Teen & Tween Costumes

Scream Teen Costume

A frighteningly famous character, this classic Halloween costume is perfect for your child who's looking to cause a scare and make people scream this Halloween!

Price $24.99

Sea Star Tween Costume

Watching this sea star grow up will take patience.

Price $12.99

Sesame Street Cookie Monster Teen Costume

Do You Love Cookies?

Price $74.99

Sesame Street Elmo Teen Costume

Everybody's favorite Sesame Street Character!

Price $64.99

Sesame Street Ernie Teen Costume

Bert's Best Friend!

Price $69.99

Sesame Street Oscar the Grouch Teen Costume

Everybody's cranky trash can friend!

Price $79.99

Ship Wreck Sally Teen Costume

Avast! She's come from the depths of the sea only on all Hallows eve!

Price $49.99

Shock Rock Child/Tween Costume

Parents beware, this Rocker is destined to Shock and Rock.

Price $19.99

Skel-A-Girl Punk Skeleton Teen Costume

Dem bones, dem bones gonna rock and roll.

Price $29.99

Skeleton Hoodie (Female) Teen Costume

The Skeleton Hoodie is perfect for a no-frills approach to your Halloween ensemble.

Price $34.99

Skulls and Stars Tween Costume

Stars and Skulls Forever!

Price $29.99

Soda Shop Waitress Teen Costume

The Soda Shop Waitress Teen costume includes: A classic red waitress uniform dress with a checkerd collar, sleeves and decorative side pocket, a matching apron, and a pair of black frame glasses.

Price $39.99

Spelladonna Blue Star Teen Costume

A marvelously modern stylin' sorceress.

Price $24.99

Spunky Witch Teen Costume

Toil, toil, spoil, and trouble this spunky witch wants a new dress on the double!

Price $39.99

Storybook Sweetheart Child Costume

The Storybook Sweetheart Child Costume includes: A blue and white checker print dress with a lace up bodice and attached white apron with an embroidered puppy on the bottom corner.

Price $26.99

Strawberry Shortcake Child Costume

The Classic Strawberry Shortcake costume includes: A gorgeous light pink and dark pink top, a beautiful blue ruffled skirt with pink accents, and a sweet pink hat with curly red hair.

Price $24.99

Strawberry Shortcake Teen Costume

You'll look darling and delicious in the Strawberry Shortcake costume.

Price $34.99

Strong Man Teen Costume

Step right up and witness the strong man achieve the impossible!

Price $34.99

Sweetheart Alice Teen Costume

"I am not a mile high, and I'm not leaving!"

Price $34.99

Sweetie Sailorette Black/White Child Costume

The Sweetie Sailorette Child Costume includes: A black and white stripe top with an attached scarf, a black skirt with two side pleats and gold trim, and a white sailor hat with a gold embroidered anchor for a completely adorable ensemble.

Price $19.99

Sweetie Sailorette Red/White Child Costume

The Sweetie Sailorette Child Costume includes: A red and white stripe top with an attached blue scarf, a blue skirt with two white side pleats and gold trim, and a white sailor hat with a gold embroidered anchor for a completely adorable ensemble.

Price $29.99

Swirly Curls Tween Wig

This wig is shown with our Little Bo Peep costume, but you could wear it with a little miss muffet, fairy, princess, diva, starlett or rocker girl costume.

Price $14.99

Teenz Pirate Girl Teen Costume

This Teenz Pirate Girl costume contains a red bodice with gold buttons and chains, black bottom and white sleeves.

Price $19.99

The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Teen Costume

Head out on the town with Jack Skellington in this Sally costume.

Price $26.99

Tigress Ninja Teen Costume

This young ninja holds the eye of the tiger!

Price $36.99

Tin-Up Girl Teen Costume

The Tin-Up Girl costume includes: Gray Capri pants, a fitted top with a red heart embellishment, shining silver cuffs, and the signature oil can cap.

Price $44.99

TKO Teen Costume

This beautiful boxer is a total knock out!

Price $39.99

Troop 10/31 Teen Costume

The cutest leader of the troop.

Price $29.99

Tuesday Teen Costume

The Tuesday Teen costume includes a black V-neck slinky dress with lace up sides, gothic button accents and oversize white collar and cuffs.

Price $14.99

Tutu Witch Teen Costume

Get ready for a magical evening with the Tutu Witch Costume

Price $34.99

Under My Spell Child/Teen Costume

She'll have you under her spell in no time with this tricky T-Shirt.

Price $9.99

Underworld Vampire Child Costume

The Underworld Vampire isn't your run-of-the-mill blood sucker - he's a rebel.

Price $19.99

Veiled Genie Teen Costume

There is a three wish max!

Price $29.99

Venus Goddess Of Beauty Young Adult Costume

With the beauty that inspires ballads of love, and declarations of desire this goddess' reputation precedes her.

Price $49.99

Voodoo Sweetie Teen Costume

She’ll be digging’ this Vamping’ Voodoo Sweetie Teen Costume this Halloween. Styled as a little black dress, this ensemble has been embellished with a combination of lacy and shiny fabrics and modern gothic screen printing on the bodice. The dress has a moderately low v-neck and is sleeveless, with lace and gold flutters forming a wispy cap sleeve effect. The skirt sits at the hip and consists of layers of shiny gold, and vermillion colored lace petals. Add the unique skull and bone crown to complete this alluring teen look.

Price $58.44

Wheaties Teen Costume

Be the breakfast of champions this Halloween!

Price $39.99

Witchy La Bouf Pink Teen Costume

The Witchy La Bouf Pink costume includes: black hat with pink ribbon, black top with pink ribbon, skirt, bloomers, and pink shoe ribbons.

Price $14.99

Wizard of Oz Dorothy Teen Costume

You won't be rounding up the chickens in this outfit at your next Halloween or costume party.

Price $29.99

Wizard of Oz Dorothy Tween Costume

Lions, and tigers, and bears! Oh my!

Price $24.99

Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Tween Costume

Be one of the friends of Oz with our Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Tween Costume. The Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Tween Costume includes the top, pants, hat, bracelet, necklace, and boot covers. It is great for Halloween or for a Wizard of Oz themed party. Please Note: The Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Tween Costume must be hand washed.

Price $59.63