

33" Mardi Gras Beads

Through These Beads!

Price $11.06

42" Mardi Gras Beads

Big Look!

Price $1.85

42" Mardi Gras Twist

Mardi Gras Twist!

Price $7.81

42" Metallic Beads

Disco Beads!

Price $1.85

42" Pearl Necklace

Looks Like Real Pearls!

Price $2.88

48" Disco Ball Beads

Disco Beads!

Price $13.33

48" Iridescent Beads

Set the Scene to Party!

Price $16.83

48" Mardi Gras Beads

Big Look!

Price $3.53

48" Pearl Beads

Swinging Pearls

Price $9.99

Assorted 33" Beads

Multi Color Mardi Gras! A great Mardi Gras decorating idea.

Price $12.36

Assorted Guitar Beads

Decorate for the Party!

Price $7.58

Award Bead Necklace

Decorate for the Party!

Price $3.55

Bachelorette Shot Glass

Great Bachlorette party favor!

Price $1.51

Black 33" Beads

Say It In Black!

Price $11.71

Bling Ring Necklace

Check out this great party favor!

Price $3.17

Blinking Crown Beads

All That Jazz!

Price $8.47

Blinking Fiesta Beads

Fiesta Beads!

Price $8.47

Blinking Mask Beads

Mardi Gras Masks!

Price $8.47

Blinking Shamrock Beads

Luck of the Irish!

Price $5.08

Derby Day Bead Necklace

Great Kentucky Derby party favor!

Price $1.57

Diamond Metallic Beads

Set the Scene to Party!

Price $1.12

DICE BEADS 33'' 6.5mm

Our 33'' ASSO RTED COL ORED metallic dice beads are 6.5mm. Its a segmented necklacing meaning you get M ul tip le Col ors per Neck lace! Use these great dice beads for Mardi Gras or Vegas nights to decorate your guests and your table. Our dice bead necklaces are sold by the dozen. Please order in increments of 1 dozen.

Price $3.65

Disco Ball Necklaces

Our 1 1/2'' disco ball necklaces come in assorted metallic colors on a matching cord necklace. These colorful mirror ball necklaces are packed 12 to a bag. Please order in increments of 1 dozen pieces.

Price $4.15

Dollar Sign Beads

Light Up The Party!

Price $2.04

Faceted Mardi Gras

All That Jazz!

Price $3.07


Flashing Guitar, Five extra bright L.E.D.'s (2 Red, 2 Yellow and 1 Blue). Individually packed in a clam shell with a hang tag for easy display. Batteries are included and installed. Price shown is for 1 dozen (12) pieces. Please order in increments of 1 dozen pieces per style. Please Note: We are moving away from Magnetic connectors to either Clip-On or Butterfly connectors. This product has a Butterfly connector. A Butterfly connector may create a small hole in the garment you attach it to. To see a demo of this connector, please click the link below.. Replacement batteries for this item: 2 pcs, type CR927.

Price $16.70

Gold 33" Beads

Accent in Gold!

Price $11.71

Gold Champagne Beads

Great party favor!

Price $1.95

Gold Faceted Beads

Gold Glimmer!

Price $3.09

Gold Happy New Year Bead

Gold New Year!

Price $7.52

Gold Star Necklaces 32" (12)

Fun Party giveaway!

Price $2.60

Green Beads 33"

Accent in Green!

Price $11.71