Universal Studios Monsters Dlx Makeup Kit

The perfect accessory for any of the Universal Studios Monsters!

Price $8.99

Vampire Bite Tattoos

Looks like somebody had a terrifying fright.

Price $2.99

Vampire Complete Kit

Everything you need to design a Vampire!

Price $21.99

Vampire Make-Up Kit

Need that extra bit of fright to finish off your vampire costume? This makeup kit will do the trick!

Price $4.99

Vampire Makeup Kit

Professional quailty make-up for a dark and deadly look.

Price $19.99

Vampire Makeup Stack

The Vampire Make-Up Kit contains washable makeup in the following colors: Deadguy Gray, Undead Purple, Bruised Red, Black.

Price $8.99

Werewolf Makeup Kit

This kit will make you howl at the moon.

Price $19.99

White Feather Eyelashes with Case

White and wonderful, these lashes will whisk you away!

Price $12.99

Wicked of Oz Makeup Kit

An evil Oz-inspired look needs to be completed with scary makeup!

Price $6.99

Witch Complete Kit

Everything you need for this classic witch look.

Price $21.99

Witch Make-Up Kit

Make some magic with this make-up.

Price $19.99

Witch Makeup Stack

The Witch Make-Up Kit contains washable makeup in the following colors: Yellow, Monster Green, Bruised Red, Undead Purple.

Price $8.99

Wolfman Makeup Kit

Watch as you transform into a creature seen only under a full moonlight!

Price $3.99

Wolverine Face Tattoo

Become the invinsible man with animal instincts: Wolverine!

Price $6.99

Zit Tattoos

Looks like somebody is going through puberty!

Price $2.99