Teen & Tween Costumes

M&M Orange Tank Dress Teen Costume

Adorable in orange.

Price $24.99

M&Ms Blue Deluxe Teen Costume

The cool and confident candy character.

Price $34.99

M&Ms Orange Deluxe Teen Costume

Don't fret, no one will devour you...yet.

Price $34.99

M&Ms Red Deluxe Teen Costume

The loveable leader of the classic candies.

Price $34.99

Mad Hatter Pre-Teen Costume

The Mad Hatter Child Costume includes: A black dress with sheer pink accents and faux leather top portion with a bright green bow, and a beautiful pink mad hatter top hat

Price $24.99

Magic Mushroom Alice Teen Costume

A very lively look for a cute and curious character.

Price $34.99

Major Trouble Teen Costume

She's a majorly cute and devious darling.

Price $19.99

Metallic Copper Fairy Pre-Teen Costume

A pair of beautiful iridescent white and copper wings are also included to complete this magical ensemble.

Price $29.99

Metallic Copper Fairy Teen Costume

"Charming" is the word for you, my dear, because charming is your business!

Price $29.99

Milk Maiden Teen Costume

An utterly beautiful outfit to be on the farm or even a farmer's arm this Halloween!

Price $39.99

Miss Dorothy Teen Costume

Auntie Em would love this look!

Price $24.99

Mother Nature Goddess Of The Earth Young Adult

The personification of nature, this goddess of the earth is both beautiful and nurturing.

Price $49.99

Mutiny Pirate Girl Teen Costume

The Mutiny Pirate Costume includes: Head scarf, top featuring skull and crossbone screenprints and black/red striped skirt

Price $9.99

Ninja Gal Teen Costume

She practices speed and stealth with style.

Price $34.99

Nouveau Nurse Tween Costume

A Cute Candy Striper!

Price $24.99

Old World Vampira Teen Costume

The Old World Vampira Teen Costume includes: A black and red collared dress with a red sheer hoop style skirt and sheer black sleeves and a pair of black bloomers.

Price $29.99

Parasistic Twin Teen Costume

If you have trouble making friends, at least you will always have your little twin to talk to.

Price $14.99

Phoenix Ninja Child Costume

Stealthy like the fiery mythical phoenix!

Price $29.99

Pink French Maid Teen Costume

A fun and flirty twist to a classic french maid costume!

Price $19.99

Pirate Girl with Striped Skirt Teen Costume

Guaranteed to be the most popular pirate in all the land!

Price $19.99

Pirate Lass Teen Costume

This piratess sure knows how to dress.

Price $39.99

Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Elizabeth Geisha Deluxe (2007) Teen Costume

Bring the new movie to life by wearing our stunning Elizabeth Geisha Deluxe Teen costume!

Price $34.99

Polly Ester Teen Costume

Embody peace, love and happiness in this radiant retro dress!

Price $39.99

Purrrfect Kitty Young Adult Costume

Meow! This cute kitty is one of a kind!

Price $19.99

Purrty Kitty Teen

It's a purrty good costume for cat lovers.

Price $34.99

Queen of Hearts Teen Costume

"Off with their heads!"

Price $24.99

Rebel Cheerleader Child Costume

The Rebel Cheerleader Child costume includes a black dress with skull and crossbones emblem on the front, striped sleevelets, hair ties, choker, striped boot cuffs and one pink and white pom.

Price $16.99

Rebellious Referee Teen Costume

She always calls the shots!

Price $39.99

Red Riding Hood Teen Costume

This Red Riding Hood is too pretty to be eaten by the Big Bad Wolf.

Price $32.99

Retro Flapper Teen Costume

Dance, dance, dance!!!

Price $24.99

Robin Hoodlum Tween Costume

Steal from the rich and give to the poor!

Price $24.99

Robyn Hood Teen Costume

This year, help out the village of Nottingham in a different style.

Price $19.99

Rotten Attitude Child Costume

He really woke up on the wrong side of the bed!

Price $36.99

Royal Dancer Child Costume

Fit for a gypsy princess.

Price $19.99

Ruby The Pirate Beauty Teen Costume

A beauty from the high seas!

Price $19.99

Sailor Cutie Teen Costume

A smooth sailor with sassy style.

Price $19.99

Sailor Gal Teen Costume

Hit the high seas as an adorable sailor girl this Halloween!

Price $29.99

Sassy Clown Child Costume

A super cute and coordinated clown look, this Sassy Clown is perfect for your little "jokester"!

Price $24.99

Sassy Pumpkin Witch Tween Costume

This witch is very festive.

Price $24.99

Sassy Sorceress Teen Costume

The Sassy Sorceress Teen costume includes a black dress with a gathered skirt bottom, petticoat, clear capelet, and a witch hat.

Price $24.99