Wide variety of party noisemakers for your party enjoyment. Clackers, horns and maracas help your party sound like fun.


Hey Mr Tambourine Man play a song for me on our 5 1/2" neon topped tambourines. Our neon topped tambourines have black plastic sides and are individually poly-bagged and packed in assorted colors to the dozen. Please order in increments of 1 dozen.

Price $13.15


Play along to the music with our colorful 8" tambourines with metal bells. Each is . packed in individual poly bags then grouped in assorted colors per pack of 1 dozen pieces. Please order in increments of 1 dozen tambourines.

Price $24.00

Baseball Clacker

Make Some Noise!

Price $4.94

Baseball Tambourines

Home Run!

Price $8.38

Director's Megaphone

Make the cut!

Price $1.59

Fiesta Confetti Clacker

Make Some Noise!

Price $1.25

Jewel Tone Tambourines

Jewel of a Tambourine!

Price $14.08


Watch it light and watch it flash as you make music with our 5 3/4" L.E.D. clear plastic tambourine Each tambourine is individually packed and 3 AAA batteries are included and installed. Our 6 function light up tambourine has 24 L.E.D'S, including red, blue and green. Lights will chase or flash in 3 colors, blinks in all red, blue or green or tri color. Our clear 5 1/2" tambourine is sold by the piece. Please order in increments of 1 piece.

Price $4.75

Large Neon Tambourines

Play Along With Me!

Price $25.89

Metallic Horns 25"

Blow Your Own Horn!

Price $16.60

Neon Hand Clackers

Best Selling Clacker!

Price $6.31


Make some noise for your party with whistles, horns, knockers and clackers. Our Noisemaker mega pack is filled with 40 plastic noisemakers. This noisemaker assortment is sold by the pack. Please order in increments of 1 pack.

Price $15.55

Silver Mini Tambourines

Mr Tambourine Man!

Price $9.28

Silver Star Clackers

Silver Star Shine!

Price $7.06

Silver Tambourine

Shimmering Silver!

Price $14.08

White Fanbourine

Say It In White!

Price $18.26

White Hand Clackers

White Hand Clacker!

Price $7.06

White Mini Tambourines

Mr Tambourine Man!

Price $9.28