Teen & Tween Costumes

Glitzy Vampira Teen Costume

The Glitz Vampira Teen Costume includes: A glitzy, metallic red and black dress with tulle overlay and a black stand up collar, making this one gorgeous ensemble.

Price $36.99

Gorgeous Goddess Teen Costume

Be the talk of Mt. Olympus as this adorable entity.

Price $39.99

Gothic Skull Dark Angel Child Costume

Dark and Dangerous, but still an Angel?

Price $19.99

Gothic Skull Dark Angel Teen Costume

This Angel isn't exactly Angelic!

Price $14.99

Graveyard Fairy Child Costume

You'll be for more tricks than treats in the Graveyard Fairy costume

Price $19.99

Groovy Hippie Teen Costume

It's all about love and disco, baby!

Price $24.99

Gypsy Princess Teen Costume

This rebellious foreigner enjoys a life of singing for her supper.

Price $39.99

Hairspray Penny Pingleton Teen Costume

Penny is always encouraging her pal Tracy to get out there and show 'em.

Price $7.99

Happily Ever After (Reversible) Teen Costume

This sassy storybook look includes a fully reversible Dorothy/Little Red Riding Hood gingham dress

Price $24.99

Happy Tree Friends Cuddles Teen Costume

The Happy Tree Friends Cuddles Teen costume includes a yellow 'rabbit' jumpsuit and a foam head mask.

Price $46.99

Happy Tree Friends Flippy Teen Costume

The Happy Tree Friends Flippy Teen costume includes a green 'bear' jumpsuit and a foam head mask.

Price $29.99

Happy Tree Friends Toothy Teen Costume

The Happy Tree Friends Toothy teen costume includes a pink 'beaver' jumpsuit with a foam head mask.

Price $29.99

Hard Rock Child/Tween Costume

School of Rock, or School of the Dead?

Price $19.99

Heavenly Devil Teen Costume

Talk about a split personality!

Price $14.99

Hello Kitty Charleston Kitty Girl Teen Costume

"Hello Kitty," is right!

Price $19.99

Hello Kitty Rockabilly Kitty Pre-Teen Costume

Meow and bop 'til you drop!

Price $19.99

Hello Kitty Rockabilly Kitty Teen Costume

And don't forget your fuzzy white kitty ears headband with its sweet red bow to make you a complete and total Hello Kitty™, ready to rock n' roll!

Price $19.99

Hellraiser-Butterball Deluxe Pre-Teen Costume

You can be kind of gross, but you're good with the jokes, so that makes you the life of the party!

Price $79.99

Hellraiser-Butterball Deluxe Teen Costume

Butterball, you are one sick dude, and that's no lie.

Price $79.99

Hellraiser-Chatterer Deluxe Pre-Teen Costume

You're The Chatterer, so grin and bear it.

Price $79.99

Hellraiser-Pinhead Deluxe Pre-Teen Costume

You may be Pinhead, but you're the smartest one of the bunch, which is why you're the leader!

Price $69.99

Hellraiser-Pinhead Deluxe Teen Costume

Sometimes called "The Dark Prince of Pain," you're the man with the plan.

Price $79.99

Hocus Pocus Witch Teen Costume

You’ll be ready for an enchanted evening with the Hocus Pocus Witch Costume

Price $36.99

Honey Bear Tween Costume

It may have taken Goldilocks three times to find something just right, but this little bear is easy to please.

Price $29.99

Indian Princess Teen Costume

You find beauty and life in everything around you.

Price $29.99

Indian Princess Tween Costume

How cute she is!

Price $34.99

Indiana Jones Indiana Teen Costume

Now you can not only be like Indiana Jones, but you can look just like the legendary adventurer too!

Price $24.99

Jazzy Baby Teen Costume

The Jazzy Baby Teen Costume includes: A red sequin dress with red and black fringe making this beautiful costume shimmer.

Price $34.99

Killer Bee Teen Costume

A bee-auty that is all the buzz!

Price $34.99

Kutie Kitten Tween Costume

Become a jungle princess in the Kutie Kitten costume.

Price $19.99

Kyoto Kutie Tween Costume

She's an oriental beauty with attitude!

Price $19.99

Lady Bug Deluxe Teen Costume

The Lady Bug costume includes: red dress with black polka dots, wings, hat with antennae, black bead necklace, and black forearm length gloves.

Price $29.99

Land of the Lost Sleestak Teen Costume

Pay homage to the lovable legendary series Land of the Lost in the Sleestak costume.

Price $54.99

Lilith Goth Fairy Teen Costume

Costume includes black velvet corset top with attached red panne velvet shirt, black mesh & red tie dye layered skirt with trendy hemline and black vinyl wings with red accents.

Price $19.99

Lime Stripe Witch Pre-Teen Costume

Come out on all Hallowes eve, and dance with the witches and you shall see...

Price $24.99

Lime Stripe Witch Teen Costume

You'll be the most fashionable witch casting spells around the steamy cauldron this Halloween!

Price $19.99

Little Bo Peep Tween Costume

Little Bo-Peep has lost her sheep and can't tell where to find them

Price $24.99

Little Red Riding Hood Child Costume

The Little Red Riding Hood Child Costume includes: A red and white checker print dress with a lace up bodice and an attached white apron.

Price $19.99

Little Red Riding Hood Teen

the Little Red Riding Hood costume includes: dress with attached checkered apron and black lace-up corset, petticoat, and shimmering red cape.

Price $26.99

Lovely Lolita Teen Costume

The Lovely Lolita Teen Costume includes: A purple faux silk kimono with silver dragon print detail, a black belt with a waist tie, and a foam obi, making this one gorgeous oriental ensemble.

Price $19.99